Updated List Indians Holding Swiss Accounts

I posted on 4 February ,2011 a List of People from holding account in Swiss Banks.

Here is an update on the people who have stashed the black money in Swiss Banks,

However India has come down to 70 th rank in holding Money from the 55 th Nation holding Swiss Bank accounts.


Indians holding Money in Swiss Banks List 1
Indians holding Indian Money in Swiss banks.Money in Swiss Banks List 1

While the UK continues to account for the largest chunk of such funds, India has now slipped lower to 70th position – the lowest rank among all major economies of the world, shows an analysis of annual data released by Swiss National Bank(SNB) on all the banks present in the European country(NDTV June 23,2013)

Do not for a moment feel elated as the money might have been shifted to Caribbean offshore account.!
I have a Post on this
Please read my blog on Rajiv Gandhi 2.5 Billion Francs under corruption.
Figures in the story,does it include Rajiv’s?
I can not count the zeroes.”
Take a look at the offshore accounts of Indians.
ICIJ which has done extensive research and unearthed 2.5 Millions Files on secret offshore dealings of Businessmen, politicians and others throughout the world, has divulged that Vijay Mallya, Liquor BaronIPL Team Owner, who did not pay his Airways Pilots for want of money(!),Essar Group,Oswal, Satyam Computers, Visaka Group,Mama Mappillai of MRF,  and Mumbai-based jewelers, Rashmi Kirtilal Mehta and his son Bhavin Mehta.

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