Brahmin Surnames Andhra Maharashtra, Goa Deshastha

Ramnana Maharishi
Ramnana Maharishi

The Smarta or smaarta community

In Andhra Pradesh state area, the brahmins who follow some residual vedic traditions are found only among the Smaartas, i.e. followers of the Smritis, who follow Adi Sankaracharya‘s reforms after Buddhism faded away. They don’t take sectarian sides as other sects do. The old vedic families, including the numerous migrations seem to have merged into smaartas, with additions from other local communities and (…unemployed) buddhist teachers. The Smaartas in the peninsula (maharashtra-karnataka-andhra) are traditionally associated with the old Sringeri monastery of sankaracharya.

(* Please note there is no clear unbroken link to any genuine “vedic” time. It is most likely several UNRELATED groups at various times got “promoted” to status of “brahmins” after they fulfilled the then-accepted relevant criteria. This also explains the several layers of interpolation in the old books. )

These smaartas were divided in medieval times (probably chalukya) into secular bureaucrat brahmins called Niyogi and temple brahmins called Vaidiki. Those of the Vaidikis who retain the vedic school traditions and are highly accomplished in scholarship are considered top of the hierarchy. .The niyogis are of lesser ritual rank. The niyogis were the civil servants of most of the medieval kingdoms. Until recently they were also the karnams (village accountant) for many centuries. They have left most of the villages today. The niyogis are progressive and insist on education (modern education). many are erudite scholars and since they are quite aware of the development down the centuries of Indian society, thought and culture they are conseqently sceptical of various exaggerated claims and rituals too.

In the case of Vaidikis, however, most are actually from very poor temple servants who follow the later medieval reformers, and are not connected to any vedic tradition. In many cases, their idea of education, learning and wisdom is often mere superstition and fabricated symbolic and clueless ritual. But they too are getting out of the villages and migrating to the cities, and their children also are emphasising higher education rather than ritual. Now in Andhra pradesh, Hindus seem to prefer “conservative” rituals in matters like weddings, festival observances, funerals etc. This is particularly so in rural areas, and ritual priests are in demand. But apparently there is a shortage (?!).

Subsects :-
Two divisions of subsects are found among the Smaartas, Vaidiki and Niyogi. Further some geographical differences are seen. For instance niyogis—Arvela ( also written aruvela), Telagaanya,Nandavaarika, Paakalanati, and Yaagnavaalkya : Most of the stories explaining the terms are false. Telagaanya indicates hailing originally from Telangana. Some researchers say Arvela is not aru-vela “6000 village” but Aar-vela ie greater velanadu ( expanded velanadu. i.e. northern and southern bank of Krishna river.)
A section of Telangana niyogis seem to have a marathi origin and are called Golkonda vyaapari. There is a small section called prathama sakhi, they are not part of the main Apastamba group, but instead follow the sukla yajurveda. Now the schools of the sukla yajurveda are many, and yagnavalkya was one of the early founders. Many irregular ‘brahmins’ also claim affiliation to yagnavalkya, and the good hearted yagnavaalkis merely shrug, smile and remain silent. So in the enumeration of the schools of the sukla yajurveda, yagnavalkya clan is called ‘prathama sakhi’ i.e. the first among the sukla yajurvedic schools. (the bulk of the AP brahmins belong to Apastamba sakha of Black Yajyurveda and not the various sukla yajurvedic schools )

Among vaidikis are , Mulakanadu ,Telagaanya or Telanga, Kaasalnaadu and Yaagnavaalkya—most of these seem to be regional in origin…e.g. Mulkinadu is old Mulaka, somewhere around today’s Medak district or to its north.

Andhra Brahmin Surnames.Sarma, Sastri, Somayajulu

Suni Gavaskar,Brahmin from Maharashtra.
Suni Gavaskar,Brahmin from Maharashtra.

Deshastha Bramins,Maharashtra Surnames.

Dilip Vengsarkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Maharashtra  Brahmins.
Dilip Vengsarkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Maharashtra Brahmins.
Latha Mangeshkar
Latha Mangeshkar

A large number of Deshastha surnames are also derived by adding the suffix -kar to the village from which the family originally hails.[2] For example, Bidkar hails from the town of Beed,Dharwadkar hails from the town of Dharwad, and the Marathi poet V.V. Shirwadkar (colloquially know as Kusumagraj) hails from the town of Shirwad.

Some surnames describe personal characteristics, such as Buddhisagar meaning “ocean of intellect,”[3] Dharmadhikari meaning “one who is fit for religious duty,”[4] and Vyavahare meaning “learned or prosperous.”

As detailed in the table below, Deshastha Brahmins are subdivided into Rigvedi and Yajurvedi subsects. They are also subdivided into lineages based on their descent from the original sevenVedic rishis (Saptarishi): AtriAngiras (forefather of Bharadwaj), Bhrigu (forefather of Bhargava and Jamadagni), GautamaVasisthaVisvamitra (forefather of Kaushik), and Agastya or Kasyapa(there is conflicting interpretations between the Brahmanas and Upanisads with respect to Agastya‘s and Kasyapa‘s inclusion in the original Saptarishi). Lastly, each Deshastha Brahmin family worships a particular family deity and originally hails from a particular town or village.

