South Indian Hindu Wedding Rituals Detailed List

Wedding is one of the important Samskaras in a Hindu’s Life, as ordained by the Smriti(Guidelines for Day to-day Living).

Kolam For Marriage.
Kolam or Rangoli for Hindu Wedding

Forty Samskaras are listed(please read my posts filed under Hinduism)

Pandhalkal Ceremony
Pandhalkal, Hindu Wedding ceremony.

The Wedding ceremonies are elaborate.

Typical Marriage arrangements consist of these parts.

1.Finding a Boy or a Girl.

2.Matching of the Horoscopes.

3.Visiting the Girl’s House by the Groom with his close relatives to know more of the Girl and the Family.

4.Nischyathaatham of the exchange of MOU between the parents of the Groom and Bride( If Grandparents are alive they will perform this-(Paternal Grandparents). At this function only close relatives are invited;The Religious aspect is very minimal and this is more of a Social Occasion, when Date , Time and Venue of the Wedding is announced.

5. Sumangali Prarthanai, when those women who died ,remaining Married, are propitiated.This is normally performed about a couple of days  before the Marriage.

6.Samaaradhanai or Dadhyaaradhanai is performed normally after the Sumangali Prarathanai to the family Deity.

7.Pandakkal Naduthal

8.Inviting the Bridegroom is done a day before the Wedding.

9.Wedding Ceremony.

Read my Post on the procedures for the  Wedding ( A post on Sumangali Prarthanai has been shared already)

On the evening prior to the wedding day, the bridegroom is  brought in a procession from a temple in a flower decorated car.

An Archana is performed at the Temple.

He is escorted by the bride’s parents, and welcomed at the marriage  Hall (mandap), which is the bride’s abode.

Nadaswaram band leads the way along the streets, the flower decorated car jam-packed with children.

This is  function is called JANA VASAM in South India and BARAAT in North India.

Through such a parade, public approval is sought of the groom, chosen by the family..

If the Boy or Girl has had any liaisons before the Wedding , the Public may inform the families.

After reaching the marriage hall, there is a formal ceremony of betrothal.

At the Marriage Hall

  • Full-grown plantain trees tied to both the gateposts – Eternal tree of evergreen plenty for endless generations!
  • Festoons overhead of mango leaves, and screw-pine petals that never fade!
  • Notes of the Nadaswaram, the South Indian Shehnai!
  • Kolam or Rangoli designs at the doorsteps – an artistic welcome!
  • At threshold of the hall, sprinklings of rosewater, offerings of flower, sandal batter, sugar candy!

A ceremony called Pandhalkal Naduthal’ is performed some days before the Wedding, after Samaradhanai .

Now onto the Wedding day.


15 thoughts on “South Indian Hindu Wedding Rituals Detailed List

  1. Your article is so helpful to us to boost up our rituals and cultural knowledge of India . Please let us update all the time as well . And we will have a good time to read all those from your article.


  2. we want to have pandakkal function for the wedding of our daughter.
    How do we do this with the limited things available here for eg: leaves from the coconut tree rgc.
    Please advise.
    Thank you,


  3. I am following your site which is concise,clear, and correct. You may inform me important details on temples, rituals and misc. Useful items please


    1. Thanks for following,I shall be posting more on the subjects you have mentioned. You may suggest specific subjects, information for me to write on.Currently I am posting reseacrh based articles on Sanatana Dharma.Regds


      1. From SVS RAM THANKS A LOT for your kind message on ashtami.

        my relative’s son marriage is fixed on 27th august 2015. Pandakkal function is fixed on 23rd august 2015 at 4.45 am during bramma muhurtam (asthami day).
        Please advice on which day the pandakkal may be done …

        Thank you sir


  4. There is a book on vaidheeka marriage which tells how and what needs to be done in a marriage from a vedic perspective.


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