Time To Disown Jayendra Saraswati?

Look at this Video by The Nithyananda Ashram and Jayendrars’ encomiums on the Nothyananda Peetham(?) and Nithyananda’s speech.

….Though I am critical of Jayendra Saraswati,I have the highest regard for Maha Periyava, as my readers know.

Jayendra Saraswati, according to a news Report met with Nithyananda at Allahabad and had a discussion(!) with him.

Jayendra Sarswati is yet to extricate himself from the Sanakara Raman Murder, Cell Phones ,Misappropriation of Gold cases.

Not to forget his running away to Talacauvery episode.

There were also reports of a controversy in Coastal Andhra which was suppressed .

As I said earlier, if not being a Guru, let him stop becoming a sore thumb of Hinduism and sully the name of his Guru, Maha Priyava.

He may not be affected by criticism, surrounded by chamchas and yes-men who seek a living by being near to him.

It is the Brahmin Community, for the sin of having been born a Brahmin has to become the butt of ridicule in the Society, which as it is, being targeted in Tamil Nadu in particular.


It is a shock to the followers of the Kanchi Mutt that Jayendra Saraswati had met with Nithyananda of Ranijtha, Rape fame at  Kumbh Mela ,Allahabad.

I received a cal today from a friend of mine who is an ardent follower of the Kanchi Mutt(who knows me and my views on Jayendrar and Kanchi Mutt )when he expressed his anguish at the News and he has been flooded with emails of Sankara Mutt Devotees being deeply wounded.

He wanted my views.

The reply I gave him is posted here..

Look at this Video by The Nithyananda Ashram and Jayendrars’ encomiums on the Nithyananda Peetham(?) and  Nithyananda’s speech.

Nithyananda Swamy Murthy(!?)
Nithyananda Swamy Murthy(!?)
Jayendra Saraswathi with Nithyananda
Jayendra Saraswathi with Nithyananda

YouTube Description.

‘Published on Feb 8, 2013

Jan 7 2013 – Event in Mahakumbhapuri Prayag :
One of the famous Tamil nadu math Kaanchi kaamakodi Peetathipathi Sri Sri Sri Jayendra saraswathi swamigal Visited Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam at Mahakumbhamela. He met Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamigal. And he spoke about the greatness of Dhyanapeetam and Swamiji.’

My comments.

Though I am critical of Jayendra Saraswati,I have the highest regard for Maha Periyava, as my readers know.

Jayendra Saraswati, according to a news Report met with Nithyananda at Allahabad and had a discussion(!) with him.

Jayendra Sarswati is yet to extricate himself from the Shankara Raman Murder, Cell Phones threatening the Judge who is trying the Sankar Raman Case,Misappropriation of Kamakshi Amman Gold cases.

Not to forget his running away to Talacauvery episode.

There were also reports of a controversy in Coastal Andhra which was suppressed .

As I said earlier, if not being a Guru, let him stop becoming a sore thumb of Hinduism and sully the name of his Guru, Maha Periyava.

He may not be affected by criticism, surrounded by chamchas and yes-men who seek a living by being near to him.

It is the Brahmin Community, for  the sin of having been born a Brahmin  has to become the butt of ridicule in the Society, which as it is,  is being targeted in Tamil Nadu in particular.

The Reverence one has for Maha Periyava and Gurus(as described by the Vedas-of course Jayendrar does not belong to this category) can only take this much.

Time he is disowned publicly as the Madurai Adheenam was, when he consorted with Nithyananda.




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27 thoughts on “Time To Disown Jayendra Saraswati?”

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsWhy not Time to disown Hinduism? “Hindu Dharma is not meant to be just enjoyed passively. It is an active thriving system that REQUIRES it’s followers to follow Dharma!” Therefore Tamil Brahmins have only themselves to blame for their downfall as instead of standing up for Dharma, they chose to hold on to their comforts. Just what is it that Ramani is annoyed about? I think he is not confident how others will perceive him at social gatherings, and because of this he wants the Swami’s to bend Dharma. This attitude reveals the “inferiority complex” of many Indians. The British proved that they have successfully corrupted the Brahmins as every Brahmin today only wants to Enjoy Hinduism while the Donations of Gold and Ghee flow, (like Dronacharya – the Epitome of “Daridra Brhamna”. We complain about Periyar and DMK, but how many of our fathers/grandfathers/Periappas etc. stoodup against these criminals? How many brahmins opposed the illegal ruling of Communist govt of Kerala to seize our lands, How many even protested when Govt. took over Hindu temples. SO Mr. Ramani, to make you look creditable, all one has to next is instigate a scandal on Tirupati, Guruvayoor, Srirangam – and your next article will be “Time to disown Hinduism?” It is pathetic that a community that was once respected for its intellect has fallen to such base levels of stupidity. No wonder the British could rule us so easily, and Tipu sultan could slaughter millions of us so easily. We have tendency to “Cry out for help” but never move a muscle to rescue ourselves.