Table of Deshastha Surnames

Surname Subsect Rishi Lineage Family Deity Origin
Abkari Yajurvedi Unknown Tuljabhavani Unknown
Acharya Yajurvedi Vishwamitra Sri Subrahmanya of Kukshi, South CanaraKarnataka Nira Narsinghpur Pune District
Altekar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Tuljabhavani Alte
Ainapure Rigvedi Vasishtha Ambabai, Kolhapur Ainapur, Karnataka
Airani Rigvedi Bhargava Ranebennur, HubliDharwad, Karnataka Airani is a place between Ranebennur & Harihar,Karnataka
Agavekar Rigvedi Vainya-Bhargava Bhairavnath Jogeshwari, Sonari, Tal. Paranda, Dist: Osmanabad Sonari is place near Karmala and Kurduwadi which are in Solapur district of Maharashtra
Adgoankar Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Agnihotri Rigvedi Unknown Mhalsa Devi of Trimbakeshwar Nasik
Anaspure Yajurvedi Lohit Bhavani of Tuljapur, Narsinha of Neera Narsingpur Unknown
Adawadkar Rigvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded Maharashtra Unknown
Alekar Yajurvedi Prachinas Khandoba, Alegao Unknown
Alekar Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Shiva, Ale Pune
Ambike Yajurvedi Kashyap Khandoba, Sidhanath & Bhavanimata of Tuljapur Unknown
Amin Rigvedi Bharadwaj RenukaMahur Amravati, Vidharbha
Ane Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Anagare Rigvedi Kashyap Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur Puntambe
Annachhatre Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Aparajit unknown Unknown Renuka of Mahur, District Yavatmal Unknown
Aphale Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Yamai Devi of Aundh, District Satara, Jyotiba of Kolhapur Masur and mahuli Dist Satara
Apsingekar Rigvedi Jaamadagni Laxmi Narsimha Swamy, District Dharmapuri, Andhra Pradesh
Argade Rigvedi Gautam Narsimha Temple(Narsimha) of Neera – Narsimhapur Unknown
Aranke Rigvedi Shandilaya [Laxmi Narsimha & [Mahalakshmi]] Temple(Ambabai) of Kolhapur Mahuli, Satara Dist.
Arcot Rigvedi Kashyapa Shree Venkateswara Swamy/Balaji of TirupatiBhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Arjunwadkar Rigvedi Kondinya Shree Venkateswara Swamy/Balaji of TirupatiAmbabai ofKolhapur Arjunwad, Jaisingpur,Maharashtra, Belgaon,Dharwad
Aserkar Rigvedi Kashyapa Shree Ram-Wardha,Maharashtra Asirgarh,Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh
Ashtekar Unknown Unknown Shree Yamai Devi of Aundh, District Satara Unknown
Ashtikar [Yajurvedi] [Bharadwaj] Tirupati Balaji Akot, Distt. Akola, Maharashtra
Atale Yajurvedi Angiras Mahalakshmi of Ganoja, Bhatkuli, (Amravati) Unknown
Atre Rigvedi Atri Shakambari-Banshankari Badami Karnataka
Atre Rigvedi Atri Panduranga of PandharpurMaharashtra RatnagiriMaharashtra
Aurangabadkar Yajurvedi Kashyap Bhavanimata of Tuljapur TuljapurMaharashtra
Avachat Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Tukai Devi, Yevat, Kedgaon Taluka Daund, district Pune
Avachat Yajurvedi Kashyap Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur
Ayachit Unknown Kaundinya Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur Unknown
Babre Yajurvedi Atri Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Chinchani
Badve Unknown Renuka of Mahur Unknown
Badve Rigvedi Kashyapa Khandoba of Jejuri Maharashtra Unknown
Badave Yajurvedi Parashar Khandoba of Bale, District Solapur & Tuljapur Bhavani Ratanjan taluka Barshi, District Solapur
Bag Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Unknown
Bajikar Rigvedi Kashyap Subrahmanya Unknown
Bakore Rigvedi Kaushik Renuka of Mahur, District NandedMaharashtra Babhulgaon in District AhmednagarMaharashtra
Ballal Rigvedi Atri Renuka of Mahur, District NandedMaharashtra Pahur, Yavatmal Maharashtra
Bangali-Deshpande Rigvedi kashyap jagdambadevi of patna, District Chalisgaon.maharashtra Amalner, jalgaon maharashtra
Bansod Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Balaji
Banavadikar Rigvedi Kashyap Bhavani of Tuljapur Tuljapur
Barabote Rigvedi Kaundinya Narsinha of Bidar and Saptashrungi of Vani Nashik Aurangabad (MS)
Barde Rigvedi Vasishtha Bhavani of Tuljapur SangamnerMaharashtra
Barve Unknown Bhavani of Tuljapur TuljapurMaharashtra
Bavare Rigvedi Vasishtha Bhavani of Tuljapur
Bavikar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Narsimha of Nira Narsingpur Bavi, Barshi, Solapur
Beke [Rigvedi] [Jamdagni] Khandobaof Jejuri & Ambabai of Kolhapur Maval, Pune
Belapure Rigvedi Haritasya Shree Balaji of TirupatiJejuri Khandoba, & Bhavani of Tuljapur Belapure(Shrirampur), Diat. Nagar settled at Karad, Dist. Satara Maharashtra
Belhe Yajurvedi Unknown Unknown
Belsare Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur, Khandoba of Jejuri and Shirsai of Shirsufal Belsar near Jejuri or Konkan
Benare Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of MahurVithobaof Pandharpur Pandharpur
Betawadkar Yajurvedi Paulashya Vindyavasini Bijasan Betawad
Bhadang Yajurvedi Atri Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Bhadange Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bildikar Rigvedi Koushik Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Bildi, Tal.Pachora, Dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Bhagwatwar Rigvedi Haritasya Balaji ChandrapurNagpur
Bhalerao Rigvedi Kashyapa Bhavani of TuljapurRenuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Unknown
Bhalerao Yajurvedi Kashyap Saptashrungi of Vani near Nashik Unknown
Bhoraskar Rigvedi Shandilya Padmavati Unknown
Borkar Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Bhargav Rigvedi Bhargava Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Bhargave Yajurvedi Bhargava Renuka of Mahur, Balaji of TirupatiKhandoba of Jejuri Nashik, Kasbe Sukene, Ojhar (MIG)
Berde Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Nashik
Bhawalkar Yajurvedi Unknown Unknown
Bhise Haritasya Satara Thorale Khatav, district Satara
Bhome Rigvedi Jamadagni Khandoba of Jejuri, Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur Bhimashankar [Pune]
Bhonde Rigvedi Kashyapa Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur Unknown
Bhopale Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bhosekar Rigvedi Haritasya Bhavani of Tuljapur and Khandoba of Mailapur, District Yadgir,Karnataka Jat, Sangli, (Sangli District), Maharashtra
Bidkar Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Balaji of Tirupati District BidMaharashtra
Bidwai Yajurvedi Shandilya Bhavani of Tuljapur District AkolaMaharashtra
Bhatta Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Malhari Martanda Devara Gudda of Ranibennur, Karnataka
Bobde Rigvedi Vasishtha Gopalkrishna
Bobade Rigvedi Kaushik Shri Ram of Ayodhya
Bodhni Yajurvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur, Balaji of TirupatiKhandoba of Jejuri KadusPune
Bokil Rigvedi Jamadagni Jejuri Khandoba & Kolhapur Bhavani HivreSaswad, District Pune
Borate Unknown Unknown Unknown
Borawar Rigvedi Shrivatsa RajRajeshwar
Borgaonkar Rigvedi Jamadagni Narsai Devi, Mangala Devi Amravati, Nagpur
Brahme Rigvedi Kashyapa Ram of Uruli Devachi, Tuljapur Bhavani, Krishna of ????? Uruli Devachi, Chakan
Buddhiwant Rigvedi Mudgal Balaji (Tirupati)
Burange Yajurvedi Kashyapa Shree Venkateshwara Swamy/Balaji of Tirupati Nachangaon.Maharashtra
Burkule Yajurvedi Upamanyu Renuka of Chandwad, District Nashik. Maharashtra
Cavale Rigvedi Atreyasya Unknown Indore, (Madhya PradeshMalwa) & Nagpur, (Maharashtra)
Chaporkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahurgad
Chande Rigvedi Kashyap Ramtek, Near Nagpur
Chandratre or Chandratrey or Chandratreya Yajurvedi Chandratre or Chandratrey or Chandratreya Mohiniraj of Newasa, District Ahmed Nagar. Maharashtra Tilwan, Satana Taluka, Nasik district & Maharashtra
Chandurkar Rigvedi Atri Narsinh of Deurwada, Dist. Amravati/ Mahalakshmi of Ganoja, Dist. Amravati Chandurbazar, Dist Amravati
Chaskar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chati Rigvedi Vasishstha Narsinha of Neera Narsingpur, Tulja Bhawani of Tuljapur Solapur, District SolapurMaharashtra
Chati Yajurvedi Gargya Akkabai of Thanegaon Dist:Wardha MOWAD, District NagpurMaharashtra
Chapalgaonkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavanimata of Tuljapur, Shri Balaji(Venkateswara) of Tirupati Gud, Bhavani of Chapalgaon
Chaudhari Vasishtha Renuka Devi of Mahur, Maharashtra
Chanduri Unknown kasyapasa Unknown
Chausalkar Rigvedi Kashyap Ekveera of MurhaAmravati District in Maharashtra ChausalaAmravatiMaharashtra
Chaware Yajurvedi Kaushik Yamai Devi of Aundh, District SataraKhandoba of Jejuri BagalkotKarnataka, Other Districts bordring Maharashtra and Karnataka
Chaware Rigvedi Bharadwaj Yamai Devi of Aundh, District SataraNarsimh of Narsingpur
Chikhalikar Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Chikhli
Chitgopekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Sangameshwar Lord Shankar of Zarasangam Unknown
Chinchore Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Venkateshwara Swamy/Balaji of TirupatiJejuri Khandoba &Bhavani of Tuljapur erstwhile Chinchor, North Karnataka
Chindhade Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chitrav Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chitnis Rigvedi Kashyapa Jejuri Khandoba
Chivate Yajurvedi Vatsa Tulaja bhavani of Tulajapur, District:-Usmanabad, State:-Maharashtra Kuroli (Siddheshwar) Taluka Khatav, Satara
Chouthai Yajurvedi Vasishtha Chandrala Parmeshwari of Sannati, District:-Gulbarga, State:-Karnataka
