Germany’s Nazi Trial What is It

The Neo Nazi trial ,postponed ,begins on 14 May,2013.

Zschäpe, 38, dubbed the “Nazi bride” in the German media, is believed to be the sole surviving member of theNational Socialist Undergroundterrorist group that claimed responsibility in 2011 for murdering nine immigrants, eight of them of Turkish descent and one Greek man, as well as a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007.

Zschäpe, 38, dubbed the
Zschäpe, 38, the “Nazi bride”

The other two members, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, committed suicide in November 2011 after a botched bank robbery. Only after that did their involvement in the killings come to light.

Shortly after the trial started, Zschäpe’s lawyers filed a motion claiming that judge Manfred Götzl was unfit to run proceedings because the weapons searches placed them under suspicion of “being involved in forbidden and criminal actions.”

The judge then ordered the adjournment to consider their motion, along with another motion brought by a co-defendant.

The case has alarmed the country’s 3 million people of Turkish descent and has been a huge embarrassment to Germany because of the catalogue of errors made by the police and security authorities that exposed them to accusations of institutional racism and of having been blind to the threat of right-wing extremism.

Neo Nazi Attacks in Germny
Victims of Neo Nazi attacks.

Last month, Germany apologized for those errors at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, describing the murders as “without a doubt one of the worst human rights violations in Germany in the last decade.”

The accused remained silent but defiant.

Authorities Botched Investigation,

rosecutors investigating German neo-Nazi Beate Zschäpe, arrested last November for alleged membership of a terror cell that killed nine mostly Turkish immigrants and a policewoman, may extend their charges against her to include abetment to murder, SPIEGEL has learned.

Zschäpe was initially accused of founding and being a member of a terrorist group in addition to being charged with first-degree arson. Those charges still apply, but the Federal Prosecutor‘s Office will likely also charge the 37-year-old with complicity in the 10 murders and in 14 bank robberies, as well as with attempted murder for setting on fire the apartment in Zwickau where she and the two other members of the terrorist trio, which called itself theNational Socialist Underground, had lived.

Info-graphic of the case at .



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