Mourning Death Theetu Rituals Hinduism Details

There are forty Samskaras to be performed by a Hindu.

Death is an important Samskara,

I will provide some guidelines with Links.

However, the suggestions of the Purohit is to be taken for consideration as some customs vary for each Caste and even in a Caste for a particular Family/Group.


Those who become Untouchable during the period of Mourning-Theetu

The following link is very useful.

Check list.

1.Inform Family priest, Sastrigal.

2.Keep the body lying head facing North.

3.Light an Oil lamp near the  Head;apply Vibhuti(basmam, not as a paste)

3.Light some Agarbathis to ward off smell.

4.As one is not to cook at Home till the body is taken out,inform relatives for arrangement of food for the day.

5.Inform people who are to be informed.

6.At best the body can be kept for about 10 hours;under special circumstances, it may be kept for 24 hours in an air-conditioned casket.

7.Those who go to the burning ghat must go the next day for the collection of Ashes.

8.Ensure that a Doctor visits and give you a certificate.

9.In the case of Death in a hospital, make sure that the necessary formalities are complied with and a certificate is obtained.

10.Inform the Crematorium about the expected time of the arrival of the body after consulting the Sastrigal.

11.At the Crematorium show the certificate and get a receipt. Some times it will be issued the next day.

12.Get the Death registered .

Clarifications on some aspects.

1,One can perform the ceremonies for the first twelve days at specified places,

However it is correct to perform all the Rites at Home and it will bring prosperity.

2.The rites for the first ten days may be done from the seventh day , performing the cumulative rites for six days.

3.There is still a custom in the Hindu communities. especially among Brahmins for a  Widow.

That of removing the Mangal Sutra or Thaali and breaking of Bangles in Public.

This does not have the sanction of the Sastras.

The wearing of Thaali is a later custom developed and it does not find a place in Vedic Marriage,

The removal of Mangal Sutra may be done some one who is widowed already(preferably elder to the one in question) quietly on the morning of the Eleventh Day,;have the bangles removed and have the Mangal Sutra removed and dropped in a vessel containing  milk.

One can perform all functions in the Family including Marriage after the Thirteenth Day, Subasweekara,Gruha Yajnam, except in the case of Spouse. Wife and children.

The Gruha Yajna means you are  permitted to do Yajna.

Subasweekaara means you invite Auspiciousness.

Suggestions, questions are welcome.

Additional Link.

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182 thoughts on “Mourning Death Theetu Rituals Hinduism Details

  1. My grandmother (Dad’s Mother) aged 84, expired on June 24, 2017 in her village. My grandfather expired 25 years back. My dad is the second child of that family and has an elder sister. We have the 16th day rituals on July 8, 2017.
    We planned to bring my wife and new born baby (5 months old) to my place (We live in a city) for the first time from my wife’s place on June 26, 2017. This plan was postponed as my grand mother expired.
    Now can we bring my wife and child to my place after the 16th day rituals are completed?


    • My view is that you can get married 45 days after the day of demise. I follow this. I had got my son married after 45th day of my elder brother’s demise.


      • Sir. My grandmother (Dad’s Mother) passed away on 24th of June, 2017. We planned to bring my wife and new born baby (five months old, bringing for first time after birth) from my wife’s place to my place on 25th of June, 2017. But that was postponed because of my grandmother’s expiry. We live in city and my grandmother’s place is village. Now can we bring my wife and child after 16th day ritual ?


  2. Hi,
    My maternal uncle died and I lit the funeral pire. How many days of theetu to be followed ? Is it one year because I lit the funeal pire ?


  3. my husband’s grand mother expired in february 2017.can we go to temple ?and can we do deeparadhana?daily at home r not we r independent family we are not staying with my mother in law


  4. Sir, My sister in law’s father in law expired last week. I couldn’t go that time to my native. Some people say I should go and meet her mother in law before the ceremony of removing mangal suthra? Is his true? Or can I go and meet her after the ceremony also?


  5. Shiv says:

    My husband is the youngest step brother of his deceased second brother.( my mother in law’s step son).We live in the US and his step brothers family live in India.They do not have a son but two other brothers are performing the last rites in India.

    My question is how many is the theetu to be observed and can we move our house if we intend to do.


