Mobile Manufacturers Service Providers Make Merry

Mobile Applications.
Mobile Applications.

Though I do not much use for the Mobile/Cell Phone, I do have one(in fact three!)

All of them passed on to me by my son and daughter, after they have used it for, say , a couple of months or at the most a year)

They buy high-end smart phones, with lot of Applications.

I saw a recent ad for a Mobile  Applications,saying that the Mobile hand set has more than 1200 Applications!

Even if you try three applications a day, it would take you three and a half years to try all the Applications.

The recent scam by these two are quite novel.

In the case of Smart Phones,(costs anywhere between 20, 000 to 35, 000 for a middle end set), the handset develops some problem, like the screen going blank, After repeated charge, the charge goes out, the hand set hangs,you can not make calls….ad infinitum.

If you take the Mobile to the Manufacturer’s Service Center, you are informed that a small problem has occurred in a part, it takes baout 15 working days to get it rectified.

If you are dumb enough to give the set to them, you would be informed after a month that there is no stock of the required part and it was expected any day.

In the process you waste about 3 months,

Later they inform you that the model is outdated and a New Model has arrived and you may get the new Mobile at a discounted rate on an Exchange Offer!

You end up with another highly Glitzy and outrageously priced Mobile.

You can do nothing, even in a Consumer Court because of the carefully worded Warranty Causes.

Well, if you want to change the Clause, you won’t get the product.

With the Service Providers, it is a different story.

Theyoffer Plans that make you so confused that you start thinking whether you are literate at all!

I had written on Airtel on the swindles they execute.

Others are no better.

BSNL, has , for the past 10 years, been giving me honest service.

As in Life, all things must end one day.

Over the past three months I noticed that my balance was dwindling very fast and I decided to investgate.

When I went to get the Mobile Topped Up, I was informed that ‘

“You get a message’You have 100-if you open it, your balance will be depleted”

I got the Mobile topped up and presto came the Message.

I deleted it with out opening

However the next morning, I found my balance at Rs.4.50!

The BSNL Help Desk  could not be raised.

Through a  contact of mine in BSNL, I got a number to contact.

The moment the call was received  a man at the other  asked me of the problem.

The moment I started explaining, he interrupted me saying ,

You send an SMS ‘START, send it to 1909, you will get a reply SMS, you type YES and send  it to the same number.’

With out prompting he said these are routine that he does not know  what will happen after this!

I followed his advice and received a reply that my request has been received and I will be allotted an Unique Registration Number within 24 Hours>

I do not know what that means!

I will post on the developments.

This post is mainly for people who may have similar problems!

On Mobile manufacturers tricks a post is to follow.


GetApp, one of the biggest marketplaces dedicated showcasing cloud applications aimed at small and midsize businesses, has created a section focused on mobile applications.

The new marketplace currently represents more than 1,200 services and tools for mobile devices running Android and Apple iOS. There are 25 different categories including productivity suites, communications, finance and accounting, collaboration, operations management and project management.


Applications Market Place.


According to Nielsen Media infographic, smartphone users have an average of 35 apps on their phones and use 2/3 of the phone usage time on apps.



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