How IRS Tax Preparers Lead People Away From Fraudulent Schemes

I have maintained that you flush out the Auditors you get the black money out in India.


The same to be the case in The US.


Read On;


Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (Photo credit: cliff1066™)


All citizens of a nation are bound by law to pay tax to the government. It is one of the major sources of revenue which is used for providing the residents of a nation with the basic amenities of life. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS regulates the entire process of tax imposition as well as collection of tax from the people. Recently, the IRS has encountered a lot of tax fraud cases primarily due to the illegal practices of the tax preparers. In most cases, the tax payers are victims of fraudulent activities of the tax practitioners without their knowledge. The IRS has also taken up some steps to do away with this rising phenomenon.




Spreading Awareness


Mostly it can be seen that the non English speaking population of USA are the victims of tax preparer fraud. This kind of fraud takes place when the tax preparer manipulates the tax return of an individual claiming refund from IRS. According to the IRS norms, refunds are instantaneously given to the tax payer, but IRS has the authority to audit the refunds made by it within the next three years and thereafter indict penalties on the tax payer. Thus, the entire burden falls on the tax payer for their ignorance in the course of time. In such cases, they have to consult professional tax fraud solicitors to plead their case before the authorities. To stop such occurrences due to the ignorance of the tax payer, the IRS tax preparers have taken up some serious steps to spread awareness among the ignorant tax payers.




Cancelling Licenses


The IRS has come across many tax practitioners who do not posses valid license from authentic organization for filing tax on behalf of tax payers. They are con artists who are taking advantage of the ignorant masses and swindling them. The IRS has found many such con artists who were actually from different vocation. But owing to the easy money that they could make by preparing fraudulent tax schemes, they have taken up this profession as well. Illegal practitioners are taken into custody and legal actions have been taken against them.




Bring About A Change of Attitude


No matter how hard the IRS tax preparers try, they would not be able to bring about a dynamic change in the scenario without the help of the tax payer. In most cases, it is being observed that tax preparers are reluctant to approach the white collar tax preparers because of their biased opinion and also because of their lack of confidence. The IRS has taken up many initiatives to inform the commoners about these fraudulent schemes, so now it is their turn to come out of their shell for their own benefit. They should avoid the shady tax preparers who provide them with horrific advice like ignoring the letters of penalties from IRS.




Shop Around


Since the tax laws are quite complicated and really vast, they are specialized institutes that train aspirant to deal with it properly. The tax payers must engage in a bit of research to find out a qualified and licensed tax preparer who is aware of the recent updates in the tax laws and will be able to prepare an accurate tax return on their client’s behalf with their expertise. They should learn from the mistakes of the ignorant tax payers and take up some initiatives to safeguard themselves from falling prey to the same trap.




Since paying tax is our primary duty towards the nation, we should take every possible step to accomplish this obligation. In case you have already fallen prey to a fraudulent scheme, then consult a professional tax fraud solicitor to avoid any further trouble. Help IRS to eradicate this problem by being a cognizant citizen.”


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