Chouthai Rigvedi Vasishtha Ekvira devi Miraj
Chumbhale Yajurvedi Mounas Renuka
Dabade Yajurvedi Garg Yogeshwari devi of Ambejogai, District Beed, Maharashtra Karnataka/Bagalkot/ Taluka Guletgudda
Dabadge Rigvedi Kaushik Balaji Wai, Bhor
Dabir Rigvedi Shandilya Bhavani devi of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri
Dabir Yajurvedi Vatsa Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Khandoba of Jejuri
Dabhikar Rigvedi Atri Bhavani devi of Tuljapur
Dadegaonkar Rigvedi Kashyapa Bhavani devi of Tuljapur
Dagaonkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Raj Rajeshwar of Vemulwada
Dahale Yajurvedi Rathitar Renuka of Mahur, or Jagdamba of Matapur
Dahigaonkar Yajurvedi Vatsa Shri Mohiniraj, Newasa. Ahmednagar Dahigaon, Ahmednagar
Dahigaonkar Rigvedi Haritasya Renuka of Mahur, District NandedMaharashtra Dahigaon in district BuldhanaMaharashtra
Dharangaonkar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra DharangaonMaharashtra
Dalal Rigvedi Bharadwaj Khandoba of Jejuri & Bhavanimata of Tuljapur Unknown
Dandwate Rigvedi Vashishta Narsinha of Nira Narsinhapur(Dist-pune)
Dande Yajurvedi Atri Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded
Dande Yajurvedi Kaushik Renuka of Mulawa, District Yavatmal Washim
Dandge Rigvedi Bhargava Shree Bhavani of Tuljapur, Khandoba of (Mangsuli)Maharashtra-Karnataka Border} Barshi (Near Solapur), Maharashtra
Dange Yajurvedi Gargya Shri Balaji(Venkateswara) of Tirupati
Dahanukar Yajurvedi Unknown Unknown Dahanu
Dahasahasra Rigvedi Vatsa Renuka of Mahur, District NandedMaharashtra Nagpur
Dani Rigvedi,Yajurvedi Kashyapa Shri Mohiniraj of Newasa, Mhalsadevi Of Ahmednagar & Shri Venkateshwara Of Tirupati AhmednagarBagalkotDharwadKarnataka, Other Border districts of Dakshin-South Maharashtra and Uttara-Northern Karnataka
Dani Rigvedi Vasishtha Khandoba Of Jejuri & Bhavani Of Tuljapur Mahur District Nanded
Dani Rigvedi Vishwamitra Bhavani Of Tuljapur Darwha, District Yavatmal
Dane Rigvedi Vasishtha Khandoba Of Jejuri & Bhavani Of Tuljapur
Danke Rigvedi Bharadwaj Tirupati Balaji
Darbhe Rigvedi Bharadwaj Unknown
Darvekar Yajurvedi Unknown Unknown
Dashputre Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik)Kolhapur Mahalaxmi, Laxi Narsinha, Mayni ( khatav ) Gosavyachi wadi ( aundh ) satara
Dashputre-Suratkar krishna Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Renuka of Mahur & Khandoba& Laxmi Narasimha Puntamba, District AhmadnagarMaharashtra
Dastane Yajurvedi Udhalaka Renuka of Mahur & KhandobaJejuriPune Bhusaval
Davalbhakta Yajurvedi Gautam Ambabai (Mahalaxmi), Jotiba(Kolhapur) Kolhapur(Ajara-Kolindre)
Dawalbhakta Yajurvedi Gautam Renuka, Balaji(Tirupati) Pune(Talegaon Dhamdhere)
Dayal Rigvedi Bharadwaj Saptashrungi Devi (Vani), Narhari/Narsimha Tuljapur ( Dist:- Osmanabad )
Degalurakar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dehadrai Rigvedi Kashyap (Mahadev) of Tryambakeshwar or ??  ??
Dengale Rigvedi Kashyap (Bhavani) of TuljapurRenuka of Mahur & Khandoba Nashik
Deo Yajurvedi Shounak Shri Mohiniraj, Newasa. Ahmednagar Nashik
Deo Yajurvedi Krishnatreya Lakshmi Narsinha. Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
Deo Rigvedi Kaundinya Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Nagpur
Deo Rigvedi Vasishtha Narsihna Unknown
Deo Rigvedi Kaushik Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Deodhar Yajurvedi Pautam Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded Saikheda, District NasikMaharashtra
Deochake Yajurvedi Shandilya Renuka of Mahur, or Khandoba Maharaj of Jejuri Unknown
Deolalikar Rigvedi Kaundinya Balaji Deolali, District NasikMaharashtra
Deorukhkar/Devrukhkar (erstwhile Tiĺak) Rigvedi Jamadagni Bhavani of Tulajapur or Shri Bhairi Bhavani of Ratnagiri Deorukh / Devrukh of Ratnagiri
Deosthali Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Deshmukh Rigvedi Jamadagni Renuka Mata of Mahur, Maharashtra Betawad, Dhule, Maharashtra. Now in Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Deshpande Yajurvedi Vasishtha Mahalakshmi of KolhapurKhandoba of Watambar Nazare (Near Sangola, Dist. Solapur) Maharashtra
Deshpande Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba of Pali
Deshpande Yajurvedi Vatsa Renuka of ChandwadKhandoba of Jejuri, Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Deshpande Rigvedi Vishwamitra orBharadwaj Venkateshwara of Tirupati VijayanagaraKarnataka
Deshpande Rigvedi Kashyap Banashankari of Badami VijayanagaraKarnataka
Deshpande Rigvedi Kashyap Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri, Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Deshpande Rigvedi Kaamkayan Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra YawalDist – Jalgao
Deshpande Rigvedi Atri Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Deshpande Rigvedi Vasishtha Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Deshpande Rigvedi Shainyagargya Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Deshpande Rigvedi Bhargava mahadev of Kondeshwar
Deshpande Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Saptashrungi Devi of Nasik Chopda (Jalgaon)
Deshpande Rigvedi Vishnuvruddha Tuljapur Bhavani
Deshpande-Papalkar Rigvedi Haritasya Bhavani of TuljapurShree Lakshmi Vyankatesh TirupatiWashim Papal(Amravati), YavatmalDarvha(Yavatmal),Nagpur
Deshpande Rigvedi Kapi Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Chikhali (Buldana)
Devdare Yajurvedi Kashyap Jejuri Khandoba Pune
Dhanwantari Rigvedi Kashyap Bhavani of TuljapurBalaji of Tirupati
Dhavse Yajurvedi Shandilya Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Nashirabad, District JalgaonMaharashtra
Dharane Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Bhavani of Tuljapur
Dharmadhikari Rigvedi Koundinya Renuka of Mahur PandhurnaChhindwara DistrictMadhya Pradesh
Dharmadhikari Rigvedi jamadagni Mahalakshmi (Ambabai) of Kolhapur KolhapurMaharashtra
Dharmadhikari Rigvedi jamadagni Tulja Bhavani (Tuljapur) PaithanMaharashtra
Dharwadkar Rigvedi Haritasya Balaji of Tirupati, Yellamma of Soundatti Dharwad, Karnataka.
Dhavalikar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Banashankari devi of BadamiKarnataka, LaxmiNarasinha Dhavali, Near Karad, Satara District
Dhavalikar Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Dhavali, Near Sawantwadi, Ratnagiri Dist
Dhawlikar Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dhaygude Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur Satara
Dhekne Rigvedi Atri Shree Yamaai Devi of Aundh, District Satara / Shree Khandobaa of Jejuri, District Pune Pune
Dhepe Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Jevur (Dist. Ahmadnagar) Sonai Ahmadnagar Dist.
Dhobley Rigvedi Vashishta Tuljapur Bhawani Ramtek Nagpur
Dhodapkar Unknown Jamadagni Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Unknown
Dhole Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dhotre Yajurvedi Unknown unknown Unknown
Dhongde Yajurvedi Atri, Chandratre Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Khandoba of Jejuri Ahmadnagar, Pune
Dhondse Rigvedi Kanva Tulja Bhavani Unknown
Dhulekar Rigvedi ShriVatsa Unknown
Digde Yajurvedi Kaundinya Tuljapur Bhavani
Dingre Rigvedi Vasishtha Sri Narsimha Swamy of Narsingpur, Maharashtra
Diwakar (Sabnis) Yejurvedi Gautama Maharishi TuljabhavaniTuljapur & Khandoba of PAL Koregaon,Chimangaon, Satara
Diwanji Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Mahalakshmi Temple (Amba-bai) of Kolhapur, Gokul Basveshwar Unknown
Dixit (दीक्षित) Yajurvedi Krushnatreya Unknown Unknown
Dixit (दीक्षित) Yajurvedi Vatsa Matambadevi of Trimbakeshwar Unknown
Dixit (दीक्षित) Rigvedi Kashyapa Bhavani of Tuljapur and Jyotiba of Kolhapur Battis Shirala
Dole Rigvedi Bhargava Mahalakshmi Temple (Amba-bai) of Kolhapur and Jyotiba ofKolhapur Unknown
Dorwat Yajurvedi Kashyap Narsimh from Nira Narsingpur and Tulajabhavani from Tuljapur Satara and Pune
Dubey Yajurvedi Parashar Khandoba of Jejuri Akola
Dudhmande Rigvedi Haritasya Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Unknown
Dushe Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Shri Khandoba Of JejuriRenuka of MahurMaharashtra Kharda]]/ ASHTIBEED / OSMANABAD
Edki Rigvedi unknown unknown unknown
Ekbote Rigvedi Vasishtha Balaji Unknown
Ekhande Rigvedi Bharadwaj Jagadamba of Tahakari, Khandoba of Jejuri Tuljaur
Erande Rigvedi Atri Bhavani Of Tuljapur
Gaat Yajurvedi Chandratreya or Chandratre Ashwattha Narayan Of Nimgaon Nimgaon, Yewle, Shreerampur Ahmednagardistrict
Gabale Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur
Gadakari Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gade – Earstwhile Dev Yajurvedi Atri Sptashrungiof Vani,Nashik&Balaji,Dist Amravti. Wardha, Nagpur, Vidarbha and Amravti (Varhad)
Gade Yajurvedi Vatsa BalajiRenuka of Mahur Nagpur, Vidarbha (vedshi)
Gadikar Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Galgale Rigvedi Bharadwaj Balaji
Galgali Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gandhe Rigvedi Bharadwaj Morgaon Ganpati Mayureshwar, Yamai Devi Rashin, District Ahamadnagar, Jejuri Cha Khandoba
Ganorkar Yajurvedi Kaundinya Mahalakshmi Ganoja Devi, Bhatkuli, (Amravati)
Gangathade Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Gangapur
Gaopande Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Akola Maharashtra
