Read Misinformation ‘Aryan Invasion ” A Rebuttal

The Myth of Aryan Invasion.
The Myth of Aryan Invasion.

Seemingly reputed magazines, newspapers, web portals ,publish periodically some researched(?!) articles on the Aryan Invasion Theory.

Those who advocate this Theory conveniently take their references from the Indus valley civilization, form Harappa ruins.

For them only the Mohanjedaro Harappa is the bench mark.

They link these with the Puranas,quotes from Pagan Legends, medieval History of Europe.

One point they deliberately omit to mention is that the  Puranas indicate that the civilization flowed outwards from the Indo Gangetic Plain,not  the other way around.

The Puranas mention, “Milechas’, those who live beyond the Ocean, The Jambo Dweepa.

Kaikeyi , aunt of Lord Rama hailed from Kekaiya, its capital being Kandahar.

There ae references to lands beyond the Jambo dweepa in the Indian Ocean, beyond Sri Lanka, in the Puranas as well as in the ancient Tamil Literature, which is about at least 3000 years old.

There is a reference in the article about Nadars, a community from Tamil Nadu, South India.

The word Nadar in Tamil is from the word Naattar’ those who enforced the King’s Will, ruled on behalf of the Tamil Kings  a small parcel of land in down South in Tamil Nadu.

Whenever Zack Ajmal posts a new update to the Harappa Ancestry Projecthe appends some data to his ethnic database. This sends me to Wikipedia, because how many people are supposed to know what a “Muslim Rawther” means? Well, if you are a Muslim Rawther, and perhaps from Southern India, you would. But South Asian ethno-linguistic categories and hierarchies are notoriously Byzantine, and I have difficulty making sense of them. This isn’t too surprising in my case, as my family’s background is relatively mixed in the very recent past (e.g., Hindus and Muslims, and people of various caste backgrounds), so we’re not the sort who can go at length about our pure ancestry and all that stuff. Unfortunately, Wikipedia isn’t always useful, because the people editing the entries on particular South Asian ethnic groups are often people from those ethnic groups, so you get a lot of extraneous information, and a particular slant on how awesome and high achieving the group (also, sometimes there’s funny stuff about how notoriously good looking that particular caste!). On occasion there are other sources which are informative. For example, Zack has several individuals from the Tamil Nadar caste. I know a little about this group because 1) I have a friend whose family is Nadar (he’s American, so saying he’s an American Nadar is pretty worthless), 2) The New York Times profiled the group last fall.





One thought on “Read Misinformation ‘Aryan Invasion ” A Rebuttal

  1. French writer Michael Danino’s book “The Invasion That Never Was” is also a very good book on this subject.


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