Bathroom Fracture, Safety Tips For Elders

Safe Bathroom.
Safe Bathroom.

I have noticed that the cause of Death , for the elderly, seems to originate from a Fracture sustained in a Bathroom.

This happens especially to people, generally of Good Health as well, when they use the Bathroom, both in the Day and at Nights.

The Fracture occurs mostly is the Hips and despite every attempt to rectify it, the Fracture stays put and usually the people are bed ridden

They develop complications, not necessarily associated with Fracture and that’s it.

In the case of the infirm it is still riskier.

If one has Sugar,Blood Pressure and a History fo Heart/ Lung Ailments, the treatment becomes difficult.

Many seniors are injured in their bathroom when they slip and fall. The bathroom is very treacherous with  many hard surfaces and sharp edges. Common injuries include bumps and bruises and broken hips.  According to the Center for Disease Control 360,000 to 480,000 older adults sustain fall-related fractures each year. Carefully planned modifications can significantly reduce the risk of these devastating injuries.  In 2004 hip fracture hospitalizations for every 100,000 persons was 1,113 for women and 558 for men.  Another startling fact is many people die shortly after a hip fracture. This injury causes anImmediate Need for the patient.  Home modifications are often made prior to the patient returning home from a lengthy rehabilitation.

According to a report from the Center for Disease Control:

  • One out of five hip fracture patients die within one year of the injury.
  • One in four adults who live independently before a hip fracture spend over a year in a nursing home after their injury.
  • Of the 500,000 hip fractures per year women suffer ¾ of all injuries.”

How does one go about preventing these Fractures in the Bathroom?

For starters, those above 60, must realize they are not getting younger and the body has a mind of its own, it refuses, at times to obey you,

Understand this, no point in trying to look young and act young.

Our time is past.

Unless we realize this, we might be in trouble for ourselves and  a nuisance to others.

Do not get up from the Bed at one stroke. wake up slowly, switch on the light and sit in the bed for a few minutes, then get down from the cot.

Preferable to avoid searching for the slippers with the feet, chances are you might slip.

Walk to the Bathroom slowly, switch on the light.Installing  a Lamp (0 watt) at the Bottom of the side wall will help

2.Advisable to have  the Bathroom floor semi rough surface .

Avoid glitzy smooth surface tiles.

3.The Bathroom switch is to be fixed outside with dual control inside.

4.Switch on and Off from the outside.

5.Do not drink more water than necessary before going to Bed. and keep the Bathroom Dry.

6.Suggested Modifications for the Bathroom.

New shower: get rid of the old tub and remove the step over hazard. Construct a barrier free shower or install an acrylic barrier free unit. Install adjustable, fixed and handheld shower heads. Install grab bars and a pull down seat.

Toilet: Install a elevated comfort height toilet with seat that will make it easier to get up and down. Install a strategically place grab bar near the toilet for the end user.

Sink: install a lower mounted bathroom sink and leave the underside open for proper knee clearance and maneuverability.

Home modifications that improve safety in the bathroom; minor bathroom modifications

  • Put a backless bench in the tub or shower
  • Add a handheld shower head
  • Install an elevated toilet seat or toilet riser
  • Correctly install grab bars, not towel racks in the shower and bath area
  • Purchase and lay large, nonskid mats
  • Install a phone in the bathroom
  • Install brighter lighting
  • Purchase a portable toilet for night-time use in the bedroom
  • Install a pocket door



2 thoughts on “Bathroom Fracture, Safety Tips For Elders

  1. Main thing and most important one is don’t lock the bathroom door inside..No puppy shame..If any fall inside the outsiders can easily come inside..


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