Boston Bombing A Fake? National Guard CST Photos Video

I have posted whether the Boston Bombing was a ‘False flag’ operation and I opined that it is not a fake attack to divert people for political ends.Now more information is pouring in with some of the Government Agencies putting out News Stories contradicting the initial investigation base.

Initially there were Reports that there could have been four suspects, it had become two now and no explanation on the other suspects,except a vague mention about one Saudi Businessman  being interrogated and cleared.

No talk about the fourth suspect.

And there was a suspicious looking Man on a Roof.

Boston Bombing
Boston Bombing, Man on the Roof

No explanation.

In the US there are conspiracy theories right from Lincoln’s Assassination to  Kennedy’s Assassination..

Fact is that none of these conspiracy have been proved false completely.

Let’s await this one as well!

Foreign Policy Reports.

While Northern Command, the U.S. military’s combatant command responsible for defending U.S. soil tells Killer Apps it has not sent any troops to Boston, local National Guard units were on scene during the bombings at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

In particular, the Massachusetts and New York National Guards had deployed their Civil Support Teams to the marathon. (It’s worth pointing out that the fact that so many well trained first responders were already on hand may have played a role in keeping the death toll relatively low.)

CSTs, as they are known, are National Guard units that are specially trained and equipped to detect and respond to chemical, biological, or radiological incidents. Basically, they’re the first people a governor would call in the event of a WMD attack. These teams were on hand before the marathon even started, according to New York Guard spokesman Eric Durr, who says that such teams are deployed before most major events where public officials worry about the threat of a WMD attack.

“If a bomb goes off, they can check out the scene and determine whether or not there’s any other contaminants besides the explosive,” said Durr. “They come with a full suite of detection gear, communications equipment, and we generally deploy them in teams of two or three vehicles. Of course they’re onsite anytime there’s a major public event” such as the opening of the UN General Assembly, the Masters Tournament, or NASCAR race…

The Massachusetts team was on duty during the running of the Boston marathon, augmented by similar civil support teams from the New York and Rhode Island National Guards.

As Justin Keogh writes:

They would not dress up like that to plant a bomb. They are carrying chem/bio/radiological detection gear…

Boston Bombing A fake?
Photo appears to show someone actually laying down a black backpack next to the Boston Marathon:
Boston Bombing Scene
(It looks like the window to his right is already blown out by a bomb. But the fact that he is furtively handling the backpack looks extremely suspicious.)

His clothing looks very similar to the gentlemen on the left here (remember that the photo below was taken in broad sunlight, and thus the colors are lighter):

Boston Bombing
Boston Bombing suspect
Boston Marathon Bombing S
Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect?

This picture from the Guardian shows members of the CST “evacuating the scene” after the bombing:

Boston Bombing Crime Scence
Boston Bombing Crime Scence

The pants and boots look like the guys above.  But the vests don’t.  Perhaps – after the bombing – they changed out of their “low-key” jackets and into more officially-labelled vests in order to take an active role in evacuation efforts?  We’re not sure.

But as many have pointed out, one of the guys dressed like a CST seems to be wearing a military contractor/mercenary patch for Craft mercenary or Blackwater or another mercenary company, and backpacks like the bombers’ backpack:

Conspiracy Theory Debunked:

Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories Debunked


4 thoughts on “Boston Bombing A Fake? National Guard CST Photos Video

  1. I uploaded the 1 and only existing photo so far from the Guardian into photoshop,and this photo with the CST emblem has been altered. It is a photoshop job, and not even a very good one. The emblem has clearly been pasted onto the photo.


  2. Crazy!! Darn goverment for playing the false attack AGAIN!! Who they blamed, Alkida of course. If you don’t believe me look at the pictures of the people being injured, There ACTORS!!!!!! What is going on in the United States, impeach our goverment!!!


  3. Yes , Mr. Ram, there are many inconsistencies in this episode. And, a country like USA is closing all the daily operations – no transportation, no office, no school, all are closed, residents are warned not to come out of their houses, not to open any door if there is any knocking and the et al. For what, to catch a mouse in the house. an 18 year old teanager is said to be the 2nd suspect terrorist who is hiding somewhere in Boston! All the security forces are stand by ! Where ? in in the World Police protected house with all security and surveillance arrangements!


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