Indian Army Killed Sikhs Nazi Style, Blue Star Revisited

Operation Blue Star., Demolished Temple
Operation Blue Star.
A Trailer of a Documentary by Day and Night Channel released says, from eyewitness accounts that the an Indian Army Major shot about Thirty people in the Golden Temple Complex, during Operation Blue Star in 1984, to flush out Sikh Extremists  led by Bhindrawale.

The documentary , according to is producer, Mr. Kanwar Sandhu, is in nine parts.

More Videos at YouTube.

He states that he is trying to piece together  as to what exactly happened during operation Blue Star, including the atrocities perpetrated by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his band of followers.

There have been allegations that excessive force was used during Operation Blue star and civilians were killed pointblank by the Indian Army.

This controversy never really died down and it surfaces during the death Anniversary of Bhindranwale.

Indira Gandhi, in her last effort to wrest power from the Akali Dal, to which the Congress had lost power for many years, since Pratap Singh Kairon,  groomed Bhindranwale,a n intemperate and extremist preacher, by projecting the plight of Punjab at the hands of the Punjab Government at the and later by India itself.

Bhindranwale became a Frankenstein Monster and the fight for secession from India by Punjab got out of control

Bhindranwale and his followers holed up in the Sikh’s Holy Temple, The Golden Temple in Amritsar and started attacking People and Indian Forces.

By an Operation named Operation Blue Star, Bhindrenwale was killed, militants flushed out.

Now to the current Documentary.

One of the key accusers is Ramuwalia, till sometime back in Congress , now in Akali dal, who says that 30 people were killed in Nazi Style execution.

It is interesting to note that Ramuwalia was a Central Minister under the NDA.

He kept quiet for 29 years!.

And the Akalis were a part of the Central Government twice, after the incident and they have been in power in Punjab as well!

One has to be suspicious of this as the ISI on the one hand is fueling terrorism in India, Naxalites are calling the shots in the eastern and Mideastern India.

Not that Indian Army is incapable of such acts, we have excesses in Kashmir, IPKF in Sri Lanka and there were excesses in Operation Blue Star as well, though by and large the Indian Army is well disciplined and keeps out of Politics.

Any designs?

News Source. TimesNow TV.


Operation Blue Star, The Untold Story:

Who were the eye-witnesses to the Golden Temple episode?
1. Devinder Singh Duggal – In charge of the Sikh Reference Library located
inside the Golden Temple complex. Duggal is an acknowledged authority on
Sikh history. He used to reside in a house adjacent to the Sikh Reference
Library, was present there between May 28 and June 6, 1984 and hence (in
his own words) “an eye-witness to some of the atrociities committed by the
Army during its attack on the Golden Temple”. About fiftyish, Duggal now
lives with his lecturer-wife in Jallandhar, where we interviewd him. His eyes
become moist and his voice quivered as he described the assault on the
Golden Temple.
2. Bhan Singh- Secretary of the S.G.P.C., short, slim, in his mid fifties,
Bhan Singh is a man of few words. He was present in the Golden
Temple Complex during the Army attack and was arrested at dawn on June 6 along with Longowal and Tohra from the Guru Nanak Nivas
which now houses the SGPC Office, where we met and talked to him.
His account begins from June 3, 1984.
3. Giani Puran Singh – one of the priests at Harmandir Sahib.
4. Girl Student – Grand-daughter of SGPC member, she preferred to
remain anonymous. Aged about 20 years, she goes to college at
Amritsar. She went to the Golden Temple on May 29, 1984, with her
grand-parents and an aunt, to fulfill a vow, and was there until June 6.
We met her in Amritsar in the house of a widowed victim of the
November 1984 Delhi violence.
5. A.I.S.S.F. Member – about 25-years old, he would not give his
name, son of a police officer, he was visiting the Golden Temple in
June 1984 for the Gurupurab and was there from June 1. He was
arrested by the Army on June 6 but released in October. He was
rearrested soon after and had been again released a little before we
met him. Remarkably calm and soft spoken, he said that there were
about 100 fighters with Bhindranwale inside the Temple Complex and
less than 100 arms, mostly, 303 guns of the II World War. Extremely
handsome, he is a member of the All India Sikh Students Federation.
6. Prithipal Singh – A young (24 years) Sevadar at the Akal Rest
House, inside the Guru Ram Das Serai, Golden Temple complex,
where mostly distinguished guests stayed. He was on duty throughout
the period of the Army Operation. He narrated how he had a hairbreadth escape, even after being lined up before the firing squad on
June 6, after he had been arrested, stripped naked and his hands had
been tied behind his back with his turban. He showed us the bulletridden walls of the Akal Rest House, where we spoke to him.


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