Dog Loses Face Saving Girls, Grieving Monkeys

Think of selfless devotion, this is it.

A dog saved the lives of two girls, in the process lost part of its face.

Disfigured Dog.
Dog has her face set right after it lost part of it.

We , Human Beings, take pride on the assumption, wrong though in my opinion, that animals do not have the much touted Reason as we do( Science is discovering that animals do possess a remarkable level of Reasoning ability), I am not sure whether we wold have done what this Dog has done.

I have another point on Animals to make,I am posting it towards the end of this story.

Story: Scroll down for Video.

The Philippine dog that lost half her face saving the lives of two girls returned home Saturday after treatment in the United States.

Filipino veterinarian Anton Lim who accompanied the dog — named Kabang — said the mixed-breed whose snout and upper jaw had been sheared off was treated at the University of California, Davis, veterinary hospital for seven months with $27,000 in donations raised in the Philippines and abroad.

Kabang suffered the injuries in December 2011 when she jumped into the path of a motorcycle, stopping it from running over her owner’s daughter and niece in southern Zamboanga city.

UC Davis veterinary Professor Frank Verstraete said doctors at the hospital performed surgery to heal her wounds, though they could not reconstruct Kabang’s jaw or snout.

Doctors had to first treat her for other ailments, including a tumor and heartworm, to ensure her wounds would heal. They took skin from her cheeks, neck, and forehead to cover up sensitive areas that were exposed on her face during surgery in March, Verstraete said.

Kabang won widespread sympathy because of her injuries from what has been described as a heroic act. A nurse from Buffalo, New York, spearheaded a fund-raising campaign to bring Kabang to the United States because Philippine veterinaries could not treat her.



Sometime back, I saw a group of Moneys grieving over a dead child monkey.

A child Monkey dies trying to jump around.

As it did not wake up, the mother tries to wake her up….you should see the agony in her face.

Group of Monkeys watching from a distance slowly come near, share the grief nd keep a Vigil.

So moving that It brought tears into my eyes!

More Human than Us!





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