Home Medicines For Appetite,Digestion Heartburn.

Indigestion and loss of Appetite are common problems.

Taking allopathic medicines may not give you immediate relief and in such rare cases, it has side effects.

People pop Antacid Tablets, even without prescription, for Acidity.

The balance of Acid and Alkali in our Metabolism is very delicate.

Relatively it is simple to cure Acidity.

But if the Alkali balance is disturbed , it is very difficult to recover.

Frequent consumption of Antacids will result in Alkali composition getting high in out system.

I am providing some safe Home Remedies with absolutely no side effects.

And they are efficient.

Cumin seeds

For Indigestion.

1.take two teaspoons of Cumin seeds and a teaspoon of Pepper.

Grind them slightly,( no very smooth)

Mix it with Hot cooked Rice and eat with Ghee(one teaspoon in Rice)

2.A medium sized Cucumber and half Lemon.

Prepare a salad and eat.

3.Prepare a Soup of Lemon, add half a teaspoon of Cumin seeds and a very small piece of Ginger(remove the Ginger skin) and take it.

4.Consume 3 to 4 dates  daily.

5.Consume about 4 to Five Lemon Leaves daily.


Mexican Mint.
Mexican Mint,Omavalli.karpooravalli.
6.Prepare juice out of Omavalli Leaves,Mexican Mint and take two teaspoons  daily till you are relieved of the the problem.

Try any one of these that gives you relief and do not use all of them together.


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