First Computer Created Recipe Indian Turmeric Paella

Cooking involves Creativity of the highest order.

I have often remarked to my children about the dishes we eat.

Human beings have to first eliminate what is not poisonous.

Choose what is tasty,then what is Healthy.

Find the various ingredients.

Arrive at mixture that is both tasty and nutritious.

Imagine how many Man Years are needed to arrive at the complex dishes Indian Cuisine offers!

Now  the Computer designed recipe is out.

One of the first, which is acknowledged is a Dish involving Turmeric and Spices Combination ‘Indian Turmeric Paella.


First Computer Designed Recipe
First Computer Designed Recipe, Indian Turmeric Paella.

“If you look at chess, it’s a deductive problem. All the pieces are on the board and you deduce what to do,” project lead Lav Varshney tells Co.Design. But cooking isn’t chess. A chef must choose their own pieces to construct not an objective goal (a checkmate), but a complex and highly subjective interplay of flavor, texture, and presentation to delight our senses. It’s inductive reasoning, something IBM began to explore with Watson (a system that had to reason Jeopardy answers that weren’t on a chess board).

“We’ve been interested in pushing computing to a new direction, computational creativity. We’re trying to draw on data sets, not just to make inferences about the world, but to create new things you’ve never seen,” Varshney says.

And somewhere amidst the seemingly infinite possibilities, sheer numeric processing gives way to a seemingly magical, entirely human process: Creativity.


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