What Is Truth Its Twelve Aspects Hinduism

Truth is generally believed to the understanding of a Fact , Event , reporting them.

Truth Quote Mahatma Gandhi.
Truth Quote Mahatma Gandhi.

The attributes of Reality are  Truth Consciousness and Bliss, as enumerated in Indian Philosophy.other Religions , Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity,Judaism and Islam also speak of these as the Attributes of God, though by different names.

When one thinks of Truth, speaking what is, what is a Fact, is what one comes to one’s Mind.

Life does not consist of only Speech.

One performs actions, which repeated become Habits, and then there is the Thought process.

Where do we find Truth in these and what are its characteristics?

Truth is perceived from the perspective of the individual.

Everyone looks at it or reports it from one’s angle.

Then what is Truth?

Truth has many facets or perspectives which can be perceived and in fact is perceived to suit one’s dispositions.

How does one find the attributes of Truth is all its glory?

Hinduism classifies Truth into Twelve Categories,Types.

This is explained in the Bruhat Purana.

They are:

1.Amityavada-Not speaking facts.

Here again there is a problem.

There are times when speaking the fact harms the speaker , the listener and those who are not involved in any way.

One can not afford to speak at all times to every one at any place.

There are instances when keeping quiet or divulging information in such a way that it does not hurt any one involved.

Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar explains it eloquently .

‘One has to speak the facts after evaluating the place where he is speaking, to whom  he is speaking to, the time he is speaking about it’

‘Even a Lie is considered as the Truth as That which does not cause harm anyone’

So speaking the fact is the first aspect of Truth with all the points mentioned here.

2.Sathyam.The Absolute Truth.If one were to report facts, it should be in its full form,; no partial understanding or reporting is enough.

We can see it in operation in our daily Life.

We say things about what has happened to suit our convenience.

This is not Truth.


Completing a job one has under undertaken to do.


Speaking Kind words.

Being bluntly is not correct for one must remember the one who hears it is a Human Being.

Though what you speak is the  Truth , it has to be presented in such a way that it please the ear.

‘Speaking harsh words is like plucking unripened fruits when ripened fruit is available’ Thiruvalluvar.

5.Guro: Seva

Serving the Preceptor, Teacher, Guru.

Teacher is considers Father as he gives you Knowledge , opens your mind while Biological father gives you  physical Life.

One knows the Father through the Mother, Guru through Father, God through The Guru.

Hinduism therefore accords prime place for worship in the following order, following the above principle.

Mother, Father, Guru and only then God.

There will be nothing auspicious for those who neglect the First Three, the Fourth God may even be ignored.

6.Drudam Cha Eva Vratham Krutham.

Following one’s determined decision without wavering.


Faith in God.

There is no Happiness either in this world or  in the other world for the One who doubts,-Bhagavad Gita.

8.Sadhu Sanghascha.

Mixing with people of Good Culture.

9.Pitur mathu: Priyankara:

Fulfilling parents’s desires.

10.Suchitvam Dwividam cha Eva.

Being clean in Mind and Body.

In the Mind -by being non jealous, without lust, anger,desire, Bullheadedness,hatred, and filled with Love.


Ashamed of doing things which are bad.

12.Asanchaya Eva, Aparikgraha.

Non acceptance things ,more than one requires at the minimum.



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