Sreesanth Sakshi Dhoni In IPL Match Fixing ?

it becomes difficult for one how to associate oneself with others.

You become friends with some one after you get to know them.

You know them after  you befriend them!

Sreesanth,Sakshi Dhoni, and Sakshi Jhala
Sreesanth,Sakshi Dhoni, and Sakshi Jhala
Sakshi Jhala and Sakshi Dhoni.
Sakshi Jhala and Sakshi Dhoni. The Photo atop of this Photo image 1 of Sakshi Jhula is reported to be not hers and this is the correct picture from Facebook.

This imbroglio lands people in a jam, for you do not know whom you are associated with.

As in the Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni.

News surfaced that one Sakshi Jhala is a close friend of Sakshi Dhoni.

Sakshi Jhala is very close to Sreesanth, the tainted cricketer who is incarcerated in the IPL 6 cricket Spot fixing scandal, along with two other players and a number of Bookies.

Sreesanth gifted this girl a Blackberry at a party hosted by her when he visited her after a match recently.

As of now there seems to be no indication of either Sakshi Dhoni or MS Dhoni being linked to the spot fixing scam.

I think this angle will also be investigated by the Police.

The Police will also look into the aspect of the relationship of MS Dhoni with Gurunath Meiyappan, CSK Boss.

Gurunath has been named as to have been in touch with Vindoo Singh, one of the middlemen for Bookies, who has been arrested.

Gurunath, for those who may not be aware, is the son-in law of Srinivasan, The BBCI President and the CSK Franchisee.

Gurumurthy is the Grand son of late AV.Meiyappan, AVM Studios, Chennai.

Consider the fact that Srinivasan’s daughter and wife of Gurumurthy, Rupa , is the executice Director of India cements, Srinivasa’s Flagship Company.

MS Dhoni is a director of India Cements,

MSD is likely to get his name dragged in the scam.

The truism that one has to be wary of people unless you know them  is confirmed.

For no fault of theirs(as of now) Dhoni and his wife are likely to be sucked into this whirlpool of Sports, Drinks, Money and Girls!


Jaipur girl Sakshi Jhala, a lady friend of Sreesanth, has figured in the IPL spot fixing probe for the simple reason that she is close to tainted cricketer and was gifted a latest model of Blackberry mobile phone by him. The Delhi police, probing the spot fixing case, have seized the mobile phone which the cops feel Sreesanth bought with money earned from bookies.

But is Sreesanth-Jhala saga confined only to Blackberry? According to sources close to Jhala family, Sakshi Jhala is close to Sreesanth for last four years. She was introduced to Sreesanth by Sakshi Dhoni. Both Sakshis have been classmates at an institute in Aurangabad where they pursued a course in hotel management…

Daughter of Atul Jhala, a tour escort in luxury train Palace on Wheels of Rajasthan tourism development corporation, Sakshi Jhala was often seen with Sreesanth in post-match parties in Jaipur. However, she evaded spotlight as she was a lesser known personality that time. She was also seen watching a few matches along with Sakshi Dhoni in the stands of Sawai Man Singh (SMS) stadium in Jaipur without media glare…

Sakshi Dhoni and Vindoo Singh.
Sakshi Dhoniand Vindoo Singh.

Atul has clarified to the Delhi police that they hosted dinner for Sreesanth at their residence in C-scheme area on May 6. It was at this occasion that Sreesanth gifted a Blackberry Z-10 mobile phone to Sakshi Jhala and in return was gifted a poster of national animal – tiger.

What brought Delhi police to the doors of Jhala family is the fact that Sakshi Jhala’s mother runs a girls’ paying guest facility in Sodala area of the city. Now, Sakshi Jhala reportedly assists her mother in operating this facility.

“So far we have not touched that aspect in our probe. We are focused on role of bookies, cricketers and money exchange” said a member of Delhi police team who brought Sreesanth to Jaipur.

“We were not contacted by Delhi police about their visit here as such we are not supposed to probe role of paying guest facility. We will provide all possible help if Delhi police approaches us” said a senior official of Jaipur police commissionerate.

Sreesanth is reported to have disappeared from the SMS stadium as soon as a match ended early this month along with a lady who was sitting alongside Sakshi Dhoni. Now, the media reports are connecting Sreesanth’s disappearance with the dinner hosted at Jhala’s.

For now the Delhi cops seem to have given a clean chit to Jhalas as far as spot fixing is concerned. But the family is disturbed and Atul is calling his seniors offering clarifications.

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    1. It is a view.
      Except the fact that making Betting legal would bring money to government, I am of the view that these crimes/irregularities will not be curbed.
      I belong to the minority who believe that doing what is Unethical by a Government is wrong and should never be contemplated upon.
      But Governments run Liquor Bars, as in Tamil Nadu!


  1. Who knew what Dhara Singh’s son was upto ,or for matter
    of fact Shrisanth . Dhara singh ‘s a, celebrity in his own way . Srisanth a well known face of Indian cricket.We in our wildest dreams cannot think what they were up to .Do you think these people would have let him inside the stadium let alone be v.v.i.p box.Worst part for the players and their family members (lot of wives of CSK players travel,can see seen on stands) their Principal,Guru Aiyeppen is involved in betting.
    Family travels with players as its a long schedule, and our cricketers are playing most of the time.One reporter rightly said,she must be cursing the moment when Dara Singhs son came and sat beside her.


  2. May be we wont see Dhoni or his wife getting investigated or dragged further into this controversy. But a large section of fans already have the perception that Dhoni is not clean for the simple reason that there has been many instances where the selections and other decisions have been quite suspicious and many times Dhoni gets the backing by Board president who is also owner of Chennai Super Kings. However we don’t know that these guys care about public perception at all or not.


    1. This is the tragedy.
      Match fixing by some makes one doubt even innovative thinking and what may be a a perfectly legitimate and innocent interaction look suspicious.
      For the time being, until proved other wise, I am of the opinion that Dhoni and his wife are innocent .


  3. You need to be careful. I think the Srinivasan who was believed to be involved in the embezzlement of funds from Sri Sathya Sai trust was Sathya Sai Central Trust member V Srinivasan, not N.Srinivasan who heads BCCI


    1. The photo is from a magazine, which I have quoted as a source.
      Can you send me the Photo of Sakshi Jhala?
      I can effect corrections.
      I am publishing your comment so that readers may send in their Link, if mine is wrong.
      Thanks and Regards.


      1. Those photos were found on Sakshi Dhoni’s facebook during her college days but Sakshi’s facebook name is still under her maiden name Sakshi Singh Rawat, she had many pics with Sakshi Jhala, I could only find 3. That’s all the information I have but if i get lucky I might find more.


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