Set Goals Die

There is this fad of setting goals for one’s Life.

Goal Setting.
Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – See more at:

This has gone to such an extent hat parents of children , even about 4, start planning the Career  of their wards, by constantly talking in front of the child, in some cases asking the child to repeat what the parents say about the child’s future and goals.

The Child also repeats without knowing the meaning of  what it says.

This gets implanted in the mind of the child.

This becomes an obsession in the later years and the child grows into an adult without having an option to weigh the options available.

Unfortunately the parents may change the goal they set for their child.

This will not be accepted by the child , it rebels at the Adolescent Age and continues in Adulthood.

As Adults they are forced .especially by the Society to set goals for themselves indirectly.

But it is imposed on them by the Corporate, by dangling Economic benefits Salary, perks.

A corporate has its Agenda, Namely Profit, nothing more.

All this talk of attitudes, behavioral suggestions ,Career optimization.. have a single goal, that of making money for the company.

Lured by the tempting offers, children and parents plan their lives accordingly.

Unfortunately Life is not merely about earning Money.

It has more to it.

Life is multifaceted.

One has to accept things in Life as they come.

One can not wait for one event to end to begin another as is said’ One can never  take a Bath in the Ocean after the waves cease”

Choosing a Career is important, so is marriage,

Sacrificing one for another is a step but one must have the mental maturity to adjust.

Alternately one must know how to balance both the options.

I am coming across stories where youngsters committing suicides for failing in examinations,Failure in Love Life,unable to adjust to marital issues .

Weirdest is a recent case reported in The Times of India dtd 7 July 2013,(page 3, Bangalore edition), where  a girl. 22,is reported to have committed suicide because her parents arranged for her wedding while she wanted to pursue her studies.

If parents and children were to understand Relationships,Behavior and about Careers (for this case),, they would not have resorted to these stupid decisions like ending life.

It is my experience that people tend to discard opinions f the others who are close to them but trust Books.

Goal setting is to be voluntary, not forced, nor induced.

Let the individuals decide;the parents must remain as Just Moderators to guide them without bias.

I recommend reading  some of the books mentioned.

Career Planning By John BarkerJim Kellen.

Regarding Children by A New Respect for Childhood and Families By Herbert AndersonSusan B. W. Johnson

One might get these Books at a good price, through flipkart,Amazon, Bestdeal,.

Follow the Link below.


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