Want Money? Host A Dinner

Some customs are meant to help people in distress.

Tamil Nadu Feast
Feast in Tamil Nadu

Men living in Tribal Societies formulated some customs to help the needy.

As the society develops, it seems, man has become more greedy and starts misusing these noble concepts.

One such Custom being practiced in the Districts of Coimbatore, Erode, borders of Pudukkottai and Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu  is ‘Moy Virundhu’

That is organizing a  Free Dinner for the villagers by those who are in need of money.

The reason could be for celebrating the marriage of a Girl in the Family, Debts or simply the need for additional finance for Business.

The Rules are:

One should be really in need of Money.

They should organize a Feast for the villagers this could be for 100 to 500 people.

Prospective attendees are to be invited personally.

One can put up a poster, Bill Boards even.

The Dinner should consist of minimum six dishes and must include Non Vegetarian, especially Lamb,Chicken.

At the Dinner those who attend the Dinner must donate money they can afford and this will be recorded by the host.

There are instances when 40 to 60 tables are put up to collect money.

The collections might range between Rs 1,00,000 to 10000000 (One Crore) for a Dinner!

Those who collect the money must donate twice as much when they attend a similar party hosted by the guests at a later date.

This is practiced ,even to-day in Peravoorani,Tiruchitrambalam,Aavanam,Vada Kaadu,Alangudi,( Pudukkottai/Thanjavir Districts).

In Coimbatore/Erode districts, this is practiced for raising money for the marriage, either by the parents of a girl or by the Girl herself if she does not have any one to perform her marriage,.

In these cases, goods in kind for conducting the marriage are also donated including the Mangal Sutra.

Sadly , it has been noticed that this occasion is used by the anti-social elements to launder Black Money and circulate Fake Notes!


One thought on “Want Money? Host A Dinner

  1. A wonderful tradition – a bit like the ‘secret supper club’ concept that is currently popular in London and New York, but on a much grander scale! Shame about the black notes but you will always have a small element of people trying to take advantage of a good thing. I was in charge of distributing rupees to guests at a bhandara in India recently. It was aimed at children but the usual group of local women had got wind of the event and invited themselves along – knowing that they wouldn’t be turned away. Later I saw the chief organiser giving the women more money. I asked why and he said that they had come to him and told him that I hadn’t given them any. Except I most definitely had, they just wanted to get double the amount. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were poor but I don’t think they were as I told that the most demanding one was a local policewoman!


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