  2. Ignorance or enlightenment,my god,how cruel and heartless are such educated people against holy people!
    God bless them,One has to be a Jnani to understand another.Temporal power can never defeat True spiritual power.Whoever you are,instead of wasting your time in mudslinging Acharyas we revere,please dive deeper within ,you will be getting answers from the greater power that is leading us.Sri Ramana would have asked you to mind your business and concentrate on Who you are than hurting others.You will not listen to good words,we pray for you to live in peace and happiness as directed by our Gurus.


  3. Your heading is wrong.A sanyasi doeat own anything.He is doing for us.So time to disown yourself and take a path which suits you.please show some ethics when you put a healine.I will call you attention grabber.Lost all respect for you.


  4. Come on Sir. Come off age. Your comments are a joke.

    I hope the incarceration in jail & the humiliation heaped by the Society has brought some good sense to ‘ demi Gods’ & their followers.

    Don’t you worry, Iam happy wherever Iam — happy at not being a dumb follower


    1. Better to be a dumb follower than be a detractor and pass such disparaging comments based on reports brought out by the yellow press, without even attempting to know the truth.


  5. As usual, Mr. Ramanan, I see you are up to your usual antics here, defaming the Kanchi Acharya. I guess it is your favorite pastime to look into any issue and see if a controversy can be raked out of it, especially concerning the Kanchi Mutt. Are you the foremost representative of Hinduism to say that Hindus disown Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal. With what audacity do you just write His name without a respective prefix.

    Did you or Dr. M Chandrashekhar venture into the private chambers of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and witness any illicit activities taking place there? If you have not visited the Kanchi Mutt before, I urge you to go take a look. The lives of the Acharyas are extremely public, right from the beginning of the day at 5 am till late in the night at 10.30 pm. If they are not performing puja, they are either attending any public events (within or without the Mutt), or attending sadas or granting darshan to devotees. There is no private time for themselves. They do not take any siestas in the noons, too, for your kind information. I tell all of this because I have served in the Mutt and know clearly the day to day happenings.

    You might be aware that N Srinivasan, the ex-BCCI president and owner of CSK, is a very ardent devotee of the Sringeri Mutt and has been given the title Guru Bhakta Shiromani. Now that his SiL is accused of being involved in betting and match-fixing in the IPL and even N Srinivasan’s name is also tainted, will you say that the Sringeri Mutt should stop all associations with N Srinivasan and disown any donations he has made to the Mutt.

    Regarding Dr. Chandrashekhar’s comment about Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal cooling away in AC rooms, has he ever had darshan of Sringeri Acharya. All through the recent Vijaya Yatra and even while at Sringeri, wherever He goes, an assistant would be behind him holding a “mobile” fan. And high-end coolers were installed within the premises that He rested or performed puja, in almost all towns visited during the Yatra. Apparently, in a very well known Mutt, devotees have to pay a hefty amount to have a private audience with the Acharya.

    Narayanan has excellently rebutted all your comments. So, if it is controversies that you are searching for, why don’t you go searching for it with other Mutts. They have truckloads of it. It’s time that you grew up and got a life beyond looking into controversies and condemning Kanchi Mutt.


    1. Iam least interested in Mutts. You seem to be pissed off since I touched a raw nerve by telling you what exactly happens / happened in Kanchi Mutt.

      Kindly read an eye opening article ” How the Gods Fail “‘ in Outlook dt 13 Dec 2004 & other such articles.

      If you still choose to remain blind, the choice is yours.


      1. Dr Chandrashekhar? What makes you so sure about what exactly happens/happened within Kanchi Mutt? Were you witness to any happenings. And about your eye-openin articles, did you know that Vinod Mehta who was the Editor of Outlook when these articles were published was previously editor of the sleaze magazine Debonair? And most of the articles carried in these magazines are quoted as “information provided by sources”. If the columnists could reveal who are these sources and even if such a source exists at all, it would do the world a great help. It is good that Kanchi Mutt doesn’t have followers such as you. It won’t be any less great due to your or Ramanan’s criticisms.