Garkhedkar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Jejuri Cha Khandoba A.P. Garkheda Tal. Jamner, Dist. Jalgaon
Garud Yajurvedi Kaundinya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Garware Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Balaji of Tirupati
Gavai Rigvedi Kutsa Raja Rajeshwara of Vemulawada Harda (M.P.)
Gaydhani Yajurvedi Sankrut Khandoba and Mahishasur at Newasa
Ghatpande Rigvedi Atri Unknown
Ghayal Rigvedi Bharadwaj Khandoba of Jejuri, Bhavanimata of Tuljapur, Bahiroba(Bhairavnath) of Sonari
Gawfale Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Sri Balaji of VashimMaharashtra
Ghan Yajurvedi Unknown Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded
Ghirnikar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati
Ghirnikar Yajurvedi Angirasa Renuka of Mahur near Nanded Malkapur, Buldhana
Gholap Yajurvedi Kaundinya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded otur
Ghodke Yajurvedi Shandilya Khandoba of JejuriMahalakshmi of Kolhapur
Ghotkar Rigvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded
Ghugari Rigvedi Kashyap Vani near Nasik Akole near Sangamner, Ahmednagar Dist.
Ghungarde Yajurvedi Gargya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded Kharola, Taluka Renapur, Dist Latur
Ghushe Yajurvedi Kaundinya Hinganghat, Dist Wardha
Girgaonkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded
Giridhar Rigvedi Bhargava Bhavanidevi of Tuljapur, kandali-paratwada, AmravatiMaharashtra
Godse Yajurvedi Vatsa Balaji of Tirupati Unknown
Gohad Rigvedi Atri Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Gore Atharvavedi Atri chinchalner district Satara
Gorhe Rigvedi,Yajurvedi Renuka Vadner Bhairav, District Nashik
Gorwadkar Yajurvedi Kaushik Renuka of Mahur Ranjangaon, Tal Chalisgaon, Dist. Jalgaon
Gosavi Rigvedi Vasistha Shree Yamai Mata Of Aundh & Khandoba of Pal Satara
Goswami Rigvedi Galav Shri Dattatreya Panchikaran at Ambajogai (Beed district), Maharastra
Gramjoshi Yajurvedi Bhargava Shri Saptashrungi Niwasini of Vani (Nashik) Nagpur since 12TH century
Gumaste Rigvedi Vasishtha Shree Malhari-Mhalsakant of Mangasoli, nr. Miraj, Ekvira ofKolhapur
Gumaste Shukla Yajurvedi Madhyandini Kashayap Shree Siddhanath of Kharsundi, Dist-Sangli, Tuljabhavani ofTuljapur
Gudi Yajurvedi Vasishtha Shree Balaji of Tirupati, Mahalakshmi Temple (Ambabai) of Kolhapur
Gudi Yajurvedi Bhargava Narsimha of Neera Narasimpur
Gunthe Rigvedi Vatsa Aai Bhavani of Tuljapur, Dist. OsmanabadKhandoba of Jejuri Probably Sutala (near Khamgaon), District: Buldhana, otherwise unknown
Hamine Rigvedi Kashyapa Manur Devi of Near Mazalgaon, District Beed. Maharashtra
Hasabnis Rigvedi Koundinya Balaji of Tirupati, Mahalakshmi Temple (Ambabai) of Kolhapur Battis Shirala, Sangli
Hatekar-Joshi Yajurvedi Gargeya Renuka of Mahur Nagpur, Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Manmad
Hatvalne Rigvedi Shandilya Jejuri khandoba
Hedgewar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hinge Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Mohiniraj near Newasa Unknown
Hingane Rigvedi Atri Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur Haveli near Pune
Hirwe Rigvedi Unknown Unknown
Hoshing Rigvedi VatsaJamdagni Renuka of Mahur (Shree Narsimha, Saptashrungi Devi, Vani near Nashik.)] NashikNagar
Hulsurkar Yajurvedi Vashishtha Renuka of Mahur kalamb
Ingale Unknown Gargya NIRA NARSHIMAPUR INDAPUR Unknown
Indurkar Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Mahalakshmi Temple Unknown
Itkikar Rigvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur Itki Village near Daryapur, Dist-Amravati
Itraj Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Bhavani Mata of Tuljapur Faltan, Satara
Jatkar Unknown Vishwamitra Shree Bhavani Mata of Tuljapur Unknown
Jere Rigvedi Bharadwaj Unknown Unknown
Jamkhedkar Rigvedi Bhargava Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur, Ganpati, Khandoba of Jejuri Jamkhed, district of Ahmednagar
Janpandit Rigvedi Shandilya Tulja bhavani Mata tuljapur Tuljapur, Tal: Solapur, Dist: Solaput
Janorkar Yajurvedi Kaushik, Vatsa Renuka of Mahur Janori, Tal: Dandori, Dist: Nashik
Jape Yajurvedi Vatsya Balaji of Tirupati Bhokhardhan, Aurangabad
Jape Rigvedi Atri Laxminarsinha Temple of nira narasinhapur Nira Narasinhapur, District Pune
Javalgekar Rigvedi Vasishtha Devi Tulja BhavaniTuljapurMaharashtra Javalgi, District SolapurMaharashtra.
Javle Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Ekveera Devi of Lonavala Javli, District SataraMahabaleshwar,Maharashtra
Jeurkar Rigvedi unknown unknown unknown
Jinasiwale Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jirankalgikar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Vari/Balaji of Tirumala, Mata Bhavani of Tuljapur Jirankalgi,Taluq Indi, Dist. Bijapur, Karnataka / Umadi/Sonalagi, Taluq -Jat, Dist.Sangali, Maharashtra
Joshi Yajurvedi Kashyap Saptashrungi Devi of Vani, Nashik Samsherpur,Akole,Sinnar
Joshi Rigvedi Atri
Joshi Yajurvedi Vatsa shriMohiniraj of Newasa Unknown
Joshi Yajurvedi Bhargava ShriMohiniraj of Newasa
Joshi Yajurvedi vashishtha shriBhavani of Tuljapur Jotiba of Kolhapur
Joshi Rigvedi Kashyapa VindhyavasiniUttarPradesh (Near Varanasi)
Joshi Unknown Dharnas Renuka Bhusaval
Joshi Yajurvedi Krishnatreya Khandoba pal Satara district Shree Yamai Devi of Aundh
Joshi Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Patna devi Chalisgaon, Jalegaon and Khandoba Jejuri, Pune
Joshi Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Shri Ekaveera Devi of Lonavala Vasai, Maharashtra
Joshi Yajurvedi Bhargava Shree Manudevi Satpuda, Dist.Chopda Jalgaon Tekwade, Shirpur Dist.Dhule
Joshi Rigvedi Kashyapa Yogeshwari devi of Ambejogai, Shree Manudevi Satpuda, dist.Chopda Jalgaon Dondaiche dist.Dhule
Joshi Rigvedi Aatri Unknown Unknown
Joshi Rigvedi Jamadagni Renuka] of Mahur, District Nanded
Joshi Rigvedi Bharadwaj shriBhavani of Tuljapur, Khandoba Jejuri, Pune
Joshi Rigvedi Vishwamitra Shree Yamai Devi – AundhSatara and Shri Jyotiba – Kolhapur Yelavi, Dist. Sangli
Jugade Rigvedi Vishwamitra Rama(श्री राम) maharashtra
Junnarkar Yajurvedi Vatsa Venkateswara of Tirupati
Joshi Yajurvedi Angiras jagdamba devi (Wankhed) Wankhed dist –Buldana (maharashtra)
Jugoolkar Rigvedi Shandilya Laxmi-Narsihma of NeeraNarsihnapur
Kalamkar Rigvedi Atri Shree Mahalakshmi of KolhapurMaharashtra Khandoba of JejuriMaharashtra Kalamb ofPune,Maharashtra
Kadegaonkar Rigvedi Vasistha Bansahankari of BadamiKarnataka
Kale Yajurvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur,Shree |Khandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Kale Rigvedi Parashara Balaji, Mahalaxmi of (Kolhapur) Unknown
Kale Rigvedi Parashara Saptashrungi Devi of Vani (Nashik) of Maharashtra Unknown
Kalvit (Kalwit) Rigvedi Atri Saptashrungi Devi of Vani (Nashik) of Maharashtra Paithan, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Kalwint Rigvedi gargya Panchling, Kedgao devi
Kalele Yajurvedi Maunas/Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded Maharashtra Pravara-Sangam, Padhegaon, Shrirampur
Kakade Rigvedi Atri Nrisimha of Neera Narsimhapur Neera Narsimhapur, Dist. Pune
Kamble Rigvedi Vasishtha Khandoba of Korthan Sangamner
Kamtikar (erstwhile Mandke) Rigvedi Atri Balaji, Ambabai of Tirupati AP & Tuljapur Solapur MH Kamti, Mohol Taluq, Solapur district
Kanade Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Shri Bhavani of Tuljapur, Maharashtra
Kanago Rigvedi Vasishtha Dattatreya of Narsobawadi, SaundattiYellamma devi of Saundatti
Kand Yajurvedi Jatukarna Balkrishna & Kandai Devi of Otur district Ahmadnagar
Kandharkar Rigvedi Haritasya Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati
Kandlikar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati
Kanhegaonkar Rigvedi Vasishtha Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati
Kanthe Yajurvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Kapre Rigvedi Vasishtha Sri Wagheshwari of Satara
Kapde Yajurvedi Shandilya Sri Saptashrungi, Vanii of (Unknown)
Karalgikar Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Karanjikar Rigvedi Jamadagnivatsa Sri Amba of Saptashrungi OR Saptashrungi Nivasini and Khandobaof Jejuri Karanji – Nashik district
Karhade Unknown Vasishtha Unknown
Karpate Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Karmalkar Rigvedi Gautam Ambabai / Mahalaxmi Kolhapur Unknown
Karyakarte Rigvedi Atri BalajiTirupatiAndhra Pradesh Kurdu, Solapur
Kasarekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Saptashrungi of Vani Nashik, Shri Satguru kasarekar maharaj panchavati nashik Nashik
Kashikar Yajurvedi Kaushika Harihareshwara of Harihar Unknown
Kasture Yajurvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur Bhingar of Ahmednagar
Kaujalgikar Unknown Vashishtha Khandoba of Jejuri
Kavle Rigvedi Bharadwaj Yamai of Rashin, Khandoba of Jejuri Nashik
Kavathekar Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Bhavanimata of Tuljapur Unknown
Kavimandan Rigvedi Kaundinya Bhavanimata of Tuljapur Unknown
Kavishwar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Renuka of Mahur, district Nanded Unknown
Kaviskar Unknown Unknown Kedarnath dev of Khed, district Ratnagiri Unknown
Kenge Yajurvedi Kaushik Renuka, Dist Nashik, Khanderao Jejuri Pune
Kerhalkar Rigvedi Kashyap Renuka Jalgaon Jamod (Now in Akola)
Keskar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Shree Yamai Devi of Aundh, Shree Siddhanath of Mhaswad,Satara
