Tirupati Laddus For Hair TTD, Shameful!

Tirupati Laddu.
Tirupati Laddu.

The TTD had come out with a proposal,to augment its resources(yes, it’s very poor!)) to  offer Five Tirupati Laddus ,for hair measuring 31” long,which approximately weighs 1 Kg!

Hair Tonsuring, Tirupati.
Hair Tonsuring, Tirupati.

It has appealed to the Devotees to have their Hair tonsured.

Hair tonsuring is a vow undertaken by the Hindus for having had their wishes fulfilled by the Deities.

In South India, this is done at Tirupati and Palani(Lord Subramanya).

Hair is tonsured on completion of the first year of the child at the Family Deities’ temples,as practiced in the Family.

We know that Tirupati is the richest Temple in terms collections through offerings by the devotees.

To demean a sacred vow?

At this rate TTD may announce a prgramme for maximum for donations in the Hundi  on and even offer prizes for those who take more vows !

Crass commercialism is reigning at Tirupati including the opening of the Temple at nights after Artha Jaama (after 10-30pm) on English New Year’s Day, in contravention of the Agama Sastra.


Grow hair, get laddus. In its endeavour to generate more revenue through the sale of human hair, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has decided to reward those women devotees who donate their long hair by getting it tonsured. Accordingly, each woman devotee who donates hair measuring 31 inches will be gifted five laddus.

“The engineering department is currently making arrangements near Sudarshan Choultry for head tonsuring of women and is also building separate rooms for this purpose,” said K Krishna Reddy, deputy executive officer of Kalanakatta, where the devotees tonsure their head. The scheme will be put in place from April 1.



Tirupati Laddu:

Tirupati Laddu Recipes:

Ingredients : 
Besan - 1 cup Sugar - 1 1/2 cups Cardamom - 2 Clove - 2 Cashews - 
4 Saffron - a pinch, one tablespoon raisin, one tablespoon - 
diamond kalkandu, Dry Camphor - a pinch (Pachai Karpooram) Coloring agent 
- a pinch Oil - to deep fry

Procedure :

 Heat up 1/4 cup water in a heavy bottomed vessel and dissolve the sugar completely in it. 
Add the carrdamom, dry camphor, saffron 
and coloring agent to it and remove from the fire / heat. Add 1/4 cup water to 
the besan and mix it to obtain a thick batter (like bajji 
maavu). Heat up oil in a kadai and when it starts to smoke, reduce the heat to medium. 
Hold a plate with holes (or a laddle with holes 
used while frying) over the hot oil and pour the besan batter over the plate.
 Small drops of it will fall in the hot oil and fry as small 
balls. Remove these promptly (without becoming too crisp) and drain off the excess oil. 
Add these in batches to the hot sugar syrup. 
Continue to work on the batter to prepare all the boondi out of it. 
Add the small cashew pieces (fried in ghee) and the cloves and stir 
the boondi in the sugar syrup to mix uniformly. While it is still warm, 
form small balls out of it and firmly hold in the palm to round 
up the balls. Make sure that the laddus are all firm. Try to work as quickly as possible, 
because as the syrup cools down, you may not be able to form firm laddus. 




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