    2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsramarnava, I am astonished at the atrocity of your lies about Sringeri Swamigal. I have been to meet this swamiji numerous times, privately also many times. Not even once had I ever paid a single paisa for the audience. And I am an ordinary salaried, (superannuated) executive in a private company. Why do you drag another sanyasi, that too a true sanyasi, into this discussion. Your behaviour is highly unethical and unwarranted.
      You have incurred bhagavata apacharam, for which you will pay the penalty sooner or later in life!!


  6. Iam sorry to say I met him once & was appalled at the arrogance displayed by him & his team. It struck me very clearly–if you have money you are treated differently .All my devotion vanished at that very moment–wonder how God incarnates behave ! No way Iam going to be part of any entourage.

    My people are still blind followers of this blind system–before every marriage in the family, the Card is first given to him. I could not & cannot change that

    Similarly, when asked by poor patients as to why the charges in Tambaram Hospital was high, the saffron clad businessman is supposed to have remarked– we have invested so many crores in this hospital, why should we subsidise ? Great CSR.

    The article in Outlook mentions the AC Room which the juniormost pontiff & his brother used regularly in that poor orphanage for girls–you know for what –definitely not to teach Puranas !

    May be the incarceration in Jail & subsequent humiliation in the community has brought in some welcome changes–I appreciate that very much.


  7. Luxurious living with ACs blasting away Kancheepuram heat, unlimited money kind courtesy gullible donors, political patronage, big business dealings, good food with fruits, cow’s milk & unadulterated ghee ( look at the girth of both the present pontiffs), jet setting all over the globe,swooning women of all ages, unlimited adulation by devotees, — God, what a way to look for Salvation !!

    I think one should be Blessed to have such luxuries.

    Just ask both of them to go back from wherever they came from.. As a devout Hindu, I hate to have them as my Religious Guru — sorry, if I sound rude.


    1. I am sorry to say among the comments you have made. The only thing true about jayendra saraswati is that he is jetsetting. Donors, and money yes but for whom? Have you been with Jayendrar’s entourage. How many times have people even seen him wearing even rudimentary slippers. Let us stick to what we know as facts and not wildly make allegations based on rumours, hearsay from people without credibility and one’s own suppositions.


  8. Let me be clear her.e I agree with your view that from a traditional/shastraic standpoint , one can easily see a lot of flaws in Jayendrar’s actions. Today if I scan the actions of any of the Sanyasis , I am not able to fit them in perfectly in line with the shastras. Not even Sringeri swamigal, to my view appears to fully confirm to shastras, though I admire him. So it is the case of a greater offender – truly speaking from shastraic point of view.

    Reverting to your replies on my view
    1. My point was we cannot admire Paramacharya and dismiss Jayendrar , they were just two sides of the same coin. There is a blame that must be shared between the two if we must blame someone. On another note if Kanchi mutt was fabricating a lineage, Paramacharya could not possibly have been unconscious of the fact and already failed the test for a Sanyasi from a shastraic point of view
    2. Admidst a lot of discussion on who could have been truthful – Radha or Swamigal, nothing has been established in a court of law. There could have been N reasons for the differences and N reasons for the diversion of gold, it it happened. We do not know the full details except what we hear from accusations and counter accusations
    3.I agree sanyasis should shun publicity. One can either view Jayendrar’s actions as a case of hyperactivity or a case of publicity. The verdict has not yet been delivered- Is there someone who has the authority to be a judge here? In any case, I am not able to recollect any who really fits in with some of the shastraic texts like – Narada Parvrajaka Upanishad. Staying in a home itself( the mutt is no different from a home) is itself an offence for Sanyasa Dharma
    4. Point 4 has been missed completely. There is no credibility for Anuradha anymore considering her own statements, writings and retractions. some of her own relations have not had a pleasant view of her either, and that was much before she became famous as a writer . The whole circumstance surrounding that affair, the police trying to drag the names of normal people like usha, or more high profile people like some televison anchors etc leads one to completely dismiss this episode and encourages people like me to tell others to dismiss this , until someone comes up with a credible evidence which can stand in a court of law.
    5. As a sanyasi if we apply that rule that a sanyasi must heap praise on only people with an impeccable record, I am sorry to say I am not able to find any such sanyasi. It did not start today. It was there even from the times of Tipu sultan. Why cannot we view that he also has a mission to support causes of hindus, considering the difficulties posed by conversions, and I do agree that quite often his intention probably does not come across due to his quick tongue. I highlighted the view on Ramana to show that there can be a difference in perception from actual reality. What one says may be for a purpose which one may alone know. The only way to judge a person’s words and actions,is by first reviewing the circumstances surrounding the action, the pattern there. In this case the pattern which I found was him visiting controversial & non controvesial sadhus and speaking in much higher defense of hinduism after his release from the prison. To me he seems to be a person who has a mission much beyond the normal confines of shastras and advaita. A case in point was a recent speech in which he quoted ramanujacharya to an audience . His passion to advocate for a greater cooperation among hindus and his views on conversion is very much known to people associated with his activities. The takeover of Child trust hospital being a case in point. All this is possibly related to his visit of numerous swamijis. I can tell you that today, Jayendrar would have no hesitation in meeting certain sanyasis or sadhus who have spoken against him. The hesitation to meet more comes from the other side.

