Planned to Take Over Seven Countries, US General

Gen.Wesley Clark.
Gen.Wesley Clark. Awards:
Combat Infantryman Badge
Parachutist Badge
Defense Distinguished Service Medal (5)
Army Distinguished Service Medal (2)
Silver Star
Legion of Merit (4)
Bronze Star (2)
Purple Heart
French Ordre national du Mérite
German Merit Cross of the Federal Republic (Order of Merit)
British Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Presidential Medal of Freedom

Former supreme allied commander of NATO during the Kosovo War General Wesley Clark revealed to Amy Goodman in an interview in March 2007 that US planned in 2001 to take down 7 countries in 5 years starting off with Iraq. The 7 nations are Iraq. Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Iraq was eventually invaded in 2003 after a fictitious WMD accusation, Libya fell in 2011, Somali has US puppets in Government, Sudan was divided into 2 states after US sponsored terrorism, Lebanon and Syria are in progress with active use of drones in 6 different Muslim countries while Iran will be the final stage of a plot combining the efforts of US, European Allies and Saudi funds using Muslims to kill each other in proxy wars that linvolve Islam and sectarianism to showcase internal conflict. What are we to take from this?

I had posted articles on this subject from other sources.

But this is new to me.

Looking at the events unfolding it is confirmed.

I indicated in my earlier post that Pakistan will not be taken over as its instability is a bulwark against China and India.


Iraq plot – before 2003 invasion (Rumsfeld-Gen Franks meeting /2001 – Freedom of Information Act document)

·         WMD was a Rumsfeld creation

·         Secretary of State Powell aware Iraq “regime change” principle strategy of Bush administration.

·         Exploiting intercepted 60,000 aluminum tubes as nuclear and using as propaganda

·         Guaranteed support of Tony Blair – British PM to attack Iraq even without real evidence of Iraq involvement in 9/11

·         US State Dept analytical unit observes Blair’s decision to join war on Iraq could radicalize British Muslims.

·         Rumsfeld instructs Gen Franks to establish and fund provisional government as US invasion strategy (this was in 2001 but Pentagon changed this to post-invasion)

·         According to the Gordon/Trainor book Cobra II, opposition groups submitted 6,000 names of potential recruits, 622 were vetted by the U.S., 500 were invited to join the force, 95 showed up in Hungary for training, and 73 completed the four-week training program. The operation was budgeted at $63.5 million.

·         Indicates that a few hours after the 9/11 attacks Rumsfeld spoke of attacking Iraq as well as Osama bin Laden and directed Defense Department lawyer Jim Hayes to get “support” for a supposed link between Iraq and Osama bin Laden from Paul Wolfowitz. (US DOD office of Under Sec for Policy Notes Stephen Cambone on/Sept 11)


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