The Fraud Called Aryan Invasion Proof

those who died i5.The Kings of south India were ardent followers of Vedic Rites.

During the megalithic period of about 1000 BCE – 400 BCE, people of South India including Tamilagam, shared many beliefs and practices of thenative Dravidian religion with the megalithic builders elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.The famous 3.5 metre-high granite figure excavated at Mottur, in present-day Vellore district, is considered the oldest known anthropomorphic representation of God in stone in the Tamil countryn the War.


The Myth was perpetrated by The British and the propagation was carried out it by the Christian Missionaries cloaked as scholars like Caldwell.

The goal for the West very clear, to destroy the Hindu culture to such an extent that  they embrace the Western thoughts , this, in their opinion, would consolidate the British Empire in India) and make Indians hate Indian Thoughts.

And they have succeeded in this attempt.

Even to-day this is being taught in Indian schools.


1.There is no mention of the Dravidians in the Vedas.

The Rik Veda lists the things imported from ‘Dravida’ meaning ‘South’, Pearls,Elephant Tusks.

There are mentions of Dasus, Dasyus and they have a differnt connotatio.

Please read my Posts on this.

2.The Vishnu Purana mentions that sage Viswamitra, the Rishi who gave the world the Gayathri mantra, exiled his 56 sons for disobeying him, to the south of Vindhyas,’Dravida’

3. Earliest Tamil  Grammar, Tholkappiyam, Literature of the Sangam Period does not mention the word ‘Dravida’ at all.

4. Adi Shankaracharya mentions the word ‘Dravida Sisu, to identify Tirugnanasambandar, (who lived around the 7th century,) in his ‘Soundaryalahari’9Sloka 75)

“tava stanyaṃ manye dharaṇidharakanye hṛdayataḥ
payaḥ pārāvāraḥ parivahati sārasvatamiva |
dayāvatyā dattaṃ draviḍaśiśu-rāsvādya tava yat
kavīnāṃ prauḍhānā majani kamanīyaḥ kavayitā || 75 ||

5.The Kings of south India were ardent followers of Vedic Rites.

During the megalithic period of about 1000 BCE – 400 BCE, people of South India including Tamilagam, shared many beliefs and practices of thenative Dravidian religion with the megalithic builders elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.The famous 3.5 metre-high granite figure excavated at Mottur, in present-day Vellore district, is considered the oldest known anthropomorphic representation of God in stone in the Tamil country.

Chera King Perunchotruudhiyan Neduncheralaathan, fed the Panadavas and Kauravas Armies during the Epic war of Mahabharata.

He performed the ‘Tharpana, in his Chera Kingdom, now Kerala for those who died in the War.

The Aryan Invasion of South India.
Aryan Invasion

6.Sage Agastya.

It is believed that the great hermit 
Agastya, who had performed such wonderful deeds by 
the merits of his penance, is still doing penance in the 
Agastya Kuta hills. Agastya who had travelled through- 
out the length and breadth of Bharata had several 
hermitages. In the Valmiki Ramayana, Aranyakanda, 
Sarga 11, a description is given, of a beautiful hermit- 
age of Agastya, and the peaceful atmosphere that 
prevailed in and around it. Agastya had presented to 
Sri Rama a bow got from Visnu, when the brothers 
visited his hermitage. Agastya had accompanied Sri 
Rama and his followers on his return journey to 
Ayodhya from Lanka, with Slta after killing Ravana. 
There is a legend in the Tamilnad that Agastya was a 
member of the first two 'Saiighas' (groups) of the 
"three Sanghas", mentioned in Tamil literature. As 
Agastya was dwarfish he is mentioned as Kurumuni, 
(short hermit) in Tamil works. He has written a Tamil 
grammar on music, literature and drama. But this 
work is not available now. The Tamil Grammar 
'Tolkapyam', which is considered to be the oldest gram- 
mar, was written by Tolkapyar, one of the twelve 
disciples of Agastya< Even today in certain temples in 
the Tamilnad, Agastya-worship is carried on. Kambar, 
has mentioned about Agastya in his Ramayana. A great 
Tamil author Villiputturan says that the Tamil langu- 
age is the beautiful maiden presented by Agastya. 
It is believed that the following works have been com- 
posed by Agastya: 

