Christianity Converts Even During Obituary

I received an email from The American Hindu Association.

It is disgusting to see proselytization even after death.

What do they gain by numbers?

It shows the weakness of Religion.

Do they mean to imply that Christianity would like to have dead followers?

Please read my posts under Christianity.

Watch the Video of a western woman on Hinduism.

Seems to know the fundamentals correct, I am not sure how many Hindus have this fundamental grasp of Hinduism.

There are some sane people too.

Christian Conversion
Christian Conversion

The Forward.

UNITED STATES, March 24, 2013 (Huffington Post, by Anantanand Rambachan): We recently lost a beloved family elder. He lived out his life within the structures of meaning and ritual provided by the Hindu tradition. These guided his commitment to work, his devotion to family, and his sense of justice. The beginning and the end of his life were marked by traditional Hindu ceremonies. He was a paragon of fidelity and a repository of rich life experiences that he shared passionately in stories with receptive grandchildren. The Hindu tradition is still domestic centered. Since funeral ceremonies are performed at home, it is customary, in Hindu obituaries, to mention the address, identify the funeral ritual as Hindu and specify the place of cremation.

We received many cards, notes and letters of sympathy in the days following the funeral ceremony. There were several, however, from persons whose names and addresses we did not recognize. Each one was structured in a similar way. The writer opened with words of sympathy, making mention of many personal details from the obituary. This was followed by Biblical texts about the way to eternal life and reunion with loved ones. The letters spoke of punishment for unbelievers but also of the promise of salvation from effects of sin “through the ransom sacrifice of …Jesus Christ.” The letters included published Christian literature. We quickly realized that these Christian letter-writers searched newspaper obituaries with the aim of identifying families belonging to other religious traditions with the aim of proselytization. We learned also that this was not unusual and that Hindus experiencing death in their families regularly received such invitations to convert.

Some Christians, like these letter writers, assume a religious need in the other for Christianity and make no effort to understand the religious life of the other. They conclude wrongly that traditions other than Christianity have no good resources and insights for helping their practitioners understand and cope with the loss of a loved one and they appeal to fear of punishment as a basis for religious commitment. They are driven by their need to convert the other and not by the need of the other for conversion. Christians will understand better our discomfort by taking our places and imagining themselves as recipients of invitations, from Hindus, to convert in the midst of grief for a loved one.

What troubled me also about this effort to proselytize is the undisguised attempt to exploit what they saw as an occasion of emotional vulnerability resulting from our grief. Such exploitation is not dissimilar to proselytization in circumstances of poverty or in situations of natural disaster that we witnessed, for example, on the occasion of the Asian tsunami. Grief-evangelism, as I choose to describe what we experienced, is similar to aid-evangelism and both need to be vigorously repudiated by people of all religions. There are many good reasons for reading obituaries. Trolling for opportunities to proselytize is not among the good ones.

More at source.


Adopting Hinduism–Youtube Video

UNITED STATES, September 4, 2012 (YouTube): Raised Catholic, and considering herself spiritual for many years, Danielle decided to convert to Hinduism at age 16. The name Gauri Maheshwari was given to Danielle by one of the priests at the temple upon her decision to be a Hindu.

Hinduism is a way of life for Danielle. In fact, it is the very essence of life and gives her purpose in all she does. It makes her a kinder, gentler person because she realizes that God is in everyone and so she must treat people the way she would treat God. Danielle worships in her puja room at home and at the Hindu Temple in St. Louis.

In this 30 minute interesting and well-made video, Gauri articulately explains her views on Hinduism, religion, beliefs, adopting Hinduism and more. At the time of the interview she is 18 years old.




Hindu Obituaries And Christian Proselytization

Ack.American Hindu Association,AHA.



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9 thoughts on “Christianity Converts Even During Obituary”

  1. Dear Sir,

    The video has been made unavailable… Wonder why such videos go off air when Christianity conversion videos and Islam conversion videos stay on youtube forever!

    Everyone has a right for look for spiritual growth. Why only Hindus have to take a back seat, always?



  2. you thing you want to do something for hindu so come india i will take you with realy needed poor people in india they don”t have food water shelter school so you have live with them , eat, sleep with them just like christian missioners do o k so when you came to india in treble area and when you started your work with realy poor dirty uneducated started today GOD BLESS YOU


  3. where you are live if you live abroad then you come back to india because all american counter are christian counter & European are also christian counter so you have come back to india you came & work in treble area don’t seat in air condition room come see who work for poor people in india who started hospital, school ,old age people home who work for poor children ! we are 1 crore in indian & Muslim 45 crore in india we are not harm full for any body you better know who is harm full for man kind around world god bless you thing again ADVIN CHRISTIAN 8000655355


    1. I have not said that what Christians have done to education, Orphans and other socially downtrodden.
      In fact I admire them for this.
      But the ultimate goal is conversion.
      If it is not conversion and for Compassion why do not they serve with out Converting them to Christianity.
      They can not for they would not receive Funds, including from the Vatican.


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