Khajandar Rigvedi Mandavya Renuka of Mahur Rakshasbhuvan, Beed. Maharashtra
Khaladkar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Jejuri Khandoba & Tuljapur Bhavani 13.5 Villages Near Saswad, Pune
Khankhoje Rigvedi vashistha Renuka of Mahur
Khair Unknown Unknown Shree Siddhanath of Mhaswad, Satara Unknown
Khot Rigvedi Kashyap Tuljapur Bhavani, Ram Unknown
Khati Yajurvedi Vatsa Balaji, Tirupati Varora
Khapre Rigvedi VishnuVridhha Balaji, Tirupati Wardha
Khedkar Rigvedi Shandilya Sri Narasimha Swamy Unknown
Khedkar Rigvedi Shandilya Shri Narasimha; Shri Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur Khed (Rajgurunagar), District Pune
Khiste Yajurvedi Rohinya Renuka of Chandwad, Vyankatesh Balaji of Tirupati Chandwad, Dist Nasik
Kemkar Rigvedi Vasishtha Renuka of Mahur, Narsimha Kem near Kolhapur
Khinikar Rigvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Khire Rigvedi Vashishtha Shri Malhari Martand (Khandoba), Revdi, Satara Revdi, Satara
Khodade Rigvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Khole Rigvedi Atri Khandoba of Jejuri / Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur
Khond Yajurvedi Kashyapa Balaji of Tirupati
Kholkute Rigvedi Vasishtha Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded
Khoche Yajurvedi Parashar Balaji of TirupatiRenuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Khisti Yajurvedi Kaundinya & Kashyapa Balaji of TirupatiBhavani of Tuljapur
Kinhikar Rigvedi Shandilya Renuka of Mahur, Dist. Nanded
Kinhekar Rigvedi Kashyapa Shri Ram of Ayodhya
Kittur Rigvedi Vasishtha Renuka of Saundatti, Dist. Belgaum
Kittur Yajurvedi Jamadagni Tirupati Venkateshwara, and Chandralamba, of Sannati, Dist.Gulbarga
Kolarkar Rigvedi Vasishtha Bhavani of Tuljapur
Koleshwar Yajurvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur
Kolhekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Ekvira Devi of Amravati
Kolwadkar Rigvedi Vasishtha Tuljapurchi Bhavani Tirupati Balaji Khamgaon, Buldhana
Koranne Rigvedi Harith/Vasishtha Mahalaxmi /Ambabai Kolhapur/Shree Malhari MhalsakantKhandoba
Koralkar Yajurvedi upamanyu Khandobaraya, Jejuri/ Tulja Bhavani, Tuljapur / MahalaxmiKolhapur
Kotasthane Yajurvedi Gautam Khandobaraya, Jejuri/ Tulja Bhavani, Tuljapur Vamburi, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Kothalkar Yajurvedi Vatsa Shri Mohaniraj Maharaj / Nevase, near Ahmednagar
Kshemakalyani Yajurvedi Bhargava Unknown Nashik
Ksheersagar Rigvedi Vasishtha Shree Narsimha/Narasimha Laxmi, Neera Narsinghpur, districtPune
Ksheersagar Unknown Vasishtha Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Ksheersagar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur, BalajiTirupatiAndhra Pradesh Varvad, Mohol, SolapurMaharashtra
Kuber Rigvedi Vashistha ShakmbhariBalajiTirupatiAndhra Pradesh
Kudrimoti Yajurvedi Bharadwaj VenkateshwaraBalajiTirupatiAndhra Pradesh
Kulkarni Rigvedi Vishwamitra Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra
Kulkarni Rigvedi Vashishtha Bhavanidevi of Tuljapur Presently Madamageri, Shivapur, Yarazarvi, Bailahongal (Dt: BelgaumKarnataka state)
Kulkarni Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur (Mahur Ambabai), District Nanded. Maharashtra Presently Harugeri (Dt: BelgaumKarnatakastate)
Kulkarni Rigvedi Agasthi Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba (Malhari Martand) of Jejuri Ashti, BidMaharashtra
Kalkar Rigvedi Mudgal Bhavanidevi of TuljapurKhandoba(Malhari Martand) of Jejuri deulghat, BuldhanaMaharashtra
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Kaushik Yamaidevi of AundhKhandoba(Malhari Martand) of Jejuri Tasgaon, SangliMaharashtra
Kulkarni Rigvedi Vasishta Lakshmi OF Havalgi and Tirupati Venkateshwara Kakkameli, Sindagi, VijapurKarnataka
Kulkarni Rigvedi Kashyap Ekveera of MurhaAmravati District in Maharashtra ChausalaAmravatiMaharashtra
Kulkarni Rigvedi Kashyap Renuka of ChandwadNashik District and Khandoba of Jejuri Pune district in Maharashtra NashikMaharashtra
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Ekveera
Kulkarni Rigvedi Haritasya SaundattiYellamma devi of SaundattiVenkateshwara of Tirupati BelgaumShahpur
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka, Dist. Nashik, Khaderao Jejuri Pune
Kulkarni Rigvedi Vasishta Shakhambari of Karnataka
Kulkarni Rigvedi Bharadwaj Laxmi-Narasimha of Islampur, Bhavani Devi of Tuljapur
Kulkarni Rigvedi Mudgal Bhavani Mata of TuljapurKhandoba of Anadur Near Naldurg Tuljapur, Osmanabad
Kulkarni Rigvedi Shandilya Bhavani Mata of TuljapurTrimbakeshwar of Nasik (10thJyotirlingam]) Talegaon Dhamdhere, Pune
Kulkarni Rigvedi Vishwamitra Dongarai of Kadegaon Birhadsiddha of Kavathe akand
Kulkarni Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shakambari devi of Badami Venkatesh Tirumala
Kulkarni Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani Devi of Tuljapur Unknown
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Kashyap Yogeshwari Devi of Ambejogai
Kulkarni Rigvedi Atri Durga/Amba/Harinai of Bhushangad
Kulkarni Rigvedi Atri / Atreya Tuljabai Bhavani / Khandoba of Mailar Goburwadi (KA) / Bidar (KA)
Kulkarni Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Shakambhari Devi of Badami [Unknown]
Kulkarni Rigvedi Kashyap Yamai of Aundh
Kulkarni Rigvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Kulkarni Rigvedi Jamadagni Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Vasishta Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Hartala, district Jalgaon
Kulkarni Rigvedi Mudgalya Renuka (Yellamma) of Saudatti, Karnataka
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Gargya Bhavani of Tuljapur
Kulkarni Rigvedi Unknown Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik)
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi TuljapurBhavani & Khandoba Unknown
Kulkarni Rigvedi Bharadwaj Tuljapur Bhavani & Khandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Kulkarni Yajurvedi Mandavya Renuka of Chandwad, District NashikMaharashtra Manegaon, Dist. AurangabadMaharashtra
Kumbhojkar Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kurhekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Unknown Unknown
Labhe Unknown Bharadwaj Lakhmai Devi Distt Yavatmal Nagpur Maharashtra
Lahade Unknown Gautam Unknown Ahmednagar
Laddu Unknown Vasishta Renuka Paithan
Lahankar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Narasimha, District Parbhani Unknown
Lakras Rigvedi Kashyap Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Lale (लाळे) Yajurvedi Vatsa Unknown Unknown
Lasane Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur AND Yemai of Rakhel,Khandoba of Anadur
Laturkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Venkateshwara Swamy/Balaji of TirupatiJejuri Khandoba &Bhavani of Tuljapur Latur
Laulkar Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Mahalaxmi and Jyotiba of Kolhapur Laul, PandharpurSangola, of Solapur District ofMaharashtra
Likhite Unknown Unknown Unknown unknown
Lokapur Rigvedi unknown unknown Unknown
Lomate Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur, kHANDOBA OF Jejuri unknown
Lotangane Yajurvedi Parashar Laxmi-Venkatesh of Tirupati, Tirumala and Kolhapur unknown
Luley unknown kaushik Renuka of Mahur Unknown
Mandavgane Rugvedi Kashyap Lakshmi Venkatesh, Tuljapur Devi Nashik
Madane Yajurvedi Shandilya Jogeshwari of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Khandoba OF Jejuri unknown
Mahashabde Rigvedi Shandilya Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Unknown
Mahulikar Yajurvedi Shandilya Narsimha Unknown
Mairal Rigvedi Kaundanya Bhavani of Tuljapur, Maharashtra Mulatai in Betul district in M.P., Balaghat in MP, Nagpur, Bhandara, Akola
Mallikar Rigvedi Kashyap Chandralaparmeshwari Sannati Malli Dharwad
Malode Yajurvedi Kashyap Bhavani of Tuljapur, Shri Vitthal Pandharpur Unknown
Manbhekar Rigvedi Kaundanya Mahalakshmi of Ganoja (Amravati) Unknown
Mande Yajurvedi Kashyap Mahurchi devi, Narasimha Savkhed, Dist Aurangabad, Tk Gangapur
Mandke Rigvedi Atri Tulja Bhavani, Lakshmi-Narsinha Unknown
Mandlik Yajurvedi Shrivatsa Renuka of Ranisavargoan Unknown
Mandviker Yajurvedi Lohit Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Unknown
Mashalkar Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Mate Rigvedi Koundinya Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Matekar Rigvedi Gargeya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Maybhate Rigvedi Atri Narsimha Temple(Narsimha) of Neera – Narsimhapur Unknown
Mayee Rigvedi Bhargava Mahadev of Trimbakeshwar Unknown
Medhi Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Shri Ganesh Talegaon Dabhade
Melgiri Rigvedi Kashyapa Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati Melgiri (old Satara district)
Menjoge Rigvedi kaushik Tuljapur Bhavani & Khandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Meru Yajurvedi Gargya Jyotiba of Kolhapur Latur‘, Maharashtra
Mhalagi Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mhalas Yajurvedi Unknown Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Unknown
Mirajgaonkar Rigvedi Atri Shri Maruti Chalkapur, Dist. Bidar.
Mitragotri Rigvedi Mitrayu Narsinha Unknown
Modgi Yajurvedi Unknown Wakadmani of Chau
Moghe Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mogre Yajurvedi Vashisth Mahalakshmi Temple (Amba-bai) of Kolhapur Palghar