  6. Diwakar says:

    My father passed away at age of 72 on 2nd Feb 2017. I’m the youngest child living in US. I visited my father 4 days before he passed away and returned to US. My elder brother performed the cremation in my absence. The current circumstances are such that I may not be able to visit for 10 th day and asthi visarjan since my wife is pregnant and alone in US. Can you please suggest if it would cause my father to not get gati in his onward journey? Would it also cause pitru dosha to me and to my unborn child?

    Appreciate your response.


  7. SIVA SANKARAN says:

    My own brother past away on 31/12/2016 & father past away on 02/01/2017. completed 27 days oona masiyam. For both peoples the final rituals are done my another elder brother itself. Now my question is can i go to my father in-law house now or need to wait up 45 days completion. Pls let us know


  8. SIVA SANKARAN says:

    My own brother past away on 31/12/2016 & father past away on 02/01/2017. completed 27 days unna masiyam. For both peoples the final rituals are done my another elder brother itself. Now my question is can i go to my father in-law house now or need to wait up 45 days completion. Pls let us know


  9. s.padmanabhan says:

    How many days theettu for the death of cousin brother for an unmarried Lady (father’s brother’s son)


  10. N. Ashok Kumar says:

    I am brother-in law of the deceased,who had no children, performed the initial rituals
    i.e., Cremation, 3rd day ceremony, Immersion of ashes and 13th day ceremony etc.,
    I just want to know
    1. Can I perform daily pooja in the pooja room
    2. can I visit Temples including Tirumala
    3. Can I perform Vrathams in the house

    If not, what is duration for each above

    N. Ashok Kumar (


  11. Sandy says:

    My husbands grandma passed away in the month of august 2016. Can i put kolam and lit deepam for Karthigai ?


  12. Raji says:

    Want to know theetu for how many days for death of married son’s paternal grandfather’s first wife’s daughter-in-law? The particular son in question is the grandson from his paternal grand father’s second wife.

    So, it will be his father’s step-brother’s wife who has died.

    Tomorrow is Karthigai deepam–want to know if lights can be lit in the house ? If so, how many days after the death of the above said person?



  13. Prema Ramchandran says:

    Dear sir,
    My sister passed away on the 17th of nov. 2016 …the first two days rituals were done and then the hasthi , was sent to kashi as she has only three girls all living abroad…the rest of the rituals they will do only after a couple of months…so for how many days ,should kolam not be put outside my house…I am her younger sister…can I celebrate karthi which is coming up on the 12th…or do I have to wait till 30 days are over…can I do pooja a in my pooja room.
    Thanking you
    Prema Ramchandran
    29th nov.2016


    • Your theetu is for 13 days from the date of demise. Aftter that you can perform all auspicious functions including Drawing Kolam ‘ visiting temples .


  14. Prabu says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your blog to enlighten us on rituals, I have a doubt. My cousin brothers wife (mothers side / periammas sons wife ) passed away on 22 Nov 2016 after brief illness . We cousins were there shouldered the body to the crematorium. Earlier we have planned to visit Palani and tonsure as nerthi kadan for my son coming 5th december. Can we do it as per plan or do we have to defer it cos of our Hindu Rituals. I am Kshatriya by class. Your clarity on this is much appreciated. Thanks


  15. Kadhirvelu Nisha says:


    My father-in-law’s cousin (son of father-in-law’s dad’s brother) passed away on 22/11/16. We planned for rituals for removing hair for my 11 months old on 04-12-2016. Relatives say it is a theetu for us & should not visit temple for next 30 days & we can postpone the rituals to Margazhi month (i.e., 12 th month for the baby).
    I am reluctant to have the ritual for removing hair on 12th month.
    Can you please guide me on this if it is ok to do it on 04-12-2016 as planned?



  16. Balaji Ramamurthy says:

    Sir, my grandmother passed away on 17th nov & i being one of the grandson, participated on the death day & took part in the “nai pandu” event, now my question is that should i be a part of the 10th day ceremony coz people say that one who visit for the death should be a part of the 10th day too – especially if you have shouldered the body, we need to be a part of the 10th day – pls advise


  17. Ranjit Raj says:

    Sir My grandmother passed away 10 months back.Can I go to sabarimala before completion of one year.
    Pls reply me sir.


