‘My Penis Contains Holy Milk’ Pastor

What exactly are these taught and where?
Pope, are you there?


What exactly are these taught and where?

Penis with Holy Milk.
Valdeci Sobrino Picanto is a Brazilian Evangelical Pastor. He has been arrested after deceiving the faithful using the name of the “Holy Spirit”, by using these foolish lies.

Pope, are you there?


Just when you think you had heard it all, another malicious and alarming crime committed by a criminal priest, nun, minister or pastor, surfaces. This one has to be one of the most shocking yet…an Evangelical Pastor managed to abuse victims after convincing them that his penis contains HOLY MILK. The criminal: Valdeci Sobreni Picanto of Brazil.
Valdeci Sobrino Picanto is a Brazilian Evangelical Pastor. He has been arrested after deceiving the faithful using the name of the “Holy Spirit“, by using these foolish lies. This criminal pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit would secrete from his penis in the form of “sacred milk”. This pastor said that his penis was blessed and that “the Lord had consecrated him with divine milk of the Holy Spirit” and, of course, he had to release it in order to “evangelize”. “He has convinced us that only God could come into our lives through our mouth and that’s why he would do what he did”. Often, after worship, pastor Valdeci would take us to the where the funds were kept at the back of the Church and asked us to have Oral sex with him until the Holy Spirit would come through ejaculation”. This is the testimony of one of his victims. This pastor is already in jail where, he said when they arrested him, that he intends to continue watering his cellmates with his sacred milk.

Note: This news article was originally reported today in Spanish by Que.es  The great news is that the Protect Your Children Foundation in collaboration with Vatican Crimes Exposed Organization will continue to expose these evil and perverse men who utilize the name of Christ to gain trust and commit crimes.

We will not stop until the very last door of the criminal organization known as the Catholic Church is closed forever. Visit: http://www.jh.to/organizedcrime to learn of the organized crime implemented by the Vatican around the world against millions of children



Author: ramanan50

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5 thoughts on “‘My Penis Contains Holy Milk’ Pastor”

  1. As one who has been writing on Religions.,I am aware of what Christianity is and despite its declaration that it is Universal, no race or creed,, how many innumerable divisions it has.
    My comment is of two parts..
    One at the people who perpetrate this.
    The second sentence at the Pope , who is supposed to be the Head of Catholicism, has no answer to the pedophiles and other peccadilloes of the Faith, coming under his purview..
    Please read my other posts filed under Christianity, especially how the Church sold Illegitimate children for profit.
    If one were to say, there are many churches in Catholicism, it can not be held responsible for ‘a leaf..’.etc.,well, then why have a Pope at all?
    I always credit my readers with more intelligence than mine.
    So far, the comments on this post were anguish and hurt feelings as to how a a supposed Holy Man could do this! None commented on Christianity.
    It took a Catholic Christian to forget the basic human revulsion at this act but to run for cover swiftly disowning!
    What is the reaction for other immoral acts of the Vatican, including their stand during the ‘Holocaust/”


    1. A simple layman’s example, but may convey a great understanding. Yes, Christianity is a like a mammoth tree of faith. There are various divisions so may be called as branches of a Tree. But the Tree is same. If one branch in that tree is sick, pl treat that branch, but do not blame & cut the whole tree. Historically, pope’s place in the Catholism is understood to have descended from the disciple of Christ , St Peter. Yes, History might have seen certain lapses with certain Popes at a given time in the history spanning +2 K years, that is why the subsequent chair publicly asks for forgiveness. We are aware SATHI was perfectly legitimate amidst Hindus in the bygone times, , But will Hindus ever accept it today to continue?, No. They now realize that was just an act of cruelty against women. So Societies over centuries do refine & adjust to times. So give a chance to Christianity, don’t be after it, Forgive & forget if you may what happened in the past. Live & let live for Peace on Earth. After all at the end of the day, we all human beings are under one God.


  2. Sorry folks, you have a very faint knowledge about a few things. An Evangelical believer or a Pastor does not fall under Rome/ Vatican. at all. There are tens of such small churches & has nothing to do with Roman Catholics at all. So pl donot say every leaf that fell from the roof was from a Catholic home. Sorry pl correct your understanding.


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