$ Half a Million Hotel Bill, US Vice President Biden One Night.

Atrocious spending!

He could be awarded special prize, probably a Congress Medal of Honor!




Paris may be known as the City of Light, but that title certainly doesn’t mean that visitors are light on spending as Vice President Joe Biden’s one day trip cost taxpayers more than half a million dollars.

When Mr Biden and his hefty entourage stayed in Paris for an evening in early February and it cost $585,000.50 for that single night.

The Vice President likely rented out more than 100 rooms in the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, though they must not have gotten a group discount rate.


US GSA Document.

Notice Type:
Award Notice
Contract Award Date:
January 28, 2013
Contract Award Number:
Contract Award Dollar Amount:
Contractor Awarded Name:
Contractor Awarded Address:

PARIS, 75009

Added: Feb 14, 2013 8:58 am
Contracting Office Address:
2 avenue Gabriel
75382 Paris Cedex 08
Paris, Non-U.S.
Primary Point of Contact.:
Dominique Mazier
Phone: 0033143122487
Fax: 0033142661194


Because the hotel doesn’t offer a Vice Presidential suite, Mr Biden likely enjoyed a title bump as he probably stayed in the two-room Presidential Suite which goes for 2,975 euros per night.

The 1,851-square foot suite features an interconnecting entertainment area, marble bathrooms and ‘upscale’ linens.

The Vice President’s wife, Dr Jill Biden, was traveling with him and their first stop was in Germany, before heading to Paris and finishing the tour in London on February 5.


Expensive handshake: Biden was in Paris for one night and he met with Prime Minister Francois Hollande while there on February 4
Expensive handshake: Biden was in Paris for one night and he met with Prime Minister Francois Hollande while there on February 4
Le Grande Hotel,Paris.
Le Grande Hotel,Paris.


Room in Le Grande Hotel,Pars.
Room in Le Grande Hotel,Pars.

The cost of foreign trips is always a lightning rod for conservatives who balk at the idea of paying so much for government officials to travel.

In that vein, Twitter quickly lit up in a fury about the outrageous price tag, with many picking up on the irony that his expensive trip cam just three weeks before the much-reviled sequester budget measure went into effect.



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