    I do believe that when we say someone was a Sanyasi as per the shastras ,we can never be sure of all the conditions that need to be satisfied. This is the true state of what we know today to be shastras. We only have sampradayas left not shastras even though we speak of shastras often

    If we keep a simpler definition of a Sanyasi – ” One who is not personally afflicted with any material desires, and one who is ever in pursuit of truth”. Some definition in this manner is an easier way to judge not always through the eye of shastras. With this simpler definition we can identify many sanyasis who could possibly come into this category . It is difficult for me to pass a judgement that Jayendrar did not belong to this category, I simply have no idea. But if someone is a follower of Jayendrar, unlike me, things have not come to such a situation, when they should abandon their respect for him. There is./was no perfect sanyasi today or yesterday strictly speaking as per shastras.


  9. One can keep arguing. Iam proud of the fact that Iam not a saffron clad fraud or bushy haired paedophile & have better moral & ethical standards over them.

    Iam sure if at all I wear Saffron after renunciation,, then I would stick to the laid down norms.

    It is money, sleeze , sex,& power politics in play in all our Religious Institutions–better to keep miles away from them. I would rather donate to a well run NGO .

    Why should we ever look at these controversial Gurus ? Just do your daily prayers & your work sincerely & you’d achieve whatever you are ordained.


  10. I think we should give Swamigal a break. There are a lot of suppositions

    1. Jayendrar and Paramacharya had many differences in view which could not be easily reconciled and this led to the former leaving the mutt. This may be a fact. It does not follow that Jayendrar’s vision was hollow or he did not have a high spiritual standing. When a person goes against one’s Guru he is looked upon unfavorably by the society. However we cannot make any further conclusions especially because Paramacharya accepted him back. If Jayendrar is indeed incapable or corrupt , then Paramacharya should have been considered guilty on two counts- Not being able to make a good choice for a successor and making the same mistake twice. I think the truth was in between. Paramacharya knew what the differences were, and he must have realized that Jayendrar had still many virtues that qualified him to continue and that Jayendrar had not done something which could not be pardoned.

    2. Allegations on Kamakshi temple Gold. Accusations must be looked at with a very neutral eye. What is the standing of Jayendra Saraswati and what is the standing of Radhakrishnan. One has no proof that the latter’s conduct was superior to Jayendrar. Nothing remarkable about his public life either. There is an English proverb that “There can be no smoke without fire”. In this case we only have heard about the smoke , even that has not been proven in a court of law. So before debating and getting angry with this saint for a supposed crime, let it be established that there was a crime at all. We do agree Radha and Shankar were both subjected to Violence. This may point to something from the mutt, However, we do not know who in the mutt. We cannot presume Jayendrar’s responsibility over the actions of every character in the mutt. All this should only be discussed if we are really sure that the mutt had played any role in the violence on Radha or Shankar. The author here visibly distrusts the seer. But I had to put this comment to reassure the mutt devotees that the author is not likely to have more information on the violence against Shankar or Radha any more than you or I and that such things should not disturb the devotee unless one sees some concrete evidence against any senior person in the mutt. If we were devoted to the mutt, neither court case has come to a point where we should revise our view on Jayendrar.

