Cure For Joint Pain Swelling Inflammation

Pains in the Joints,Knee,Wrists,Back is unbearable.

If there is inflammation or Swelling it all the more painful.

Pain in the Knee joint.
Knee Joint Pain.

Taking pain killers may resolve the problem momentarily and as the pain persists, the present Dosage of the tablets  has to be increased.

This is not good for health

Try these simple Home remedies for relief from swelling, Inflammation and pain.

Hot Fomentation.

1.Keep the affected part (if it is wrist,Fingers or Feet)  in bearably Hot water and message for about fifteen minutes.

For Knee, Back, or the other parts of the Body where you can not immerse them in water and message, take a Towel which is neither too thin not thick, soak in Hot Water,wring the water slightly, and apply it to the affected part.

Take two teaspoons of regular Salt(not powdered) , make a small bundle of it in a medium cloth pieces

Take two teaspoonful of Gingelly Oil, heat it till it smokes and dip the Salt bundle and take out,

Drain slightly (Oil)not fully.

Apply this salt bundle to the affected part for about ten minutes.

If it is an open would add turmeric to the Oil before heating and use the same process.

Knee /Joint pain.

Take about ten Garlic Leaves, saute them in Castor oil and apply this as  a bandage, (drain the Oil slightly).

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5 thoughts on “Cure For Joint Pain Swelling Inflammation

  1. Thanks for the information (reblogged)… I had problems with my joints too aside from my Lateral Epicondylitis. I believe that the cause of it is because I play tennis regularly. As much as possible, I keep my body in shape since it is very hard to find an appropriate medications these days. My LE was cured after several lab and xray procedure, seeing different specialists, and taking a lot of pain relievers. It was finally cured through stem cell therapy (special thanks to my orthopedic surgeon Dr Purita), which took 6 weeks. My joints are still in good shape and I am trying to read more information on how I can keep them healthy to avoid future health problems again…


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