7. Archaeological Proof.

There are more than 2,500 Archaeological sites, two-thirds of which are along the recently discovered dried up Sarasvati River bed. These sites show a cultural continuity with the Vedic literature from the early Harrapan civilization up to the present day India.
8. Sarasvati River.
Several independent studies of the drying up of the Sarasvati River bed, all indicate the same time period of 1,900 B.C.E.
9.The late dating of the Vedic literatures by indologists is based on speculated dates of 1,500 B.C.E. for the Aryan Invasion and 1,200 B.C.E. for the Rig Veda, both now disproved by scientific evidence.


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9 thoughts on “The Fraud Called Aryan Invasion Proof”

  1. It is true that there was now Aryan invasion. It us a trick by the Europeans to get them a superior status.It is just like written in old history book” Vasco De Gama discovered India”.


  2. To my knowledge and understanding, the theory of Aryan invasion is a myth created by western ideologists. Some of the historian like Romila Thapar, gives her account of Aryan and this is based on the cultured and corrupted facts by Britishers. Going by the nature of behaviour, the way the activities performed, the way the worshipping is done and also the way the cities were planned… were all part of the one culture, that is the culture of Indo, widely discussed as people down south of Indus river. If you go through some the texts, the most interesting one being “The Lost River: On Trails of Saraswati” by Michael Danino, these facts are much more clear. Having gone through various texts and the more recent excavations in and around India makes it clear that there was no such proof of the existence of Aryan.

    Aryan invasion is not like Mughal invasion or Alexander invasion. Mughal invasion is by those who from Persia and middle east and they through their invasion and looting they started having control of the scattered majority population in Industan (which is the original term for Hindustan) and by converting some few of them.

    On the other hand, you will never find anyone either by group or name called Aryan invading Industan.


    1. Thank you for your comments.Kindly go through my other posts on this issue for further details.As a matter of fact my blog is all about Hinduism, a misnomer for Sanathana Dharma, being present throughout the world.Regds.


  3. As per my knowledge . The civilization of DRAVIR is more older than Aryan Civilization and DRAVIRs come to INDIA many years before than Aryans . The basic structure of hindu culture was formed by DRAVIR . It is true that Gayatri Mantra was discovered by DRAVIR . Before coming to INDIA , Aryans was dull nature and they basically come to INDIA for Business purpose. But after staying for a certain period of time in INDIA their intelligentsia has been developed . . In fact Ravana was more intelligent than RAM and I think that Aryans comes from Iraq and palastain .There were some conflict between DRAVIR and ARyan . I think that original Aryans are DRAVIR . .as far as i know the ancient language Sanskrit was discovered by Dravid..


  4. Your current article features confirmed helpful to us.
    It’s quite educational and you really are certainly quite well-informed in this field.
    You have opened my personal face to be able to different thoughts about this particular matter using intriguing, notable and strong articles.


  5. A French indologist Michael Danino in his book “The Invasion That Never Was” has also written that Aryans did never came from outside India.Late Dr.Sridhar Vakankar has also written extensively on the same theme.The so called “Indus Valley Civilisatio’ too was nothing but Sarsvati Valley Civilisation.Several Harappan sites like Lothal and Dholavira and many more have been excavated by the ASI. But unfortunately ASI has nither the will nor perhaps the budget to show these finds in an extensive manner. Recently I visited Lothal in Gujarat.I asked the ASI authorities if they could sell the CDs or DVDs of the finds. But they had non for sale.In USA one can find CDs or DVDs of any such site whether it is Grand Canyon or other places.


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