Students Rise Tamil Nadu Against Tamils Genocide,Keep up

Barring the 1965 Anti-Hindi agitation  , Students of Tamil Nadu have never been as vehement, relentless and devoid of Political color  as one against the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka and Rajapakshe.

Tamil Nadu Students agitate against Sri Lankan Genoicde of Tamils.
Tamil Nadu Students agitate against Sri Lankan Genoicde of Tamils.
Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Their demands are for separate Tamil Elam,or Peaceful resettlement of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, Investigation of War Crimes by Sri Lanka nd the decalaration of Rajapakshe as a war criminal.

They are justified in what they are doing , in the absence of a concerted effort to mobilise Public opinion against Sri Lanka by the Indian government.

For political reasons, nay, personal gains of not being arrested and for power the DMK which has been a part of the Government till yesterday ,a party to support Sri Lanka and the apathy of the other parties, barring Vaiko and Jayalaithaa,the former relentlessly championing the cause in Intentional Forums and the latter by doing whatever possible as responsible CM in a federal set up.

That the DMK has started the TESO comedy is for Public consumption and the withdrawal from the Government a few days ago on Tamils Issue.

Already the DMK is sending feelers to Congress for the Alliance for the coming elections.

Now what is needed is a Peoples Movement ; just as for the Anti Hindi Agitation.

That was apolitical in nature and a genuine effort on the imposition of Hindi against non Hindi speaking States.

Annadurai jumped into the wagon in the last stage to reap a political advantage.

But for Tamil Nadu’s step Hindi would have entered in the non Hindi belts.

The present agitation is also non political where no voice against or for any political party is raised in the agitation of these students.

Though there are some violent incidents reported, the agitation has by and large been peaceful.

The other agitations by the students were failures in Tamil Nadu as they have been tainted with Politics and politicians muddling the issues.

Students, keep up the pressure.

More important do not allow politicians to sneak in whoever it might be.

Do not give room to violence.

You will succeed in making Delhi see reason and stop cuddling up to Sri Lanka under the pretext of Security and checkmating China.

Chennai,Mar 20 (TruthDive): Anti-Sri Lanka protests raging in Tamil Nadu  are termed by the political experts as the biggest upsurge that the State is witnessing after the anti-Hindi agitation led by DMK in 1965. The massive student protests are now spreading like forest fire to cover other sections of the society, never before seen in the State after 1965.

Demanding a separate Eelam for the Sri Lankan Tamils, all sections of the society are now joining the battle including Madras High Court advocates, Chennai’s wholesale vegetable & fruit market,Koyambedu traders, pro-Tamil outfits, industrial workers from Sriperumbudur, cottage industry workers from Coimbatore, textile industry workers from Tirupur and Tamil refugees at Pudukkottai refugee camp to show their solidarity with the protesting student community of Tamil Nadu.

Apparently, the unprecedented breakout of agitations against Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu has shaken up the island nation to the extent that a travel advisory has been issued by the country’s Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday following  incidents of assaults on Buddhist monks in Chennai and Thanjavur.

It is also learnt that the Sri Lankan Airlines has reduced its flights to Chennai by half and Sri Lankan tourists are cancelling trips to India.

About 40 of the Tamil Nadu Youth Front members burnt copies of the US resolution on Sri Lanka opposite Loyola College in the city.

Around 150 members of the Students Federation of India staged a demonstration in front of Shastri Bhavan in Chennai that houses the key central government offices in the city. The agitating students were taken into custody by the police and released later.

75 VCK cadres staged a rail roko at the Thiruvanmiyur MRTS station and were arrested.

300 supporters of a political outfit, Bharat Hindu Munnani  blocked a train at the Perambur railway station here.

Demanding a referendum in Sri Lanka, members of All Engineering and Arts and Science College Students Federation were restrained by police personnel when they attempted to enter Tiruchi railway junction in a bid to stage a rail roko according to reports from The Hindu.

It may be recalled that the Tamil Nadu government has ordered indefinite closure of 525 engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University and 438 arts and science colleges in the State with an objective of diluting the student agitations that are rocking the state of Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, students have strengthened their protests by holding fasts, processions, rallies, burning effigies of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapkse near government establishments across Coimbatore, Tiruchy, Salem, Thanjavur, etc.

The Tamil film industry, including directors, artists etc showed their support for the students by observing  a day’s hunger strike at Valluvar Kottam yesterday.


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