Safe Effective Mosquitoes Remedies Repellants

We do not seem to get rid of Mosquitoes.

Many of us use Liquid repellents, Mosquito Coils.

Mosquito Bites Man
Mosquito Bites

They have adverse side effects.

Mosquito Repellent liquids wont harm human in a well-ventilated room, where air is being circulated. However, consumers need to be aware that mosquito repellents can have certain potential side effects. Medical experts warn that excessive use of these products for long periods is bad for health. Nervous weakness is an important side effect of chemicals used in mosquito repellents, says Dr Pulak Lahiri, Nilratan Sarkar Professor of Zoology at Calcutta University. They primarily affect our respiratory and immune systems, and in extreme cases, even our nervous system. They can also cause allergy. However, no consumer action can be brought against the Companies as the proper use of the products are demonstrated on the leaflet contained in the product packaging. If used in proper manner, these repellents wont harm humans. However, children should not be brought in touch with them.(Consumer admanya)

Respiratory physician Jayashree Narasimhan says she advises patients to use topical repellents or cover windows with nets. “Smoke-based repellents can trigger wheezing attacks though it is hard to say if they cause the problem,” she says. She does not advise the use of aerosol sprays, lest they trigger nose allergies or wheezing.

Dermatologist Muralidhar Rajagopalan says that he has not come across cases of skin irritations triggered by topical treatments. “They aren’t harmful, but they aren’t very effective unless you keep reapplying them,” he says.

….However, doctors note chemicals such as pyrethrum used in most repellents could harm humans in the long run. R. Kulandai Kasthuri, director, Institute of Child Health, says animal studies show nervous weakness as a major side effect. “We have no studies to indicate the harmful effects of repellents. However, we see that repellents aggravate asthma and other allergic manifestations in people, particularly children.” She says the age-old practice of using a mosquito net is the safest.

We may go in for Natural Mosquito Repellents, which are effective and have no side effects.

Citronella—the old standby. Use only pure essential oil of citronella—not fragrance oil.  Oils purchased in bulk for burning are not adequate for applying topically to your skin.  For your skin it is best to get a high quality citronella essential oil from a natural food store.  While it’s not as effective as catnip, it’s still a good option.

3. Garlic—eat lots of fresh garlic—mosquitoes can’t stand the stuff.

4. Lavender essential oil smells great and is a commonly used and effective mosquito repellent.  It’s best diluted in a carrier oil like apricot kernel, sweet almond, or coconut oil.  If you can find organic soy oil, it is also a good option since it also keeps mosquitoes at bay.

5. Neem oil or neem seed oil:  According to a study by the US National Research Council neem oil is more effective than DEET.  The results were confirmed by scientists at the Malaria Institute in India and in research cited in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. Neem is a plant that grows in India.

6. Organic soy oil—Research cited in The New England Journal of Medicine found that repellents made of soybean oil are just as effective as DEET-containing repellents. Soy oil is inexpensive and easy to find, making it an excellent choice. Plus, it is an excellent body moisturizer. As an aside, research shows that an ingredient in soy can slow the growth of body hair when applied topically.  Choose organic soy oil if possible since many soy crops are now genetically-modified.

7. Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)—New research published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine shows that lotus is an effective mosquito repellent and also helps kill mosquito larvae.  Since lotus grows in water it is a good option as a natural repellent in backyard ponds and water features rather than something that is applied topically.

8. Black pepper (Piper nigrum)—New research from the same study shows that an extract (the study used an alcohol extract but black pepper essential oil would probably work too) of black pepper is effective in repelling mosquitoes.





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