Why Should I ?

Recently I had been to a Mall with my daughter, son in Law and Grand son.

Dancing In Malls.
Dancing In Malls.

(Though there might be a few who may not know what distinguishes a Mall from Good Shops is the price Tag, where the price is something  that beats one’s wildest imagination.Sometime back there was a fad among, who else,IT chaps, a couple of magnets the size of Pebbles, which when tossed about came down sticking together;the price Rs 150,The price of the same item  was Rs Four in City Market, Bangalore!)

There I saw a crowd just inside  the entrance, hooting boisterously.

I peeped in.

There was a Boy and Girl around 25 prancing together to the beat of loud Music, gyrating obnoxiously.

As the tempo of the Music increased, the Boy who was conducting the show, he is called promotional Executive ‘event Executive,was egging the couple to  gyrate faster.

And the crowd consisting of youngsters mainly and few middle-aged women, and Men too, went to raptures.

I asked some one in the crowd.

Don’t you think this is kind of indecent?

He replied,


We are enjoying ourselves, cooling ourselves.

Do you think it is proper to jump up and down in Public with some one whom you have never met that too in front of people whom you do not know?

You are not a  entertainer .

is this not indecent?

Why should people behave in such an unruly fashion?

Sir, you are out of sync.

This is the in thing.

Why should I bother about others or what they feel about me/

I am just enjoying”

End of the conversation.

That’s it.

There are.

Why should I bother about others?

Why should I

Be Honest.


Respect others. especially elders, specifically parents,

Not sleep with any one I like,

Marry one with whom I slept with

Not drink,

Believe in values.

Believe in God,

Live in this wretched county

Should I Pay my hard-earned money as tax?

And these are the people who rushed to the Freedom park in Bangalore to support Anna Hazare when he went on fast against corruption!

This dichotomy and confusion is reflected in the Society, Broken marriages, divorces, drug addiction and suicides.

Most of these people occupy Middle and Senior executive positions, positions of responsibility!


One thought on “Why Should I ?

  1. This is quite a touchy topic which all will having different views…… When i was in my early twenties i used to feel the same way… i am having fun.. if one is having a problem with what i am doing its doesn’t matter to me… all that matters is me…. Now that i am closing to my thirties… i feel all that i did was so foolish and so disrespectful and something which i shouldn’t have done.. We are growing up watching & learning things which doesn’t even get close to Indian values, So we behave how they behave in movies… we feel its “Cool” 🙂 🙂 … the best part is we all realize this later… because we are all Indians inside 🙂


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