Moharikar Rigvedi Kaushik Narsimha of Nira-Narsinhpur Near (Pune)
Moharir Rigvedi Jamadagni Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik)
Moholkar Rigvedi Putimashtandi Bhavani of TuljapurVenkateswara of Tirupati
Mokashi Yajurvedi Dharanya Saptashrungi mata of Vani (Nashik)
Mokashi Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of TuljapurVenkateswara of Tirupati
Mone (मोने) Yajurvedi Kashyapa Unknown
Morankar Yajurvedi Kashyapa Mahalaxmi Kolhapur
Moro Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Shree Chamundeshwari of Mysore BangaloreMysorePune
Motlag Rigvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Bhumrala
Mushrif Rigvedi Shandilya Bhavani of Tuljapur, Khanderao Jejuri Pune Unknown
Musalgaonkar (Vaidya) Yajurvedi Kaundinya Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur Musalgaon (District Nashik)
Murhekar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Shri Ekvira Devi Of Murha(Bk), Taluka: Anjangaon, District:Amravati
Mujumdar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Saptashrungi mata of Vani (Nashik), Khandoba of Jejuri
Mujumdar Rigvedi Vasishtha Ekvira devi Miraj
Mujumdar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhawani of Tuljapur(Tuljapur), Khandoba of Jejuri
Mungale Yajurvedi Kutsa Bhawani of Tuljapur(Tuljapur), Khandoba of Jejuri
Mungee Yajurvedi Parashar Renuka of Salwan Shrigonda
Murar Yajurvedi Lohitaksha Khandoba near BidarKarnataka
Nasery Rigvedi Parashara Bhawani of Tuljapur Chindwara
Nargund Rigvedi Kashyapa Bhawani of Tuljapur(Tuljapur), LaxmiNarsimha
Nadgir Yajurvedi Kashyapa Narsimha
Nadgir Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Mahamaya Devi Kuknoor Karnatka
Nadpurohit Rigvedi Kashyap Laxmi Narasimha, Shurpali, Karnataka TerdalKarnataka
Nanajkar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Mahalaxmi Ambabai of Kolhapur Nanaj of Maharashtra
Nanilam Rigvedi Haritasya Shree Venkateswara Swamy of Tirupati Nanilam, Tamil Nadu
Nandedkar Rigvedi Vasishtha Ambabai of Icchapur Madhya Pradesh, Balaji of Tirupati
Nandedkar Rigvedi Jamadagni Vatsa Balaji of Tirupati & Malhari Martanda of Jejuri Originally from South, But known records from Nanded in Jalgaon District-Khandesh
Nanoti Yajurvedi Parashar Bhavani of Tuljapur Near SolapurMaharashtra Vidharbh(Akola)
Navalgund Rigvedi Unknown Lord Balaji of Tirupati Navalgund, Karnataka
Nazarbagwale Rigvedi Jamadagni Vatsta Nagpur & Tulja Bhavani of Tuljapur
Nerlekar Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Shri Chandrala Parmesheshwari of Sanathi Near Gulbarga,Karnataka
Nimbargi Yajurvedi Shrivatsa Tuljapur Bhavani Near SolapurMaharashtra DevarNimbargi – Holy place of Rambhau Ranade Maharaj’s teacher – Nimbargi Maharaj
Nimbhorkar Rigvedi Kaundinya Khandoba (Jejuri), Girija Mata (Mhaismal, Aurangabad) Nimbhora, Debhegaon Near Verul(Famous for Ellora caves), Aurangabad
Nirkhe Yejurvedi Katyani Bhavani of Tuljapur, Khandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Nisal Unknown Unknown Unknown
Nivargi Rigvedi Vasishtha Tuljapur Bhavani Nivargi of Indi Near SolapurKarnataka
Odhekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, Nanded Maharashtra
Phadnis Rugvedi Jamadagni Lakshmi nrusimha Nashik,Akola
Pachhade (पछाडे) Rigvedi Kashyap Bhavani of Tuljapur, Osmanabad Maharashtra
Padalkar Rigvedi Gargya Narasimha of Nira-Narasimhapur Solapur Maharashtra
Pade Yajurvedi vatsa Renuka of Mahur, Shri Mohiniraj of Nevasa. Pohegaon/Narayangaon
Pade Rigvedi Agasti Jogeshwari Dhotre Tal Kopargaon, Tirupati Balaji. Kopargaon
Pagadi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pagedar Rigvedi Vasishtha Khandoba{Jejuri} Baroda
Pagnis Rigvedi Vasishtha Ambabai of Kolhapur, Lord Balaji of Tirupati IndoreDewasMadhya Pradesh
Paithankar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Paithan
Paithankar Yajurvedi Varun Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Burhanpur
Paithankar-Joshi Rigvedi Vishwamitra Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Paithan
Palkar Rigvedi Vishwamitra Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Turjapur, Maharashtra
Palkhe Yajurvedi Kashyap Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Panat Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Jogeshwari of Sillod Parola, Taluka Amalner, District Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Pande Rigvedi Bharadwaj,Jamadagni,Haritasya Tirupati BalajiRenuka of Mahur, District Akola. Maharashtra,Pingala Devi of Nerpingalali, District Amravati, Maharashtra, Narsinha laxmi Temple at Dharmpuri, Andhrapradesh
Panchakshari Yajurvedi Kashyap Saptashrngi Devi Vani Nashik & Khandobaof Jejuri
Pande Rigvedi Unknown Renuka Devi Mahur, Maharashtra Aurangabad
Panchpor Rigvedi Vishwamitra PadmavatiMahalsakant of Pali Venegaon Dist.SataraMaharashtra
Panse Rigvedi Mudgal Bhavanimata of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri Sonori, Pasarni, Pangaon, Vathar
Pandit Yajurvedi Bhargava Saptashrungi of Vani(Nashik) /Chandika Chamundi of Mysore
Pande Rigvedi Jamadagni Renukamata of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Pandharkar Rigvedi Dhananjay Renukamata of Mahur Deulghat, Dist. Buldhana
Pandharkar Rigvedi Gargya Renukamata of Mahur Dharangaon, Dist. Jalgaon
Pandharkar Yajurvedi Vatsa Ambamata of Malkhed TrimurtinagarNagpur
Pangarkar Rigvedi Haritasya Shree Balaji of Tirupati, Aai Bhavani of Tuljapur
Pangaonkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Tulaja-Bhavani of Tuljapur. Khanderao of Bale, Sholapur
Pant Rigvedi Vashistha Shree Yamai Devi of Aundh
Parasnis Rigvedi Kaushik Bhavani of Tuljapur
Paralkar Unknown Unknown Unknown Lower Parel
Parakhi Rigvedi Bharadwaj venkateshwara of tirupathi
Parandekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Tulaja Bhavani, Tuljapur. Nrusinh, Sangawade
Paravekar Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Parkhe Rigvedi Vasishta Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik)Khandoba – Jejuri, Tulja Bhavani
Parkhi Rigvedi Vasishta Khandoba of JejuriBhavani of Tuljapur
Parlikar Rigvedi Jamadagni Renuka devi of Mahur, Ram Parli- Vaijnath, Beed, Maharashtra
Parnaik Yajurvedi Vatsa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Paropkari Yajurvedi Bhargava Saptashrungi of Vani(Nashik) /Chandika Chamundi of Mysore
Pasarkar Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Shri. Renuka devi of Mahur, District Nanded
Pathak Rigvedi,Yajurvedi Kashyapa Mhalsadevi Of Ahmednagar & Venkateswara Of Tirupati & YamaiDevi of Aundh, District SataraKhandoba Of Jejuri & Kapadnyachi Devi Pachora Interior as well as border districts of Maharashtra (Kadus, Pune) and northern Karnataka
Pathak Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Vyankatesh Miraj, Sangli, Pune
Pathak Yajurvedi Vatsa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Pathak Yajurvedi Krishnatreya Saptashrungi of Vani, District Nanded. Maharashtra Dhule, Jalgaon, Nashik districts
Patodekar Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pattarkine Rigvedi Shandilya Venkateswara of Tirupati
Pattekar Rigvedi Vashishta Pattedevi of Patte
Pattalwar Rigvedi Koundinya
Pattankar Rigvedi Haritasya Khandoba of Jejuri
Pedgaonkar Yajurvedi Kaudanya Khandoba(Malhari-MhalsaKant) Jejuri
Pedgaonkar Rigvedi Vasishtha Tulja Bhavani(Tuljapur) Khandoba(Mailhar)Dist-Bidar. Pedgaon Dist Parbhani, (Maharashtra)
Peshwe Rigvedi Bharadwaj Khandoba of Jejuri
Petare Rigvedi Kaushik Khandoba of Jejuri and Devi Renuka of Mahur Burhanpur
Petkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Venkateswara of Tirupati Ambabai of Kolhapur or Bhavani ofTuljapur
Pimplikar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Pimpli
Pimple Yajurvedi krishnatray Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Pimpalgaonkar[Kulkarni] Rigvedi kashyap Narsinha-Nira narsingpur, Devi-Tuljapur, khandoba-Malegaon. [pimpalgaon-Tonga]-now pashim lohta, tq. Kallam, dist.osmanabad.
Pisipati Bharadwajasa
Pohnerkar Yajurvedi Maunas Bhavani of Tuljapur Pohner on Godavari River in Beed District,Maharashtra
Pol Rigvedi Kashyapa Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Polke Rigvedi Jamdagni Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek Wai Dist.Satara Maharashtra
Pophale Rigvedi Jamadagni Vittal Dalimb village near Dound dist Pune, Bhavani of Tuljapur Dalimb,near Daund dist. Pune
Potdar Rigvedi Kaundinya Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Potdar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Potnis Rigvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded, Maharashtra Unknown
Poundarik Rigvedi Gautama Ekveera Devi, Karla, Lonawala, Maharashtra Gwalior ( MP ) & Vadodara (Gujarat)
Prabhune Rigvedi Gargya Unknown Unknown
Prasade Yajurvedi Kaushik Devi of Kanhersar, district Pune / Khandoba of Dhawdi, District Pune Alandi, District Pune
Pratham Rigvedi Kshalaksha Bhagwati of ChaulAlibag, District Raigad, Maharashtra Unknown
Prayag Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pujar Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Malhari Martanda
Pujari Rigvedi Bharadwaj Ekvira (Ekvira devi) of Kolhapur Unknown
Pund Rigvedi Kashyap Venkateswara of TirupatiBhavani of Tuljapur Tisgaon Near Ahmednagar, Pune
Punde Rigvedi Jamadagni Bhavani of Tuljapur, Shri Sidhivinayak of Sidhhatek, Karjat, DistrictAhmadnagar Rashin, Bhamurde
