IPL6 Cricket Betting The Silence, Dawood Ibrahim,Diversion

I have been feeling that, ever since the IPL6 betting story broke out with the arrest of Srresanth, Chandila and Chavan , the BCCI’s and the official broadcaster, Set Max, muted and in cases where there was a discussion it appeared as though it was a reluctant one.

This could not have been only due to the official coyness resulting from  the fact that the’ enquiry was in progress’ line’.

I found some one who has similar suspicions.

It is curious to note the difference in speaking about the accused, including Sreesanth  , for their role in the IPL6 match fixing.

Compare this with the earlier Cricket match fixing cases, say , the one involving Azharuddin and in another case of the Pakistani Cricketers.

This deafening silence is not limited to only BCCI.

What about the ICC?

Now news comes out that the Dawood Ibrahim’s group might have terrorized the cricketer into participating in the match fixing! The IPL spot-fixing controversy acquired a sinister edge on Saturday. Delhi Police sleuths investigating the crime said that D Company mobsters controlling the illegal betting operations were desperate to involve other young IPL players to join the spot-fixing racket.

According to transcripts of recorded phone conversations between bookies and gangsters, the criminals instructed bookies to threaten some young players with dire consequences if they refused to cooperate.”

Is this a trial run to exonerate the accused, step by step?

There is another track where Chhota Shakeel divulging that Dawood Ibrahim’is ‘not interested and never involved in cricket gambling”(!?)

There is also a report that Dawood Ibrahim gang has collected Rs 1200 crores from IPL 6 match fixing, so far!(jaimaharastra news)

Betting in IPL 6
Cricket Betting IPL6


First Ramiz Raja asked Rahul Dravid, the Royals captain, about the “tough couple of days”. Then, toss done and lost, Dravid is asked the same question by Alistair Campbell. Same answer – It’s been tough for everyone who follows the game. One does not expect, on the official channel, a full-fledged discussion on spot-fixing but to avoid the issue altogether is a blinkered policy that works only in societies where despotic regimes have cut off all access to the outside world. It merely confirms, for the critics, the impression that the IPL – or, at least, its coverage on the official channel – is less about the cricket and more about the entertainment…. t was like watching two parallel universes: one, in which the crisis was being discussed threadbare, with all its implications and interpretations, and another in which the crisis didn’t exist. (There was a third universe – the spectators in the Hyderabad stadium who, as our reporter Abhishek Purohit wrote, knew the facts but didn’t really care.).. Contrast this with ITV’s coverage of the IPL in the UK; there was a frank and free discussion on Thursday, the day the story broke, with the participants – including Aakash Chopra – at liberty to discuss the story after a briefing by lawyers…






One thought on “IPL6 Cricket Betting The Silence, Dawood Ibrahim,Diversion

  1. As one bookie said in one of the channels, IPL was designed for the benefit of Punters, Bookies , Scamsters & team owners to channelize black money, hawala etc.

    The prince of good times is sitting in London running away from law & underworld– the accumulated loot will bail him out for rest of his life.

    Lets not fool ourselves that Cricket was benefitting from it.

    These three cricketers would be fixed for life by BCCI & it wouldnt make a damn to them as they are already around 30 years of age & were busy having fun with chicks & rolling in moolah !

    Hope some good mosquito & bed bug bites in jail will bring them down to mother earth.


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