Bankers Mislead, Get Bail Out. Joke On Tape.

The Irish Independent had released an audio clip  showing two Bankers of Anglo Irish Bank.

They disclose that they misled the German Government on the state of their bank to get a bail out.

Having been pumped Money, these bankers are laughing at the stupidity of the Government,

Anglo Irish Bank
Anglo Irish Bank

Criminals , to say the least.

Banking is one of the most corrupt Industries, under a veil of Integrity.

There are no exceptions.

In India a Bust bank has assumed a New name and continues its old ways now.

Bankers Caught On Tape, Joking About Bailout, And How They’d Never Pay I

The disgraced bankers were heard singing: “Deutschland Deutschland, uber alles” as they made wisecracks about funds pouring in on the orders of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

They went on joking and singing until the then chief executive, David Drumm, was heard urging them to “get the f***ing money in”.

The tape was made in September 2008 – the month when the Irish government did indeed get the money in to AIB.

Deputy prime minister Eamonn Gilmore said it could jeopardise further bailout talks. “What has come out of these tapes doesn’t make our job any easier,” he said.


rish officials has promised a state investigation into the ‘arrogant’ actions of Anglo Irish Bank, in which executives allegedly covered up their losses in order to secure large bail-outs from the government in the 2008-2009 financial crisis…

“Believe you me, I understand the rage and the anger of so many people who have been affected by all of this,” said Kenny.

The Prime Minister’s terse words follow a scandal that broke out after a leaked recording capturing a 2008 conversation of two senior Anglo managers was published by The Independent on Monday in which their plot to conspire to conceal the bank’s true scale of losses was revealed.

The internally recorded phone calls reveal how bank bosses misled the Central Bank of Ireland that Anglo bank required 7 billion euros to prevent its collapse. Anglo’s losses reached 30 billion euros, nearly half of a total bank-bailout bill that forced Ireland to seek IMF bailout money.

“I mean the degree of arrogance, the degree of hubris, the degree of couldn’t-care-less-about-the-taxpayer, about the Irish people, that seemed to be part and parcel of the culture of that bank,” deputy prime minister Eamon Gilmore said.


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