Indian Women Treated Badly Than Pakistan,Bangladesh

India treats women badly than Pakistan,Bangladesh and Nepal.

Its performance is poor even against Iraq!

Gender Equality ,India.
Gender Equality ,India.

India ranks 132 out of 187 countries on the gender inequality index – lower than Pakistan (123), according to the United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Report 2

The report said all  countries in South Asia, with the exception of Afghanistan, were a better place for women than India, with Sri Lanka (75) topping them all. Nepal ranked 102nd and Bangladesh 111th.

The annual U.N. report assesses how well countries world-wide are performing on human development indicators like health, education and income.

The gender inequality index measures the loss in a country’s progress and human development because of gender inequality in three sectors: reproductive health, women empowerment and labor market participation.

The report notes that “gender inequality is especially tragic not only because it excludes women from basic social opportunities, but also because it gravely imperils the life prospects of future generations.”

India ranks low partly because of its skewed sex ratio, with only 914 females every 1000 males, according to Indian government data. Indian families often prefer boys to girls, and female feticide is tragically common.”


Believe it.


This is what the UNDP Report findings say.


Indian HDI(Human Development Index) is 136,Pakistan 146,Bangladesh 146,Nepal and 157!


Yes, True.


In India women are hounded out,all are in purdah,Women are stoned to death,women need permission to go to Work,they are ostracized for touching

man,they can be divorced by calling Talaq thrice even over Phone!


Another Catherine Mayso’s Report on India.!


Source.UNDP Report for Human Development 2013.



2 thoughts on “Indian Women Treated Badly Than Pakistan,Bangladesh

  1. y r women treated so badly in our culture.These women play an very crucial role in our lives .They play the role of a women ,daughter ,wife ,sister,daughter in law….just for men they leave away their house and their parents.They change their too. men have no right to treat them differently.India is a democratic country,all citizens have their right to equality ,justice .Certain laws should be implemented and enforced by the goverment for women .


    1. True.
      This applies to men as well
      They also function as Sons,Brothers,Husbands, Fathers,Son in laws.
      Men in most cases leave their parents for wives,in Laws stay instead!


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