Punde Rigvedi Vishwamitra Bhavani of Tuljapur
Punith Rigvedi Bhargava,Kashyap Shri Sidhivinayak, Balaji of tirupati Panchgani, District mahabaleshwarMaharashtra
Puntamkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shree Bhavani of Tuljapur Solapur Puntamba, District AhmadnagarMaharashtra
Puntambekar Rigvedi Vasishta Shree Yamai Devi of Aundh, District Satara Puntamba, District AhmadnagarMaharashtra
Puradupadhye Yajurvade Mudgal Mahalaxmi Akola
Purandare Rigvedi Bharadwaj Mahalakshmi (Amba-bai) of KolhapurKhandoba Narayan Peth, Hivre, Saswad
Puranik Yajurvedi Kashyapa Gopal Krushna, Nagpur
Puranik Rigvedi Shrivatsa Chandrala Parmeshwari of Sannati, District Gulbarga Unknown
Purkar Yajurvedi Katyayan Saptashrungi of Vani(Nashik)
Pujadhikari Yajurvedi Kalaram temple, Panchavati Nashik
Purohit/Vadhyayar/Vadhyar Yajurvedi Bhargava Saptashrungi of Vani(Nashik) /Chandika Chamundi of Mysore
Rajadnya Rigvedi Bharadwaj JyotibaEkveera Devi, KolhapurMaharashtra Kolhapur
Rajankar Yajurvedi Kashyap Shri Balaji Of TirupatiRudrayani devi of Rajankhed Akola Washim
Rajurkar Yajurvedi Bandhul Balaji Washim
Railkar Rigvedi Mudgal Yogeshwari of Ambejogai Chowl, near Alibaug
Rajpathak Yajurvedi Katyayan Renuka Devi, Mahur, Nanded, Maharashtra
Rajguru Yajurvedi Unknown Unknown
Rajopadhyay Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rakshe Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Rasal Yajurvedi Gautama Maharishi Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Ratanjankar unknown Bharadwaj Tulja Bhavani of Ratanjan Village, District Barshi, Solapur], Maharashtra
Ratnaparkhi Rigvedi,Yajurvedi Agasti, Gargeya,Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra / SaptashrungiofVani, District Nashik, Maharashtra
Ravetkar Rigvedi Viswamitra Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik)Ravet
Rayrikar Rigvedi Atri Khandoba of JejuriMahalakshmi Temple (Ambabai) of Kolhapur
Rawke Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Nanded. Maharashtra
Rekhi Yajurvedi Vatsa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra
Relkar Yajurvedi Kashyapa Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Rel/Kutasa, Tal Akot, Dist Akola
Renapurkar Rigvedi Kashyap Khandoba(Jejuri) Renapur
Renavikar Rigvedi AtriHaritasya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Renavi, Tal Viya, Dist Sangli
Rishi Yajurvedi Bharadwaj Renuka Mata of Mahur, Maharashtra Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Ron Rigvedi Kashyapa Bhavani of Tuljapur RonKarnataka
Ronghe Yajurvedi Gargeya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Rotkar Rigvedi Shandilya Venkateswara of Tirupati Unknown
Rotwadkar Yajurvedi Kashyapa Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Unknown
Sabde Yajurvedi Parashar Bhavani of Tuljapur Palkhed, Dist Nashik
Sabnis Yajurvedi( Rigvedi) Bharadwaj ( Srivatsa) Yamai of Aundh ( TuljaBhavani) Unknown ( Nilanga dist Osmanabad)
Sadalgekar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Kedarling (Jotiba) Kolhapur, Ekvira in Kolhapur Kamshet, district Pune
Sagade Rigvedi Vasishtha Yamai of Rashin, Renuka of Mahurgad Rashin in ahmadnagar
Salkade Rigvedi Lohit Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri Vinchur (District Nashik), Wai (Satara district)
Samag Rigvedi Haritasya Mahalakshmi
Samak Rigvedi Atri Balaji TirupatiAndhra Pradesh
Sambre Rigvedi Bharadwaj Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Unknown
Sambhus Rigvedi Paingas Saptashrungi of Vani (Nashik) Unknown
Samudra Yajurvedi Vatsa Renuka of Mahur, MaharashtraKhandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Sangwai Rigvedi Koundinya Balaji of Tirupati Akola, Nagpur, Amaravati
Sant Rigvedi KashyapaorMudgal Saptashrungi of Nanduri Nashik, Khandoba, Renuka devi- Mahur Nashik
Sakalgaonkar Rigvedi unknown Tulja Bhavani Sakalgaon in Marathwada and CentralMaharashtra
Saraph Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka of Mahur, Maharashtra Manvat in Marathwada and Central Maharashtra
Sarnobat Rigvedi Kaundinya Bhavani of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri Jamkhandi
Sarpatwari Rigvedi Jamadagni Renuka Devi of Mahur, Maharashtra
Saswadkar Unknown Unknown Banashankari of Badami, Karnataka Saswad, District PuneMaharashtra
Sastikar Unknown Bharadwaj Shri Ram Unknown
Satalkar Yajurvedi Bharadwaj LakshmiNrusinh Satral Pathre, Rahuri, Sangamner, Ahmednagar
Satbhai Rigvedi Kapil Unknown Unknown
Sevekari Rigvedi Kashyap saptashringi of Vani,NashikMaharashtra Aurangabad
Shaligram Rigvedi Haritasya Khandoba of Jejuri Unknown
Shamji Rigvedi Bharadwaj Tirupati Sreenivasa Unknown
Shende Rigvedi Koushik Banashankari of BadamiKarnatakaRenukamata of Kolhapur,Maharashtra Unknown
Shiralkar Rigvedi Harita Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur Battis-Shirale, Maharashtra
Shirsikar Yajurvedi Maunas TirupatiTamilnadu Kasar Sirsi, Maharashtra
Shrivatsa Rigvedi Bhrigu Khandoba Malhari Mhalasakant of Jejuri MaharashtraRenuka ofMahur Savda, district Jalgaon
Shukla Rigvedi Vishwamitra Khandoba of Pali, Banashankari of Badami Unknown
Shukla Rigvedi Haritasya Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur & ShreeRam Trimbakeshwar Dist.Nashik
Shukla Yajurvedi Atri RamaSaptashrungidevi of Vani (Nashik) Unknown
Shukla Yajurvedi Shandilya Renukadeviof Mahur, Nanded District Maharashtra Akola
Shrotri Yajurvedi Prachinas Bhavani mata of TuljapurShankar[disambiguation needed] ofYavateshwar Varne near SataraMaharashtra
Sukalikar Rigvedi Vashishtha Renuka Mata of Mahur, Maharashtra SukliNagpur
Supnekar Rigvedi Gargya Yamai Devi of Aundh, SataraKhandoba of Pal, India Tarale, Satara
Sutone Rigvedi Parashar Renuka Devi of Mahur, MaharashtraBalaji of Tirupati Nagpur
Tabib Yajurvedi Shandilya Khandoba of Jejuri, Goddess of Mardi HubliPune
Tadphale Rigvedi Bharadwaj Yamai Aundh PargaonPratapgadSataraMaharashtra
Tadwalkar Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhawani of Tuljapur Unknown
Tagat Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tagare Rigvedi Vardhshwa Banashankari Devi of Badami Tagar Village near Osmanabad
Tak Rigvedi Kashyap Renukamata of Mahur, Maharashtra Vidharbha, Nagpur
Tapaswi Rigvedi Kashyapa Shree Mohiniraj Nevasa Ghodegaon
Tayade, Tayde Yajurvedi Kashyapa Mahalakshmi Temple (Ambabai) of KolhapurAmbabai of Ganoja Nagpur, yeotmal, khamgaon, miraj, ghatanji, Umari(kapeshwar)
Tekale Yajurvedi Bhargava RenukaMata of Mahur, Maharashtra Unknown
Turki Unknown Unknown Unknown
Udgir Rigvedi Gautama Maharishi Bhavani of TuljapurBalaji of Tirupati
Umarani/Umrani/Umaranikar Rigvedi Vashishtha Ekvira of MahurgadNarshinh of Sangawade, Sagali Walava,Sangli
Upadhye Rigvedi Yogeshwari of Ambejogai Maharashtra
Upadhye Rigvedi Vishwamitra Mahalaxmi of kolhapur Maharashtra
Upadhye Rigvedi Bharadwaj Mahalaxmi of kolhapurKhandoba of Jejuri Maharashtra
Upadhye Rigvedi Bharadwaj Tuljabhawani of TuljapurKhandoba of Jejuri Maharashtra
Upasani Yajurvedi Saindhavayan Mahalakshmi Temple (Amba-bai) of KolhapurKhandoba of Jejuri
Utpat Rigvedi Vasishtha Bhavani of Tuljapur Unknown
Vadhyayar/Vadhyar Yajurvedi Bhargava Saptashrungi of Vani(Nashik) /Chandika Chamundi of Mysore Unknown
Songirkar Yajurvedi Kashyap Saptashrungi of (Vani Nashik) /Bijasani Unknown
Valunjkar Yajurvedi Unknown Bhavani of Tuljapur, Venkateshwara Valunj, Ahmednagar
Vanjape Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur Uddhat, Phaltan
Varhadpande Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka Devi Amaravati
Varkhedi Rigvedi Vishwamitra Shree Bhavani of Rattihalli, Haveri District. Karnataka Varkhedi, Panchora Taluk, Nashik District, Maharashtra
Varudkar Rigvedi Vashishtha Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Vatsaraj Rigvedi Jamadagni Unknown Unknown
Vedpathak Rigvedi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vighne Rigvedi Bharadwaj Renuka Mata of Mahur (Maharashtra), Ambhora (Near Nagpur)
Vidyasagar Rigvedi Goutama Renuka-devi of Mahur, Maharashtra, Rashin-devi, Bhavani-aai ofTuljapur as well as Chirka-devi,Bidsawangi village Bidsawangi, Dist. Ahmednagar
Viladkar Rigveda Bhargava Khandoba Vilad, Ahmednagar, Nashik-Nagar Road,MaharashtraIndia
Visal Yajurvedi Katyayan Khandoba of Jejuri, Shri Saptashrungi Niwasini of Vani (Nashik), Maharashtra Unknown
Vyas Rigvedi Vasishtha Lakshmi-Narasimha, Renuka Mata – Mahur Maharashtra
Vyavahare/Wewhare Rigvedi Kaushik Shri Saptashrungi Niwasini of Vani (Nashik), Maharashtra Unknown
Vyawahare/Wewhare Rigvedi Bharadwaj Shri Saptashrungi Niwasini of Vani (Nashik), Maharashtra, Renukaof Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Vyawahare Rigvedi Shandilya Shri Saptashrungi Niwasini of Vani (Nashik), Maharashtra Nashik
Vyawahare Rigvedi Kutsa Shri Saptashrungi Niwasini of Vani (Nashik), Maharashtra, Renukaof Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Wakhare Rigvedi Shandilya Renuka of Mahur, District Nanded. Maharashtra Unknown
Wanjape Rigvedi Bharadwaj Bhavani of Tuljapur Uddhat, Phaltan
Yadkikar Rigvedi Bhargava Tirupati Balaji & Ambabai of Kolhapur Unknown
Yadnik Yajurvedi Bhargava Adgaon Ram Temple & Ambabai of Kolhapur Jalgaon
Yatagiri Rigvedi Gowthama Chandralaparameshwari of Shree Kshetra Sannati,Chittapur taluk,Gulbarga District,Karnataka State Dharwad, Dharwad District, Karnataka}
Zodgekar Yajurvedi Krishnatray Chinchai mata, Malegaon bhadgaon



