US Marine Urinates On Taliban Fighter Corpse Will Do Again

If it a question of inflaming passions, there is none to contest for the US.

US Marines Urinate on Taliban Corpse.
After seemingly checking to be sure no one is watching they unbutton their uniforms and urinate on the bloody bodies, with one soldier telling a dead man: “Have a great day, buddy.”
A fifth person films the scene with a hand-held camera from a few feet away, shifting their position at one point to get a better view of one of the dead men’s faces.
The footage was posted on Tuesday by an online user named ‘semperfiLoneVoice’, a reference to the Marine Corps’ motto “semper fidelis”, which means “always faithful” in Latin.
The 39-second video is the only one posted by the account. The user did not reply to a message from the Daily Telegraph last night but comments under the video speculated that they may be a whistle-blower from within the Marine Corps.

Forget about terrorists.

Urinating on a corpse does not be-hove of a civilized being.

It does not make one any different from the terrorist who has been killed.


One of the U.S. Marines who was caught on video urinating on the corpses of suspected Taliban fighters has broken his silence to say that he’s not sorry for what he did and he’d do it again.

“These were the same guys that were killing our family, killing our brothers,” Sgt. Joseph Chamblin told ABC News affiliate WSOC in his first interview since the 2011 incident. Chamblin said he did regret any repercussions it may have had on the Marines, “but do I regret doing it? Hell no.”

When asked if the act of urinating on the corpses was his form of revenge, Chamblin told WSOC, “We’re human. Who wouldn’t want that if you lost your brother or mother? Wouldn’t you want revenge?”

Chamblin said one of his fellow Marines, Sgt. Mark Bradley, was killed in an IED explosion days before the incident.

The video, which was shot in July 2011 and surfaced online in January 2012, appears to show four men in uniform looking around before urinating on three dead bodies. At least one of the men chuckles as they do so.

“Have a great day, buddy,” one of the men is heard saying, apparently to a dead body.

At the time the video surfaced, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta called it “deplorable” and Afghan President Hamid Karzai said it was“deeply disturbing” and “inhuman.”



2 thoughts on “US Marine Urinates On Taliban Fighter Corpse Will Do Again

  1. The best thing would be President Karzai fight his own war or problem. Donot call out siders for help if it ius painful to him to see. and then donot blame if they did something out of utter pain & disgust. Karzai too would have done the same if his father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter got killed in a brutal way by the terrorst. He is just shedding crocodile teras for survival.


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