Thirty Dining Rules Hinduism

Hinduism accords Food the highest priority.

Dining Rules.Hinduism.

Food served in Plantain Leaf South Indian Style.

Sikshavalli of the Taittiriya  Upanishad starts , after Invocation and general instructions, with the explanation and description of the importance of food.

Sikshavalli is an anthology of instructions by the teacher to the students.

‘Never Insult Food, let this be your vow”

Annanna Nindhyath That Vratham’

So Rules have been laid as to how one should eat and how the food is to be served.

The Smriti declares that one who eats once a Day is a Yogi,

Twice a Bhogi (Glutton), and

Thrice a Day is Rogi (Sick person)

One has to take one meal around Noon after Madhyanniha of Sandhya Vandanam.

One light snacks, Lahu Aahara at Night before sunset, after evening Sandhya Vandana.


1.Food is to be taken in a Plantain Leaf, with its tapering part(shorter end) intact.

2.One should face either the East or the North. Facing East will bring all that is Good including Longevity; North Wealth.

3.The Plantain leaf is to be placed with its tapering end at the left side of the Diner.

4.The leaf should be sprinkled with water, which should be placed at the left hand side of the Diner, and cleaned  with the right hand by the Diner.

5.No conversation is allowed  during the Meal.

6.Water should not be drunk during the Meal, except when one has hiccups; it can be drunk after Meal.

7.Payasa or Sweet Porridge is  to be served first on the right hand bottom corner of the Leaf.

8.Items to be served from the top right hand corner (directions from the view of the Diner), in the following order.





Pickles,and table salt at the top left hand corner of the Plantain Leaf.

9.Cooked Dal at the left hand side of the leaf by the side of Payasa.

10.Cooked Rice.


13.After Parishajana Sambar.


15,Second helping of dishes.

16.After Sambar Rice is over, Rice and  Rasam is to be served.

17.Then Payasam.

18.Special sweets. if any and Mixed Rice like Puliyodarai, Coconut Rice.

19.Rice followed by Curds or Butter Milk.

20, The food is to be served neither more nor less.

21.If one needs more, it should be indicated by gestures touching the place it has been served.

22.If one has enough, it has to be indicated by lifting the left palm at the face height.

23.The Diner must complete the Parishajana after food is fully consumed.

24.The leaf should be left with some food;the leaf must never be totally clean;it is the practice to leave some food  the top right hand corner of the Plantain leaf once the food is served for the consumption by the animals.

25.The house holder’s wife must take the Plantain leaves to bring in Prosperity.

27.The leaves should be left at a specific place for animals, Dogs, especially, to eat.

28.Thamboola is to be offered.

29.The house holder must prostrate before the Diner after he washed his hands.

30.The Diner should Bless the Host with Vedic Benediction.

This post is based on Apastamba Sutra based Smritis; variations(slight ) are there for Vaishnavas and for different regions-For South India.

I am unable to find information for the North.

Readers may contribute.

But the core is the same.



14 thoughts on “Thirty Dining Rules Hinduism

  1. P.R.Ramachander

    All these rules change from family to family, change from region to region .More than 90% of India live in places where Banana leaf is not available and so on


  2. Linn Honeycutt

    one very important ingredient that is overlooked in the current rules for foods is probably the most important rule for health of the physical body:
    The salt you consume should be tested as follows: place a few grains on your tongue and if the salt is good your mouth should salivate, if it does not it should not be placed in foods! It is toxic and will harm every cell in your body it comes in contact with.
    When salt is heated to high temperature like iodized salt, it becomes bitter and the industry must add a type of sugar to make you like it.
    One of the best salts is Himalayan salt, 84 plus minerals and in a small enough particle for the cells to use. The industry will remove minerals from salt, and eating minerals that the cell can digest is like doing a puja with each individual cell of the body.

    Magnesium chloride alone will create 300 different enzymes in your stomach that is use for digestion.


    1. ramanan50 Post author

      Salt is placed on the left corner of the plantain leaf in some Brahmin communities at the beginning bof the meals vand in somevit is placed before curd/ buttermilk vis served. I have forgotten it. I shall incorporate. Regards


  3. Rajesh

    Sir, i was informed by my parents that we should have food facing north and your points above says it brings wealth…pls clarify


      1. Prasanna

        I have also heard that facing north is not good. You need to refer more books to get insight on this.


      2. ramanan50 Post author

        Facing North always brings prosperity. Grateful if you can quote specfuc reference or Text. My information is based on Smriti eplanation in Vaidyanatha Dhhekshneeyam.Regds.


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