Daily Eating The Traditional Indian Way

Eating plays an important role in Indian Homes(or used to Be important)

Dishes were planned systematically.

In South India, two items are standard,Dhal and Ghee

Daily Menu would be,

Sambhar(Gravy like)

Rasam(watery gravy, more like a soup)

Kaikari(vegetables cooked with spices)

Koottu(Vegetables, Spice,coconut mixed in a semi solid state)

Appalam( a wafer like eatable made of pulse and roasted in Direct Fire)

Pickles(a Variety are available, one of them is served daily)

Butter Milk.

The food is served in plantain leaf.

Sambhar and Rasam have Dhal in them.

They will be cooked thrice a day in a week .

For two days there will be Vathal Kuzhambu(Sambhar like minus Dhal, this is a special recipe)

One day there will be the Menu of Morekuzhambu(made of thick butter Milk)

Thogaiyal(type of chutney made of Coconut/Brinjal/Dhal)

This completes a week.

South Indian Lunch.
South Indian Lunch.

These items will be rotated in such a way that the same type of dish will not be prepared the next day.

The vegetables used are.

Raw Banana, Brinjal,Pumpkin,Bitter Gourd, Snake Gourd Bottle Gourd, Ribbed Gourd,Cluster Beans,Lady’s Finger,Potato,Yam,Pumpkin,Curry leaves,Coriander leaves., Green chilies,Capsicum,Greens, Amaranth Stem(Stem of the Greens), Ash Gourd.Radish.

Tomato, Cola cassia, Cabbage,Lime,Mango, Goose berry,Banana,Cucumber’Plantain Stem,Vitis,Plantain Flower,Pumplemoses(பப்ளிமாஸ்), Green peas.Honey

The way of preparation is also varied , the spices change.

If one looks at the combinations one can understand the nutritious value of the Food.

And of course the taste.

This is for Lunch or Dinner.

Breakfast menu us different and equally varied .

No cold cuts, No fast food but tasty healthy Food.

This is routine cooking and does not take into account the special cooking with more dishes for festivals, Religious occasions, there will be usually three to four a month.

I will be posting on the special dishes and the way they have to be served.





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