Bookies IPL Cricketers At Hotels CCTV Footage. List.

CCTV Footage shows  the bookies and Cricketers in The Hotel .

Cricketers will find it impossible to deny this.

What did  Sreesanth do by way of Gifts?

Match fixing  List of Players, Bookies.
IPL6 Match Fixers

The night following S Sreesanth‘s Rs 40-lakh towel-change over on May 9 at the Mohali match was one of gifts, girls and glee.

The CCTV footage, obtained by TOI exclusively, from a five-star hotel in Chandigarh‘s Sector 35 where Rajasthan Royals team stayed, shows, according to Punjab Police, the Kerala pacer, bookie Jiju Janardan and the other tainted player Ankeet Chavan meeting, exchanging gift packets and engaging in a talkfest with girls in the third floor foyer just outside their rooms.

Their second-by-second action stretching from 10pm to 6am was captured by six CCTV cameras. The evening for the trio began three hours after the victorious Rajasthan Royals team returned to the team hotel at 7.30pm, reveals the footage acquired by Delhi and Punjab police.

Even as other players retired to their rooms, Chavan, holding a gift bag, along with Jiju knocked at Sreesanth’s room at 10.15pm. The tainted pacer opened the door and started jauntily walking around in his training gear.

As Jiju and Sreesanth continue talking, the footage shows a Delhi policeman eavesdropping. Nearly 10 minutes after taking the packet from Chavan, Jiju, Sreesanth and Chavan meet a 20-something woman in a black tiered lace dress in the foyer.

The woman stays outside Sreesanth’s room until she and other players are joined by two more men as Sreesanth goes into his room to change, the footage shows. At 10:55pm, Chavan, Sreesanth and the woman are seen leaving the hotel. After four hours, Sreesanth is again spotted with a different woman, attired in a white-and-black party dress at 2:19am.

They are trailed by Chavan, leading into the pacer’s room where they stay for nearly an hour, shows the footage. At 3.55am, Sreesanth returns to the foyer. He tumbles, nearly falls and then glides along the wall until he’s helped by Chavan. The two disappear from the foyer for two hours. Sreesanth returns to the foyer alone with a packet in his hand at 5:35am.

The List of those involved in IPL 6 Match Fixing.( as on 26 may 2013)

1. S Sreesanth

First among those arrested from Mumbai, currently under Delhi police custody and is being interrogated. Rajasthan Royals has suspended his contract. Accused of spot fixing.

2. Ajit Chandila

Rajasthan Royals player, whose contract has also been suspended.  Chandila was also arrested on May 15 night. So far, rs 20 lakh cash has been found from a cricket kit bag at his aunt’s place.  He too has been charged of spot fixing in IPL6.

3. Ankeet Chavan

Rajasthan Royals player from Maharashtra. He was also arrested with Sreesanth and Chandila. Says he made a mistake. His contract has also been suspended by RR.

4. Jiju Janardhan

Close friend of Sreesanth, Jiju is a former Kerala player, and had fell headlong into cricket betting. Said to be the brain behind Sreesanth’s downfall.

5. Amit Singh

A former Rajasthan Royals player and former Ranji player from Gujarat . BCCI has suspended him pending inquiry. He was also linked to the bookies.

6. Ramesh Vyas

A Mumbai bookie arrested by Mumbai police crime branch. Said to have links with Sunil Dubai who  hs connections with dons Dawood Ibraham and Anees Ibrahim.

7. Vindu Dara Singh

Late actor and wrestler Dara Singh’s son, Vindoo Dara Singh was  arrested by Mumbai Police crime branch for having links with certain bookies.  He was named by bookie Ramesh Vyas during interrogation.

8. The other accused bookies are

Deepak Kumar (Arrested)
Rakesh (Arrested)
Alpeshkumar Bhagwandas Patel
Prem Ramchandra Taneja
Ashok Vyas
Pandurang Kadam
Pravin Behra
Niraj Shah
Pankaj Shah along with Chandresh Patel (arrested) from Mumbai and Manan (Arrested) who operates from Ahmedabad.

All these are currently being interrogated by the Mumbai Police crime branch.

9. Baburao Yadav

Another former Ranji player arrested for being involved in the spot fixing  scandal. He is said to have introduced bookie Sunil Bhatia  to Chandila.

10. Manish Guddewar

A  32-year-old former Ranji player from Vidarbh, Manish Guddewar is said to have known Chandila and got him in touch with bookies. He is said to have played at the Indian Gymkhana Club at Nagpur with Baburao Yadav.





Vindoo Dara Singh names  Hollywood actors and Businessmen.




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