  18. gopi says:

    Sir my grandpa brother son was passed this Thursday can I go with my son to sbarimala this month how many days I have theory


  19. Priyadarshini says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Mom’s elder Sister’s husband passed away, could you please let us know the procedure to call her to other sisters home within 10 days (he died last Friday). Per my knowledge if she doesnt come within 10 days, she cannot come for an year. Please advice


  20. Shyam says:

    Hello sir, My father left his body on January 1st 2016, I am the elder son I performed all the rituals that were required. Different purohits have a different say, The person who performed Pooja for us told that I should get married before the first death anniversary and do the Pooja with my wife, if not married within a year I have to wait for three years.. Other purohits told I have to marry after an year only.. We started looking for a alliance after 6 months and now the girl is finalized, marriage might be this month end in november. I am unsure if I am doing wrong by getting married before the year ends..


    • Technically after 13th day subha karyas can be undertaken. In case of parents after 45 days. However
      Many follow the tradition of performing marriage (self) after one year.
      But as performing Sraddha along with wife is very auspicious I suggest you get married before the first anniversary. So your present action in getting married is correct.


      • Shyam says:

        Thank you so much sir for such an immediate reply and for the time you are giving to clear our doubts, you have cleared my mind now thank you very much.. God bless you sir.


  21. Aruna reddy says:

    Hi sir,my father has passed away on 22.10.2016 and my father-in-law’s brother’s wife has passed away on 29.10.2016 . Sir can I meet my mother and can we attend the 10th and 12th day ceremonies of my father?


    • Do you mean you have not met your mother after your father’s demise?You can meet your mother any time in this case.Of course you can attend your father’s ceremonies.


      • Aruna reddy says:

        Sir I have met my mother on 5th day after my fathers death. Could not meet her on the 10th as they told us not to go. They told we cannot meet her until 10days Ceremonies of my husband sides death’s get over. So can I meet her ? Can we attend my father’s 12th day as we have thethu and their thethu is getting over?


  22. srinivasachariar ramabhadran says:

    this is the first time i happened to see your blog. everyone should thank you for your clear replies. since i had a doubt i landed on this site. i do not have any hesitation in taking your guidance/


  23. Raji says:

    How many days theetu for married woman whose periamma (father’s elder brother’s wife) passed away?


  24. Hari says:

    Dear Sir,

    Our father expired on 20.09.2016 at the age of 91yrs. We are seeking alliance for my nephew aged 25yrs (my own elder brother’s son) for the last three months. My elder brother is alive. Can we solemnize his wedding before the “varushabthigam” of our father if proper alliance comes?


  25. Karthik says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Father-in-law recently passed away on 14 Sep while I was observing vritham for Sabarimala. I removed my holy mala and performed all the last rites for him, as i’m the only son-in-law here. Kindly advise if I can start my vritham afresh and visit Sabarimala in the coming months? There are few people who have advised me not to take the pilgrimage this year and wait until the next year.

    Your advise would be valuable.


    • I assume you will be performing the 45th day and annual Sraddha since you have performed the initial rites. Hence it is advisable to visit after one year as you should have completed the 45th day ceremony.


      • Karthik says:

        Thanks for your prompt response, Sir. Yes, i’d be doing his annual Sraddham.

        Would this also mean that I can’t visit any other temples? Likes of Guruvayur, Tirupathi, et al.? My wife is due in Dec’16 and we are planning for our baby’s Annaprashan (“grain initiation”) in Guruvayur, which would be much before the annual Sraddham. Does this limit me from visiting other temples or attending any other functions/rituals?


      • You can perform all these. Technically you can perform all these aftercthe 13th day. I advised for going to Sabarimala be after one year.


  26. Kandaswamy says:

    My Father passed away on 4th September 2016. My sister married a person out of caste. There is strong resistance in the family that she cannot participate in the 10th day Patthu. Can she participate in the pathu or not. please advise.


  27. Harikrishnan M says:

    Hello Sir, My grandmother (Father’s Mom) passed away by 28th Aug 16, how many days should I wait to go to temples?? When can I go to Tirupathi??

    FYI: my father is eldest so he did the final ritualsto my grandma.


