Musharraf ‘Life In Danger ,Have Come Back’ Why Ran Away

General Musharraf, former Pakistani President returned to Pakistan yesterday to participate in the Elections.

Addressing his supporters he said,


Musharraf Vows to save Pakistan

“I have put my life in serious danger and come back to save Pakistan,” he said in his 10-minute talk with journalists in front of his supporters who could not hear what he was saying because of faulty sound system.

“I have come back home today. Where are those who used to say I would never come back?”

He said this was his first day of launching active politics in Pakistan but from this “day one” he had started facing conspiracies.“The conspirators have sabotaged my first rally at the Quaid’s Mausoleum, but I am overwhelmed to see how many people from all parts of the country have come to receive me. I am really very happy to have come back to my motherland,” he said, adding: “I am not scared of anyone, except Allah the Almighty.”

He said he was a soldier who had learned not to hesitate to sacrifice life for the sake of the country. “I have come back under the same oath and have put my life in danger.”

“Those who are giving me life threats, I want to tell them that I am a Syed, a soldier and a staunch Muslim. I don’t fear death. I am a more devoted Muslim than those who are threatening me.

“I want to tell all those who are making such threats that I have been blessed by Allah.”

He said the state of affairs the country was passing through now saddened him.

“Poverty and unemployment have broken the back of my people. I promise to you, I am here to get back for you the same Pakistan I had left behind four years ago.”

He criticised the government on the rise of militancy in Karachi and said the city belonged to the Baloch, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Bengalis, Biharis and everyone who lived there and had a stake there. He appealed to all the people and political parties to make Karachi a bastion of peace and prosperity.

Gen Musharraf said he would soon start his political campaign and hold rallies across the country.

“We will save Pakistan at any cost,” he chanted before going back into the VVIP lounge whose door had remained open throughout his talk.

His supporters who waited for hours but could not hear a word of what Gen Musharraf told reporters were visibly disappointed.

Before his arrival, till 11.40am, there were dozens of personnel of the Airport Security Force, police and Rangers in the open space outside the terminal, and only about half-a-dozen party leaders who were largely seen busy on their mobile phones apparently getting directions from their superiors. And then, the first group of supporters emerged, dancing and chanting slogans in favour of the retired general.

The information secretary of Gen Musharraf’s APML, Aasia Ishaq, claimed: “Tens of thousands of people are coming from across the country. They are getting late because of severe traffic jams on highways.

Righteous words indeed!

Then why did you run away from Pakistan when the situation was worse/(well,on Pakistan, you can never say which is worse)!

Did you not leave Pakistan because of a Saudi deal assuring you of safe passage?

Again are you not returning because of a Saudi back door deal, though they initially advised against returning to Pakistan?

As Indian Home Minister said, ‘People will forget all these shortly’

Contribute to the confusion in Pakistan.

Musharraf addresses in Pakistan, after return.
Musharraf addresses in Pakistan, after return.

‘Talking to The Express Tribune, a close aide to Musharraf – who is due to arrive at Karachi airport around 12:45pm today – revealed that following closed-door meetings with the Saudi royals, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has agreed to refrain from creating any trouble for the former dictator upon his return. He added that in light of the threats issued against Musharraf by the Taliban, the country’s security agencies would provide security to the former president.

According to the aide, both PML-N head Nawaz Sharif and army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani paid visits to the kingdom recently to discuss issues pertaining to Musharraf’s return and the upcoming elections in Pakistan. Musharraf himself met the Saudi rulers as well on separate occasions, he added.

PML-N’s top leadership has remained tight-lipped on the alleged deal over Musharraf’s return. Both Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Khawaja Saad Rafique refused to comment on the issue when contacted.

PML-N spokesperson Ahsan Iqbal, however, denied any deal with Musharraf and maintained his party’s stance remained unchanged. He claimed the former dictator had tried to use diplomatic pressure to meet Nawaz Sharif, but his request was turned down by the latter.

“For his crimes against the nation and the Constitution, Musharraf must face charges in the court of law,” he said, adding that his party would have no objection if the former president was cleared by the courts.


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