Sleep, Head In The South, Feet To The North

Hinduism has rituals and procedures laid down for Daily activities.

These instructions start  from   brushing the Teeth to going to Bed at night.

Hinduism forbids sleeping during The Day.

One such interesting fact is about Sleeping.


In which Direction should one have his Head !

‘Head to point the East in One’s Home,

To West in close Relatives Home(like In Laws,brothers are considered to be of the same house hold even if they live separately, where as sister is considered to belong to another Household),

Never Towards the North ,

And always pointing towards the South”

We are aware that the Earth has a Magnetic Field, North and South Poles.

The East is Hot.

So because of the Heat Current passes from The East to The West.

The Right side of this current(North) creates Positive Current.

And The Left side (South), the Negative Current.

Human Body. specifically the Red Corpuscles have Iron and hey have the properties of being made into a Magnet.

Head has Positive Current while the Feet , Negative Current.

When one sleeps with one’s Head in the North, Feet pointing out at the South  we  go against the Natural flow of Current and Magnetism and we will be disturbed in Sleep and Health is likely to be hit.

When you sleep with head pointing out to South and Feet to North, you  will be in Harmony with the Natural Flow of Current in The Earth’s ElectroMagnetic Field.

This helps you sleep better and is Healthy.


4 thoughts on “Sleep, Head In The South, Feet To The North

  1. I try and sleep with my feet towards the East. This way the sun will be visible when I wake. It is the Native American way – the opening of the tipi also faces east. I’ve found that it does give me better rest and am always disturbed in sleep if the bed is reversed.


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