Sri Lanka Used Chemical Weapons On Tamils Banned Photos

Sri Lanka is suspected to have been engaged in Chemical Warfare as well in exterminating the Tamils.



Sri Lanka used Chemical Weapons on Tamils
Victims of Chemical weapon attacks


Tamils Killed By Landmines.
Victim of Sri Lankan Landmines




Tamils have come under the Sri Lankan Army‘s Chemical weapons attack today, Tamil sources affirmed. They added it is unknown if the chemical weapons have been used previously in the war since many have been admitted to hospital with the same symptoms of dizziness, vomiting and fainting. However these symptoms had been ignored as they were due to hunger and distress.

In the final days of closing on the LTTE rebels, who have been fighting for a free state for Tamils in the North and East, the Sri Lankan Government is frustrated by mounting foreign concerns over its war crimes and banned media.

The Sri Lankan Army is at the final stages of removing evidences of the bloody war they have declared on Tamils in the name of rooting out ‘terrorism’. When the screens open for the outside world to see what has happened to Tamils in the area, the Sri Lankan Government want obedient and scared Tamils citizens to “praise” the government’s effort to “free” the regions from LTTE.

To simplify the job, the Sri Lankan Government has deployed its chemical weapons to cleanse the Tamils and LTTE rebels in the war zones. Civilians have reported vomiting, difficulty in breathing, dizziness and fainting after been subjected to these attacks.

Sources also said that the Sri Lankan Army higher officials wearing mask to protect themselves from the fumes and lower cadets were actually found in distress, who were then transported to Army facilities to get medical help.

LTTE warns against use of ‘chemical weapons’
COLOMBO, AUG. 16, 2001.

The LTTE today accused Sri Lanka of  purchasing a banned chemical weapon and warned of “dangerous consequences” if it was inducted in the battlefields of northeastern Sri Lanka.

The LTTE statement appeared to be referring to the Russian- manufactured RPO-A Shmel rocket launcher without naming it. The Sunday Leader newspaper reported this week that the Government had purchased 1,000 units of the weapon.

The Sri Lankan Army spokesman, Brig. Sanath Karunaratne, confirmed the purchase of the Shmel, but denied it was a chemical weapon or that it was banned.

The RPO-A Shmel is a rocket-propelled incendiary/blast projectile launcher whose warhead contains a “thermobaric” flammable mixture, that is, it simulates high pressure conditions when detonated in enclosed structures and in the open.

The use of this weapon by the Russian Army in Chechnya came in for strong criticism by the human rights groups.

 Sri Lankan Army used Chemical Weapons on Tamils in the war zones | NowPublic News Coverage

Some more horrible Images.

Tamils Killed in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka’s Killing of the Tamils
Genocide in Sri Lanka
Killing of Tamils, Sri Lanka.

Source for Images.

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5 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Used Chemical Weapons On Tamils Banned Photos”

  1. Sad indeed. The pictures are horrifying.

    Indian & International media need to take this up with Human Rights Groups & UN.

    What can you do with a lame duck Central Govt & equally guilty Dravidian parties.


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