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33 thoughts on “Brahmin Surnames Andhra Maharashtra, Goa Deshastha”

  1. Sir I am krishna prasad vemuri from Andhra Pradesh. We belongs to vydika (velnatu). Gotra is Haritasa. Pravara is Angirasa ambarisha yvevvanaswa. I want know the Kuladevata. Some of our elders said that Tara mata is our kula devata. Can u please confirm it.


  2. I’m Mangalorkar from Pune, my in-laws have told us we are gsb Brahmins. Our kuldevata is gokarnatheshwar from Mangalore. But in our gsb community in goa and Belgaum our surname and kuldevata is not to be found. Hence they say we r not gsb. Pl help


  3. Hi…I know my father’s family has the Chaganti surname and that they are Andhra Brahmins but it is not seen anywhere… Would you kindly tell me the details of gothra, deity etc?


  4. i m dattaprasad my surname is Railkar but we r not found our kul devta our kul devi is yogeshwari .out grand father father name is nilkandha Railkar


  5. Nice work..
    Iam telugu brahmin with surname “Oruganti” sect -Mulakanadu. Gothram – kashyapa, Avastars,Naithruva,Reba,Raiba, chandilya saptha rishi lineage.
    I wish if u know any information about kuladevatha since our elders dont know

    Sridhar Oruganti


    1. Please send me a list of the names of the eldest son or daughter of your Grand father, and of his eldest son/ daughter . Let me try to find out.
      If you know the name of your grandfather’s brother and his offspring’s names on the lines suggested forvyou grandfather I might get a better idea.


  6. Nice work
    Iam telugu brahmin with surname “Oruganti” sect -Mulakanadu. Gothram – kashyapa, Avastars,Naithruva,Reba,Raiba, chandilya saptha rishi lineage.
    I wish if u know any information about kuladevatha since our elders dont know

    Sridhar Oruganti


    1. Please let me know t names of your grandfather, his brothers and who was the eldest son to your great grandfather.Also your Father and his brothers’ names and who is the eldest son of your grandfather.I shall try to find your Kula devata.If the eldest offspring of your parents is a girl. let me know her name as also your paternal greatgrandfather’s daughter’s name


  7. I am Anand Gijare. Would need your help to know origins of Gijare. I refer to your blog and it shows I belong to Vishwamitra (Devaraat). Need to understand further on Origins, Kuldevi, Kuldevta. Pls. help.


      1. I do not know, we used to say Devaratha as our gotra, but according to your blog Devarattha is son of Vishwamitra. Can you fetch something out of this?


      2. Hi, My Name is Vaibhav Gijre and like Anand I would also like to know orgins of Gijre if you could help, My Gotra is Devaraat. Kuldev is Balaji of Tirupati. Grandfather was only child Balkrishna Damodar Gijre. My father is Vasant Balkrishna Gijre. He had Two Older brothers Laxman Balkrishna Gijre (deceased) and Dattatrya Balkrishna Gijare (Spelling is different). Can you please help in finding the origins and other details. Thank You.


      3. Descendants of Vasudeva,father of Krishna.Though Vasudeva was a partial incarnation of Kasyapa,A Brahmin,Vasudeva ,by his profession may come under Vaisya,cowherds being a part of Vaisya Group.

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  8. Thanks for the great compilation sir. I would like to know the source of this information. There are some contradictions in regard to my family surname, the gotra and family deity. For example my family surname is Aphale whereas our gotra is Atreyasya and family deity is tulja Bhavani. I am not sure about the origin of the village. I would appreciate if you can put my mind to rest on the above issues.


      1. Apologies for my earlier query. I have since ascertained from my elderly uncle that the 3 rishis of abhiwandana mantra are atreya, archanasa, shavaasya. Thanks. Will this information suffice for exploring further.


    1. Thanks for responding to my query. Pardon my ignorance, I do not know what is abhivandana mantra and three/five rishis. I shall be grateful if you would take the trouble of enlightening me and how to go about this. Truly apologetic.


  9. sir can you pls poimt out where this atale surname is predominently found and is therd any group of people bear this surname and belong to different cast


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