    3. Jayendrar and Publicity – The actions of holiness lead many to believe that he may be publicity hungry. Everyone knows that his holiness cannot stay silent on things which he wants to comment about. Neither does he seem to be patiently hoping for a silent revolution to transform the society. He wants to be in the thick of action. It is true that many of these initiatives have been partly unsuccessful atleast. That cannot be a crime that can be held against him. Is it not true that even if any other living person had taken effort in these matters,they may have been equally unsuccessful. It is indeed a matter of perception whether an active person like Jayendrar who is extremely passionate about transforming the society, was really publicity hungry.

    4. Women and Jayendrar – Anuradha Ramanan- Police were working towards identifying women who could be associated with Jayendrar. None of these women took the bait. The pathetic attempts to associate him with Usha is indeed an indication of the motive of the Goverment. Anuradha suddenly made a claim about an incident having occurred many years back. However she herself had written articles praising the swamigal. If a person comes to praise a wrong person in public forums, even after knowing that he had done wrong and then suddenly without evidence, and without presenting circumstances that can stand in a court of law, reverts her position as an admirer, then that person’s words should have no consequence in the mind of the devotee. The concerned was an unreliable person, no matter how close he or she may have been to her. One cannot give more weightage to the accusation of Anuradha, on grounds of familiarity with her because another person could defend Jayendrar on the grounds of being familiar with him. To add a note, it is not true that all people related to Anuradha shared a great opinion about her. So in my view that is even more damaging. The devotee can therefore consider Anuradha’s accusations as of no consequence at all.

    5. Nithyananda- Not only Nithyananda, swamigal met Sai baba of Puttaparthi, he met Asaram Babu, Anandamayi and others . Some of them are controversial but Nithyananda is not first in this list. Most of these people cannot be put in black and white including Nithyananda. If saying a few things in praise of some activities which were genuinely being done Nithyananda’s ashram is so wrong, why has this very author who seems to admire Ramana , not question Maharishi for his statement praising hitler, something which affected Paul Brunton. As far as I can see, swamigal seems to want the hindu community to stay united and especially in opposition to christian agression. I see these activities in this background. Swamigal had been to Kumbha mela not to meet Nithyananda. Nithyananda indicated he met Swamigal and had a long talk with him and invited him to speak up. If swamigal had felt that there was something good Nithyananda was doing, and also felt that Nithyananda had left his mistakes or not commited them at all, then he could not be blamed for just coming over and saying some good things which were true. Did anyone interview swamigal about his reasons for speaking to Nithyananda.
    How then can accusation be made. Most swamigals have knowing met people whose character does not deserve any praise. Some of them have even thanked them or praised them. On one hand, for people we admire, we give them a clean chit for their actions or motives, but we do not give this to others?

    I just added this note for the sake of Swamigal’s devotees that if they were very devoted to swamigal, none of the above incidents should bother them, or change the way they regard him.


    1. 1.Yes, Jayendrar should be given a Break, that’s the purpose of the post.
      It is evident from the comments,that you agree that there have been differences between Periyavar and Jayendrar and that Periyavar could have reconciled to to the fact that Jayendrar was what he was.
      There is a possibility that Periyavar put up with Jayendrar for any other action would have tarnished the image of The Mutt .
      Unfortunately, Jayendrar did not mend his ways, and the cure proved to be worse than the disease.
      2.Kamakshi Gold.
      The fact there is a controversy confirms that there is something amiss.
      If people wanted to sully the name of Jayendrar they could have done in other instances where Jayendrar was involved in heavy transactions.
      Has nay body noticed the fact while it was reported that Jayendrar pestered the Trust which was administering the Gold to such an extent that the Chairman resigned?
      The Trust had not rebutted it, but kept a discreet silence, being what he is, a devout Nattukkottai Cheetiar.
      Things have come to such a pass that Jayendrar’s character has to be weighed against Radhakrishnan, who is branded as a blackmailer of the Mutt!
      One does not become pure as snow because he occupies a seat.
      He should earn the respect and regards by behavior.
      3.On seeking Publicity.A Sannaysin should shun from it, Sastras say.
      Nothing more to add.
      These people do not protect Hinduism ;Hinduism protects them.
      Hinduism does not need protectors, that too, of dubious character.
      4.Anuradha Ramanan.
      The logic that’One cannot give more weightage to the accusation of Anuradha, on grounds of familiarity with her because another person could defend Jayendrar on the grounds of being familiar with him’ holds no water as is this not what evidence Act about, the credibility.
      Her credibility was her silence for years out of respect for the Mutt.
      By your Logic all corruption charges about Karunanidhi should be dismissed because there are always people who are against him, as he often says ‘I am a sudra’
      5.Meeting Nithyananda.
      People should associate themselves with only men of good character, and a Mutt head?
      or we going to say say the ‘ credibility factor’ should be applied to Nithyananda as well?
      Well if some one were to praise Nithyanda’s Mutt, well… I can say nothing.
      6.Comment on Ramana Maharishi.
      Here is the quote’
      “And Ramana seemed unconcerned regarding World War II. He is reported to have once remarked, “Who knows but that Hitler is a Jnani, a divine instrument.” (Chadwick, 35).”