  28. Parthiban says:

    Friends I have small doubt???
    Ennudaya chithapa Magan earanthuta 4month back so na mala podalama reply me??????


  29. R SENTHIL RAM says:

    I am going to Sabarimala for the past 19 years. I am organising the pilgrimage with around 10 to 12 swamis along with me, leading them to Sabarimala almost past ten years. The Irumudi Kettu will be performed by our Gurusamy. After that I will care them thro’ the yathra. I completed my 18th year yathra by 2014. This year January(2016), I started to performing Irumudi kettu thro’ my Gurusamy, to swamys’ who are coming with me to the yathra. But, this year my father passed away on march 4 (2016). So, this November, 2016, can I start my Vritham as usual along with my swamys. Shall I perform Irumudi Kettu and proceed the yathra. Some Guruswamys’ say that I can perform the vritham and pilgrimage, since I am the Gurusamy for the people who come with me. Otherwise, the continuity of their yearly yathra will get break. Some people say that I can start the pilgrimage, only after my father’s 1st death anniversary. Please clarify my doubt. Thanking you.
    Senthil ram.
    E.mail :
    mobile: 98411 42273.


    • You can have Irumudi and Pilgrimage.You are eligible to perform all pilgrimages, auspicious functions from the 13th Day from the date of your father’s demise.
      Lord Iyappa will guide you


  30. Chitra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m being the only child (daughter) for my mum who had just passed away on 31st July 2016, can i perform the 30th day prayer by myself in Sivan temple?


    • You can perform prayer. If possible please feed the poor. No of people depends on your inclination. When you find time , after one year please visit one of the piteu Dosha parihara temples which I have mentioned in my article under the same title.regards


  31. Latha vaidyanathan says:

    Hello Sir, My Husdand lost his mother this year. This month is the seventh month since she has passed away. Can we do the AvaniAvittam. Does he wait for the Yagnam to get over or just change the threads?


  32. Bhagyam Venkitachalam says:

    After the death of my husband’s brother’s wife can we perform a avani avittam after 40 days?


  33. Lakshmi pillai says:

    I belong to non brahmin pillai family. My father in law expired on 4th august’16 at 7 pm. Today all the rituals will be done. What r the main (chadangu) to be performed by myself being the elder daughter in law. I m unable to attend the ceremony. My husband is present in the ceremony.
    Thank you


    • The ceremonies are to be performed by your husband with you being present by his side.No specific ceremonies for you. You are to be present with him for the ceremony.


  34. Ramadass says:

    I am from a telugu brahmin family. My mother (stepmom) and father died last year with my mother dying first on July 09, 2015 and my father after 3 months Oct 11th 2015. I have performed the final rites for both of them and now the annual ceremony is approaching. I’ve been advised that unless I finish my father’s annual ceremony I cannot perform my mother’s ceremony. …I want to know if this is right and if so when do I perform my mother’s ceremony. ..I want to do all that is needed as per rules….please advice….thanks


    • Yes, Perform your Father’s ceremony first and your stepmother’s during the next corresponding Thithi of her death,that is if it was on Shukla Dasami, perform the Sraddha during the next Shukla Dasami


  35. Gopalakrishnan says:

    Thank you for your valuable and reassuring advice. I will contribute my mite towards this blog as you are doing a tremendous service to help those in doubt and confusion and maintaining a website definitely involves expenditure which should rightfully be shared to the extent possible by those who benefit.


  36. Gopalakrishnan says:

    Dear Shri Ramanan: My cousin’s (father’s elder brother’s eldest son) wife passed away last year (27 July 2015). I work and stay in the Middle East and come to India during the time of Varalakshmi Vratham and Avani Avittam so we can perform these in India. This year the Varalakshmi Vratham is on 12 August. The annual function for the deceased will be held from 13 to 15 August. My elder brother’s vadhyar advised him to perform the Varalakshmi Vratham on 19th instead of 12th August i.e. after annual function is over. However, for me postponing will result in disruption of our schedule as my wife and I have already arranged to travel on 19th and ticket/hotel bookings are already made. Would you please give us your guidance on whether we can proceed with performing Varalakshmi Vrathan on 12th August itself? Thank you and Namaskarams.


