Happiness Is A Disorder!

Happiness, a Disorder.
Happiness is a Psychiatric Disorder.

What you need is a degree or Ph.D, preferably.

It does not matter what discipline it is.

Select some people, ask them the questions you want in such a way that the people answers you suitably.

Even this does not matter.

Compile Statistics.

Interpret  it to suit you and Call it a Study.

People will grab it.

You become a celebrity.

May be you can win a Nobel as well.

Now Happiness is about to be classified as a Psychiatric disorder!

One of the reasons cited is Statistically Happiness is rare!

Follow the thread/subject Suicide in Reddit, ‘Suicide is healthy for it is majority under that heading!

Ayn Rand must be rolling in  laughter in her grave.

Story: real story it is!

Happiness is supposed to be a good thing, particularly when we’re talking about the science of the mind. But at least one psychologist took a long, hard look at happiness and realized the grim truth: happiness is a psychiatric disorder.

We’re guessing this is going to remain a minority view – indeed, there’s an entiresubfield of psychology that’s essentially dedicated to increasing human happiness – but one must admit there’s a certain logic to the argument. Here’s why happiness, or, as it should more properly be called, “major affective disorder, pleasant type”, is a psychiatric disorder:

“Happiness is statistically abnormal, consists of a discrete cluster of symptoms, is associated with a range of cognitive abnormalities, and probably reflects the abnormal functioning of the central nervous system. One possible objection to this proposal remains–that happiness is not negatively valued. However, this objection is dismissed as scientifically irrelevant.”

Emotional judgments are irrelevant, eh? I think we’ve officially identified the spot when psychologists started turning into Cybermen. Somehow I always knew they’d be the first to go.’

Read or abstract of the article at  http://www.reddit.com/tb/1knd1m


Print version at

It is proposed that happiness be classified as a psychiatric
disorder and be included in future editions of the major
diagnostic manuals under the new name: major affective
disorder, pleasant type. In a review of the relevant
literature it is shown that happiness is statistically
abnormal, consists ofa discrete cluster ofsymptoms, is
associated with a range ofcognitive abnonnalities, and
probably reflects the abnormal functioning of the central
nervous system. One possible objection to this proposal
remains – that happiness is not negatively valued.
However, this objection is dismissed as scientifically
Happiness is a phenomenon that has received very
little attention from psychopathologists, perhaps
because it is not normally regarded as a cause for
therapeutic concern. For this reason, research on the
topic of happiness has been rather limited and any
statement of existing knowledge about the
phenomenon must therefore be supplemented by
uncontrolled clinical observation. Nonetheless, I will
argue that there is a prima facie case for classifying
happiness as a psychiatric disorder, suitable for
inclusion in future revisions of diagnostic manuals
such as the American Psychiatric Association’s
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or the World Health
Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases.
I am aware that this proposal is counter-intuitive and
likely to be resisted by the psychological and
psychiatric community. However, such resistance will
have to explain the relative security of happiness as a
psychiatric disorder as compared with less secure,
though established conditions such as schizophrenia.
In anticipation of the likely resistance to my proposal I
will therefore preface my arguments with a brief review
of the existing scientific literature on happiness. Much
of the following account is based on the work of Argyle”





2 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Disorder!

  1. Hello! I’m back on wordpress! 😉
    I’ve never understood how people could be always happy and optimistic. I admire them because you are often more effective in your life when you’re positive. But unfortunately, I’m always worried about anything; I’m never satisfied; always expecting something better that what I’ve already got. So, being happy may be abnormal but it makes life easier!


    1. True,
      True Happiness is Contentment.
      Please read my post on Happiness..
      There is nothing that one should worry about..
      If we can solve the problem , we need not worry.
      If we can not, there is no point in worrying..
      Worrying never solves the problem, it makes them stickier.
      Life is a Game.
      Ultimately Death conquers,
      One should go down happily fighting and never give an inch to death or worry.


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