Did Aliens Invade Alter Genetic Code

The theory that there were Aliens who invaded our earth in ancient times.

This Theory has become alive now once  again with the History Channel showing a series of Videos on the subject.

This thought gained currency on the basis of references in World Literature  and artifacts found .

Erich Von Daniken, who formulated the initial Theory that the Aliens had invaded the Earth, altered our Genetic code and programmed our Evolutionary process.

Ancient Map By Aliens
Map By Aliens.

He refers to ancient unexplained relics,monuments like the Crop Circles,Pattern in the earth resembling Airplane runways.

He quotes extensively from m the Religious literature.especially from Hinduism and Aztecs, Mayan and Egyptian civilizations.

Lord Rama is explained to be an extra terrestrial who came to earth and manipulated our Genes, Daniken says.

He also compares the description of the effects of Brahmastra and the devastation of Hiroshima Nagasaki devastation after Atom bomb was dropped on them

Both the descriptions are identical!

The point is that the Ancients were not so ancient in terms of Technological development.

Again there are references to Ape like beings like Hanuman who were highly intelligent.

It does not mean it is not possible for beings of such nature to exist because we do not find them any more nor the thought on these lines are audacious.

So were the thoughts of landing on the Moon and test tube babies.

Firstly we have not fully explored the animal kingdom to prove our stand to be correct.

Secondly it is not sensible not logical to conclude that these issues are figments of imagination unless and until we prove them to be so.

References in The Bible and Koran.

 Were a scientist to read that the Quran says that Allah “sent down water from the sky” he would probably not be very impressed with such a “revelation.” Anyone with eyes could look up and see rain falling from clouds in the sky.

But if that same scientist read that the Quran stated several times 1500 years ago that Allah “sent down water from the asteroid belt,” well, that might catch that scientist’s attention.


The Arabic word Sama’ is ordinarily translated “sky,” “cloud” or “heaven.” But Sama’ came into Arabic from the Sumerians. To the Sumerians, Sama’ meant, literally, “hammered out bracelet,” and that is what they called the asteroid belt, which they believed to have been hammered out by a collision between a planet called Nibiru and a giant watery planet named Tiamet.

The collision shattered half of Tiamet, making the “hammered out bracelet.” The other half was knocked into a new orbit and became the watery planet Earth.

So, rather than saying that water falls from clouds – something any five year old knows – the Quran maintains that water originates from outer space. Many serious scientists, 1500 years later, are hypothesizing the same.

In The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto writes “my investigation into the mysteries of water makes me think that water is something not of this earth.”

Louis Frank of the University of Iowa proposes that water arrived on this planet in the form of lumps of ice from outer space. Professor Frank’s theory is that ice balls bombarded the earth 40 billion years ago, creating oceans, and the same thing continues today. The earth’s gravity pulls ice comets into the atmosphere where they evaporate and become gas. Eventually, they fall to earth as rain or snow.

The asteroid belt is utterly filled with “icy debris” or ice-water mixed with rock. If one of the Quran’s most basic verses could be so poorly translated and understood, how much more of the book’s true knowledge is obscured beneath layers of dogma, medieval ignorance and misunderstanding of Arabic and the important loan-words that entered Arabic from Kamitic (ancient Egypt), Sumerian, Canaanite Syriac, Babylonian and even Sanskrit?

Establishment religion and establishment science have both failed to satisfy modern humanity’s need to know and experience our origin and potential.(http://amirfatir.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/et.htm)

In the following passages from the OT, selected from among hundreds, we see how a correct translation of shamayim reveals the true origin and habitat of the Bible’s extraterrestrials. The NT also contains hundreds of such mistranslation examples (indeed the kingdom of heaven—or cosmic empire—is one of the key features of the gospel as taught by Yeshua). But for now we shall concentrate on the OT that forms the foundation for early Christian beliefs relative to this ancient Hebrew theological view. With the Hebrew shamayim accurately re-translated, the Bible’s cosmic theology becomes quite evident while the unique literary quality of the texts is also, arguably, adequately maintained.

“Is not God in the height of outer space? Look at the distant stars, how high they are!” Job 22:12

“The Lord is in his Holy Temple; the Lord’s throne is in outer space.” Psa 11:4

“And the universe will praise thy wonders, O Lord; Thy faithfulness also in the assembly of the holy ones. For who in outer space is comparable to the Lord?” Psa 89:5,6

“The Lord of hosts is mustering the army for battle; they are coming from a far country at the end of the universe.” Isa 13:4,5″


So the issue rages on.

Why do we resort to Alien theory?

It is because of astonishment at the technological developments made in the last fifty years and it is worth noting that the Earth’s population has grown five times over in just fifty years , a phenomena known to have occurred fifty thousand years ago!(History Channel , Mankind on 10 Aug 2013)

It is also worth noting that a spate of scientific developments and Theories flowers in the Nineteenth  Century.

Curiously there is no development of this nature in the twentieth century!

(Please read my posts on this)

There seems to be a purpose with which Nature seems to reveal its secrets.

And look at our technological  innovations in the last twenty-five years!

Mind boggling.

Even our biological evolution , with girls coming of age at the age of nine or ten, increased longevity and the disproportionate increase in  the population of the elderly.

We are astounded at this fact as this process of development needs direction and purpose.

So we conclude that there should have been an Intelligent Being that had charted our course.

We can also think that we ‘ human beings could have developed the advanced developments and our histories  might be incorrect!

It is better to keep an open mind on this issue till we get additional facts.

And do not forget the UFO.

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Daniken’s Books.



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