    • Strictly speaking when we perform Homa on the 13th day the Theetu is off. The terms Subhasweekara indicates that we adopt auspiciousness on the 13th day. The term Gruhayagnya means one is empowered to perform Homa. Such being the case I am of the opinion that after 13th day the Theetu is gone.Subha karyas can be performed. I celebrated my son’s wedding within 45 days of my elder brother’s demise. In my opinion the Vrata can be performed as also Yajur Upakarma. Regards.


  37. ch naga sudarsan rao says:

    lot of changes are required in the practices being followed particularly in hindu familiies after the death of the husband with lot of uncultured and inhuman beliefs and not supported by any vedas . HUman approach is required to be spread all over the world and to be seen everybody with human touch and not inhuman beliefs.


  38. SUDHA says:

    HI, MY FATHER IN LAW’S OWN UNCLE (mother’s brother) DIED. MY FATHER IN LAW NO MORE. & how many days theetu has to be observed. Can I do big festivals like Diwali and Pongal


  39. Latha Iyer says:

    Dear Sir, My mother in law expired some months ago and my husband is the only son. We have performed all the rituals from the third day itself at home. We perform all the monthly rituals like masiham and shodakumbham at home. However the extra masiham thithi is during a time when I need to go out for an academic programme. Is it possible to do this function on an alternate date?


  40. my husband’s grandfather’s younger brother’s wife died last month. my father-in-law is also no more . i just want to know whether we can do all type of festivals( kollu, varalakshmi pooja…etc) this year.


  41. Dinesh says:

    My daddy’s elder brother expired on 30th march 2016 and my wife is currently three months pregnant . can we perform pooja’s and baby shower function at home as one year is not completed.


  42. S says:

    my mother in law passed away recently, we are staying at her place as no one else can stay for 16 days. what are the things we need to observe? i have also sent a message


  43. Latha says:

    My grandfathers (father’s father)brother wife died (90 yrs)how many days theetu for me and to my husband some saying 3 days some 16 days .


    • Senthil says:

      My Periamma[mothers elder sister] had passed away, not sure for how many days is the theetu for us, some say 3 days i.e on 3rd day we can start auspicious activities, some say 13days and some run away when the topic discussed is related to death


  44. My father & mother is no more. My father’s mother expired 93 years old on 9th April. I was about to go to yathra sabarimala. Guruswamyasked remove mala. Removed it. How many days theetu i am having? is that 3 days or 10 days? Also, i shouldn’t go yathra for one year? one of my vaadhiyar said “i can go to sabarimala now and all temples as my father is no more and i am the kartha for my father since. Can you please clear me?


  45. Sir,
    My grandmother(father side) died on Dec 30 2015,at the age of 86.I need to know when can my mom and I go for girivalam,thiruvannamalai.


  46. Ranjani Chari says:

    My husband’selder brother died.Do we as younger brother and his wife need to do some rituals and presents like “odividal” ?Pl explain .we 2 are non ritualists still


  47. Uma Sivaram says:

    My husband’s father’s brother (elder) ‘s son, my cousin passed away how long the theetu to be observed? When can I put kolam on vasal?


  48. Vinodh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Does our vedhas describes about theetu depending upon the relationship? For example: for mother – 1 year, for father – 6 months, other relations – 3 months.


  49. N S Padmanabhan says:

    We are in a village in Palakkad (Palghat) three Big (thayathis are there in our Village.Some body died in the thayathis to observe ten days mourning and not not attending the temple.Some time He/She died in the same thaythis and the died person left the village 50 years back and to days date no body been seen also observing the (Theettu0(thhendal0.The fact story Im mentioned that my wife left Mumbai in Nov end 15 this year some House function and attending the Sasthapreethi.Suddenly the relatives died one by one after ten days gap The died persons are above 80 years-She is not seen the person at all.out of 44 days she has to observe 30 days (Theettu) and not able to attending the Sasathpreethi function in the temple.Pls explain whom to observed the (Theettu). Any specific rules are there in Tamil Brahimin community..To days time due to communication fast the news are appeared in Facebook.or some other communication.
    How ever the almost all year in the function time this is happening.People are spend time/money and coming form far place even out India to attending the function the (Theettu0(thhendal0. comes what they are about trust with god is disappearing.Regularly it is happening to any one of the Family yearly.


