How To Nail Yourself By Yourself

There seems to be a confusion between being Frank, Blunt  and Open.

Shut  Up. gif.I find people, under the impression of being frank express what they think immediately, irrespective of whom they are talking to.

One category is informing others of the opinions expressed by the third-party , in the passing.

Some times to the party concerned!

In the other case, it some how reaches the  one who made the initial comment and puts a strain in Relationships.

In most cases, especially the younger brigade, it is the ‘in’ thing to declare that they are open with their spouses and that they disclose everything about them and their Life.

Nothing can be more disastrous tahn this to damage the Married Life.

There is  a difference to informing what is necessary and what is not important.

By disclosing everything, you become vulnerable for attacks, which could have been avoided.

It is not necessary to divulge every thing to every one, including wife.

More harm comes out of it than good.

Being open in these cases  may give egoistical euphoria that you are a frank person; other than that it achieves nothing.

This is immaturity.

Boldnes is being interpreted as being ‘brash,brutal”

People use this boldness to say things what they think.

If every one were to express their feelings about others there will no relationships standing.

If truth is to be told is to be expressed in such a way that the message gets across and it does not offend.

The other name of this Art is ‘Courtesy, Politeness

But. there are some issues like extramarital affair(if you are serious about it), Financial dealing, Health issues-these issues should never be kept secret from the wife.

Again there are some statements that we make ourselves about us, which would nail us in the long run.

I read an article on this.

Read On:

  1. It matters what others think
    My past used to be riddled with quiet thoughts of “If my house is decorated like this, I’ll look wealthy”, “If I drive this car, I’ll look professional”, or “If I share the real me, people may not want to spend time with me”. Remember, there’s a fine line between caring what people think out of courtesy and selling out on who you are a unique and gifted person.
  1. Comparing myself to others shows where I should be in life
    I’ve come to the conclusion that comparisons are a quick acting poison to our happiness. To think that there’s something or someone out there that’s “better” than us is a sure way to lose ourselves. Stop competing and comparing in an effort to be someone else. Instead, find gratitude for who you are.
  1. I’m only worthy after I’ve accomplished something notable
    We are inherently worthy. Once we believe that, we have a fighting chance at manifesting our dreams. I remember so many times where I didn’t take an opportunity or didn’t acquire a monetary item because I didn’t feel worthy of it. Pure silliness.
  1. I’m alone
    Solitude is a choice. This is one that I’ve personally fought. Part of me really wants to argue that I’m lonely. My gut knows that there are people all around me, if I’d only reach out in love and leave the victimhood behind.
  1. Authenticity just gets me into trouble
    Lack of sensitivity towards other people’s feelings is what gets us in trouble. Authenticity breeds human connection and trust.
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One thought on “How To Nail Yourself By Yourself

  1. Could not agree more. I am in PR and often marketing reps of newspapers visit for business. I have this habit of giving them frank replies and honest views on their company and chances of business. Most of them commented to me that they like this style of mine and helped me build my castle in the air, till one day. A lady rep from a newspaper argued back and put me on defensive. She counted 1-2-3 logics for giving business to them and how other companies were giving and so on. I was dumbfounded. Liiving in a fool’s paradise, I was upset by her response for a few days, but then I realized this could also happen, just that nobody else countered me earlier and showed me the other side of the coin. Actually she was doing her job professionally, and was not impressed with my frankness and gave it back to me. So a lesson well learnt for me.


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