Reservation Is Like Condoms Delhi Government

While arguing before the Constitutions Bench, Delhi, The Union Government of Delhi submitted  that the SC,ST, OBC Candidates  could get seats in Super Specialty Medical Courses only on Merit and after completing it, he/she could revert to their OBC etc status to  to claim appointment, under Reservation Policy, to  the Faculty of All India institute of Medical Sciences.(AIIMS).

Reservation Policy Protests.
Students of Government Medical College stage a demonstration against proposed reservation policy in Amritsar on Saturday. — PTI

These candidates have reached a stage where they had come up the level for qualifying to appear for Medical College.

Does the present admission not admit they have reached their present stage without being qualified.

This means you have been promoting below standard people all the while.

If these people have been given reservations so far, why not now?

This submission has serious implications, invalidating Reservation system.

Looks as though the Reservation Policy is like a Condom to be used whenever necessary and be thrown out once it is used.

The difference is the Reservation Policy is Eternally Usable.

Source:.The Times of India , Page 8, Bangalore Edition dated 5th July 2013.


Reservation Policy of The Government of India FAQs.

What is the policy of the Government on reservation for SCs, STs, and OBCs?
ANSWER : Reservation to the SCs, STs and OBCs in case of direct recruitment on all the India basis by open competition is given at the rate of 15% 7.5% and 27% respectively. In case of direct recruitment on all India basis otherwise than by open competition, reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs is 16.66% 7.5% and 25.84% respectively. In case of direct recruitment to Group C and D posts which normally attract candidates from a locality or a region, percentage of reservation for SCs/STs is generally fixed in proportion to the population of SCs and STs in the respective States/UTs. For OBCs it is fixed keeping in view the proportion of their population in the concerned State/UT and the fact that total reservation for SCs/STs/OBC is remains within the limit for 50% and reservation for OBCs remains within the limit of 27%.

Reservation in promotion by non-selection method is available to SCs and the STs in all groups of services viz. A, B, C and D at the rate of 15% and 7.5% respectively. In case of promotion by selection method reservation is available upto the lowest rung of Group ‘A’ at the same rates. In promotion by selection method reservation is available upto the lowest rung of Group ‘A’ at the same rates. In promotion by selection of posts within Group ‘A’ which carry an ultimate salary of Rs.18,300/- or less (in pre-revised scale) there is no reservation, but the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe Officers who are senior enough in the Zone of consideration for promotion so as to be within the number of vacancies for which the select list is to be drawn up, would be included in that list provided they are not considered unfit for promotion.



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