  50. C V Srinivasa Gopalan says:

    My fathers brothers wife died at the age of 91 . Can I tell prayers . What I should not do, except not visiting temples. I am currently overseas


    • Theetu is for One year.As she was 91, it is called Kalyana Chaavu, Auspicious death.I hope her Karmas are being performed by her children.After 13th Day, you can go about your routine, no restricions. In my opinion, visiting Temples after this period is permitted, though sastris say other wise, as we perform Punyahavchana on the 13th day and visit temple on that day.Regds


  51. N G Krishnan says:

    Please let me know if my wife’s maternal uncle’s son expired whether my wife has theetu. If so for how many days. Whether theetu is there for me also for that period. Pl clarify.


  52. Jayasankar says:

    My father’s own sister aged 96 died. People say we should not lite village for 10days.not koalas. Is it correct? Teeth is only for 3 days.
    Kindly clear my doubts


  53. ramnath says:

    My wife’s periyamma (my fater-in-law’s brother’s wife) has died, how many days of theetu for me and for my wife


  54. gopinath kannan says:

    is it mandatory that the widow stays in the same home or can she stay in her son-in-laws house too before the 13th day. please reply


  55. Subramanain says:

    my sister does not have any children and her husband also passed away. I have done her 2 days karma. Should I do rest of the karma for year or do I have the right to perform this karma


    • 1.As you started the karma, complete till 13th day.It is beneficial and shall bring prosperity.Leaving in the middle now is not correct.
      2.If possible, you can perform the first Sraddha.
      3.You do not have the right.But since you have started it complete it.


  56. Sridevi says:

    I want to perform the mottai adithal function to my son (now 4 months) at his 11th month.During the time of his birth or before( I am not sure),my father-in-law’s brother(i.e his chittapa’s son) Husband’s family is saying that we shlould not perform any function for 1 year.But my son is having lots of hair and he is also having some dandruff issues.If I have to do this function then I have to wait until he reaches 3 years of age which is practically impossible.Could you please let me know whether the dosha is applicable to us or not


    • The accepted practice in such cases is to have a few locks of Hair cut and dropped in the family deity’s hundi.( the locks of hair may be wrapped in a yellow cloth).Then you can have the Mottai any where.When he reaches the third year,go to the family deity Temle and have the Mottai performed





    • Nephew can perform the final rites.he can perform this including subhasweekaram,Unamasika monthly and Aadtheeka are also to be performed as well as yearl Sraddhas



    please explain the position of a nephew doing death rituals of a tamil brahmin who does not have son or daughter


  59. K. Ganesan says:

    My father’s brother (elder) ‘s son, my cousin passed away how long the theetu to be observed? When can I start my routine?


  60. M V Swaminathan says:

    Please clarify the following………
    A lady (of 80 year’s old) whose husband’s brother’s son’s son (in short Machinar’s Grand son) expired in an accident at his early 20’s and he was unmarried (bramachari) at the time of accident.

    Since the Gothram is same how long the theetu to be observed? for one year? Going to Temple and performing poojas and completing the committments (Venduthals in Tamil) are to be done only after one year?

    Please advise suitbaly with references of any Tamil books……

    M V Swaminathan


    • 1.For accidental deaths no karmas need to be performed.

      2.Even if it is performed, after 13th day one can visit temples, perform subha Karyas.This is my view.I follow this in my family.
      Generally subha karyas are avoided for a period of one year including Venduthals,
      Ref.Vaidyanaatha Deekshiteeyam


  61. Karthikeyan says:

    Please clarify is there any restriction of going to burial ghat who is having living farther and mother. Can the relatives who come for mourning stay in the house of chief performer of the mourning rites (say brother law’s house who is performing his mothers rite).


    • Those whose parents are alive are prohibited from going to the burial Ghat.
      Those who come for mourning should not stay in the house where the event had taken place.


  62. VK SWAMY says:

    Theetu has to be observed by dayadhis. Here I would like to know 10 days theetu has to be performed by dayadhis and 3 days theetu will apply to pangalis. 7 Thalai murai is taken into consideration to decide number of days theetu. How to take the Thalai murai and from an ester period we have to consider for this. Please clarify.


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