Caste Is Necessary Unavoidable Introduction.

Speaking or writing on Caste is considered as near sinful by the nouveau Intelligentsia and literati.

Caste In India

Doing either of this attracts the label,


Religious fanatic,

Anti secular ( Till date I have not understood what this term means, it changes its hues on one’s whims!)

But facts must be faced.

Before the dawn of Civilization, Man was living in the wilderness, at the mercy of the Elements.

He ate whathe could gather from Nature.

He found Animals living, seeking shelter from the elements in Caves.

He drove the animals out , started living in caves.

In the process he learnt to kill animals and eat them

He developed implements to kill the animals.

He learned that to keep himself safe from the animals and to hunt ferocious animals , he needed the help of fellow Humans.

He liaised with them , started living with them,, not accommodating at first, and then learnt that he had to accommodate.

During the course of this, he copulated, tried various combinations, Polyandry,Polygamy,Lesbianism and Homosexuality before finally arriving at Monogamy.

At first, he formed a Group among the inmates of the Cave in which he was living, then this expanded to a Group of Caves, then a forest are and the Forest.

He felt safe in Numbers, so formed a Community.

Even now we do.

Those who declare  that they are an Island , are’/can live independently of others usually declare so when they every one around/with them or they have no option to be with any body.

As is in any relationship , there is always a certain amount of give and take.

Man became comfortable when he had to adjust the least and be with people with whom most Common interest.

Based on this some common ground rules, based on certain values like the style of eating; speaking, type of comfortable behaviour and practices, which later became Customs and Mores.

These Customs and Mores became the instruments of Social Control and Social Stability.

Over a period  of time, communities became Tribes, Tribes turned into Societies with Stricter laws of Social Control, based on Common interest.

Even to-day we follow this, though by some other names.

You have Politicians as a flock, Doctors,Lawyers, Judges,Teachers, IT Professionals and the like.

This is based on common grounds.

And a necessity which is determined by the environment and economic parity and common values and habits.

When on a Mission to Space. Earth is our Home and we are all one.

When you come down to earth, you belong to a Continent,Nation,State,District,Town,Street and Your Home , Family

And finally yourself.

It is in our self-interest we organised ourselves into a Group.

We may not like this, but there is no Altruism is involved here.

Altruism is enlightened self-interest when we do to others what we want them to do unto us,

And conversely we desist from doing to others what we do not like the others to do unto us.

So the Customs.Practices, Mores are stabilized and those with the same values stick together.

This is how the Society and laws governing the Society are formed.

How does Caste come into this?

Next Post.


Caste system is scientific.


Emerging Caste System in India.


9 thoughts on “Caste Is Necessary Unavoidable Introduction.

  1. Right, but has the caste system outlived its time? Low castes are currently being discriminated against (violence against women), and some of their numbers (what proportion?) are converting to Buddhism, which is not so discriminating. (I just signed as a follower of your blog).


    1. . I do not think that Caste has outlived its time.
      In fact it is more relevant today.
      Low Caste discrimination(women), I am not sure it has increased or the information reaches out quickly and to more people.

      I have written a post on Rapes in general.
      It is not fair to attribute violence against Women to Caste.
      As for conversion to Buddhism, there might be a few conversions and there are reverse flows as well.
      The impressin that Buddhism is not discriminating and has no Caste system is incorrect.
      I will be posting on Caste system in World Religions.
      Thanks for dropping by,


  2. caste by itself appears to be a social congregation tool; beneficial in many ways; however, there are, especially days, many evils appear to be associated with caste;


    1. Sir, Caste is just the division of labor as in modern companies and organizations. The lowest level software engineer is as necessary to the company as the software architect as is also the ceo of the company.
      Caste is also a social classification – nothing discriminatory about any classification. Many times economic problems of the community members are addressed by this congregation. Same is the case with minor civil disputes and they don’t even reach the courts.


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