Match Fixing and Sachin Tendukar

In the days of Wealth, Wine , Women and Match fixing Sachin Tendulkar stands in his sterling character.

More than the Cricketer,’ the Man behind shines through.

Match fixing rogues need not look beyond,Tendulkar,Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly how to be honest amid temptations.

Sachin Tendukar On Pilgrimage.
DOING A PENANCE: Sachin Tendulkar does “go puja” at end of the two-day “sarpa santharpane” at Kukke Subrahmanya temple in Dakshina Kannada .

Let us look into an instance when reportedly asked the then Captain and Match Fixer (Azharuddin?) to fold up.

“This is reported by the Daily Bhaskar.

Sachin Tendulkar’s super human feats on cricketing turf are well-known. So is his generosity, humility and discipline off it. What is not known to many, save a few senior cricketers and sports journalists, is the fact that Tendulkar, while captaining India, effectively shut the doors on a former Indian captain and few others he suspected of dubious motives.


When the match-fixing saga was unearthed at the turn of century, Tendulkar along with Saurav Ganguly and a few other senior cricketers decided to take the fixing menace head on, and while ensuring they performed to the best  of their abilities to win games for country, Tendulkar & Co also decided to show the door to corrupt cricketers.


The BCCI was duly informed, however no public posturing was done by Tendulkar.


The board, however, didn’t prosecute those involved in fixing scandal, despite the then South African captain Hansie Cronje claiming that he had been introduced to bookie MK Gupta by the said player.

The other cricketers involved were not charged with match fixing by the CBI which was then investigating the case, as the agency couldn’t find strong evidence against them. However, Sachin had done enough to ensure players with suspect integrity never donned Indian colours again.


In fact the players who were ‘unofficially’ barred from playing for India were under suspicion even before the match fixing scandal emerged. For instance, there was a wicketkeeper who was the only one on the field to not appeal for a catch in spite of the ball being clearly nicked by the batsman. There was also a batsman who got out carelessly in a Test in spite of being asked to bat cautiously by the team management.”




2 thoughts on “Match Fixing and Sachin Tendukar

  1. No one can question the integrity, passion, humility&determination with which tendulkar & dravid plays for the country or for the franchises they play. Ramanan also go through the sting operations conducted by tehelka via Manoj PRABHAKAR under fallen hero’s match fixing/betting which runs from 1 to 6 videos. You can enlighten people more on this.


    1. Yes. Prasad,You left out Ganguly.. Intentional? Yes, I will go through Thehelka.. Have you noticed that Thehelka coverage of the present IPL 6 scam is rather muted except the rticle you speak of and a couple of general articles? I wonder why!


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