100 WordPress Blog Followers Gone Five Minutes


I have my blog at www.ramanan50.wordpress.com
I had as, per the Stat., 898 Blog followers, till about ten minutes back.
Suddenly,it came to 722 in one shot.
It is strange that nearly 160 followers unsuscribed at an instant.
Could this be Technical Hitch?

Word Press Reply:

8 September 2013.

“Hi again,

Ahhh now I understand – thank you for verifying! While we do not appear to have a log of any outage on our end, it is possible that it was just a glitch in how things were displayed, somewhere between the servers and your computer.

I’m glad it’s all fixed up now!


Zandy | Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com

Update: The anomaly seems to have been resolved.

Now figures show the earlier ones plus Four more followers.

Thanks to people who have expressed their views , reasons and explanations.

I shall update on receiving reply from WordPress.

As I have been mentioning in my posts about what I blog,I write because I want to be heard.

Whether somebody hears it, does not matter!

However I keep checking the Statistics in the Admin section of my blog site.

While posting a Blog this morning, I noticed a curious thing.

I had 898 Blog followers.

Total was 14888, which included Comments, Twitter and FaceBook and Tumblr followers, where I distribute my posts.

While writing a Post, this morning, I had to refer my earlier posts.

While doing so, I noticed that the Blog Followers, which just about five minutes back was 898, had become 722, in one shot.

I am curious.

Have the people who have been following my posts suddenly decided that my posts were not worth following and unsubscribed in five minutes simultaneously?

Or the Followers are nothing but Spam?

Or is it because of some articles I have been publishing for the past two days, notably on The Taj Mahal being a Hindu temple and a Series, a political Satire  on India?

Or is a Technical Glitch?

I do not know.

I have written to WordPress whether this is technical hitch.

Reply awaited.


4 thoughts on “100 WordPress Blog Followers Gone Five Minutes

  1. Sir seems to be a technical issue only. When ever I post I get a huge number as followers but actually the number of followers is a fraction of that and is only under 500. Also, in these sort of applications, we generally have a default page to display an error while coding and testing. And most of the times those error pages don’t get removed when the application goes live. And this is especially true for web applications development that usually gets identified after go-live. And that causes huge embarrassment.
    Being in the same profession, I feel the WordPress developers should have set some default page with the huge follower count hard-coded and left that page when the application moved to production.


  2. Most probably a technical hitch but if fellow bloggers have left because of taking offence then probably they suffer from narrow mindedness and your commentary was too advanced for their comprehension.


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