      “In neo-Nazi circles, it is even claimed (here by Claudio Mutti on p.26), on the authority of one Sadhu Arunachala: A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi (1994, p.52) that Ramana Maharshi (d.1950), indisputably one of the greatest Hindu yogis of the 20th century, had declared: “It is possible that Hitler is a jnani, a divine instrument.” If the account is true, Ramana’s utterance sounds to me like the answer to a question posed by a visitor eager to hear a confirmation of his own idealization of Hitler: the sage did not commit himself to such a confirmation, but politely allowed that it was “possible”,– like most things. Note the difference with Savitri Devi’s rendering of Ramana Maharshi’s opinion: “Someone asked Ramana Maharshi (..) what he thought of Hitler. The answer was brief and simple: ‘He’s a jnâni’, i.e. a sage (…).” (p.73) This is her word against Sadhu Arunachala’s. Either the latter has rendered Ramana’s words softer and more conditional in deference to the anti-Hitlerian mood of the times, or she has rendered his words more decisive and unconditional to satisfy her own ideological preferences.”


      If Ramana Maharishi had said it with the intention that Hitler was great then it is wrong.


    2. Your heading is wrong.A sanyasi doeat own anything.He is doing for us.So time to disown yourself and take a path which suits you.please show some ethics when you put a healine.I will call you attention grabber.Lost all respect for you.


    3. My mom will always say one should never advise to stupids.You are right in saying nothing afttects our devotion to people who just dont go for the pretence of going and submitting wedding card but who have deep faith.I had the opportunity to be a part of mutt social welfare prog as well as religious ones due to my family attached to mutt.Today on threashold of verdict I say on record for me my Guru is everything.he has got us back from a sinking boat. Not that I visit him regularly its 3 years since i have seen him but at every hreashold when i crumble he is there for me to make me stand back.Now iam a lady and so dont come to any stupid ideas.MY gurus of Kanchi are everything for me.I place Puduperiva above God.My personal opinion and what factors have afftected my life and what way we have seen mutt is a big factor to contribute to this thinking. So nothing in the world can change our thinking,no mattr whatever absurd you write.All jounalists are of same standard.write anything for ppublicity.I hopr my comment is not moderated


  11. Very few Hindu Religious Mutts are running a clean administration & doing what they are supposed to do for the upliftment of the Religion.

    Money power, political patronage, thousands of acres of landed property , hundreds of bank accounts & blind faith of devotees who would never question & do not want to accept the truth are some of the reasons these Pontiffs rule the roast aided by self serving retired Govt officials. Every one has his hands in the pie.

    Few people who raised their heads had to pay with their lives.

    After becoming a Sanyasi, many of them cannot even control their basic instincts like sex, greed, etc. How are they going to show the Spiritual Path to their Devotees ?

    Even God cannot save the glorious Hindu Religion.


  12. Iam yet to understand this –if the earlier Pontiff is God Incarnate–why did he have to choose Jayendrar ( J) & Vijayendrar ( V) as his Heir to the Mutt– could not he have known that these two would bring shame to the Mutt & Hinduism ?

    Why would retd IAS/ Bank/ Income Tax officials show so much interest in Mutt’s day to day activities ?
    Poor Sundararaman paid with his life for bringing it out.

    It is all Politics & Money power.


    1. 1.Unlike the other Religions,Sankara Mutts do not select by Divine interventions, nor do they claim to be doing so.
      As for as Maha Periyavar is concerned he has never made a statement to his effect.
      The procedure is to select young poor Brahmin boys from orthodox family who have a spiritual inclination and whom the Acharya feels can take over, are appointed and trained.
      There is no doubt that the Periyavar was a Realized soul, but to attribute Godhood is the Bhaktas’ perception and I do not question that as it is purely personal as is based on their experiences.
      That the Periyavar appointed two people to succeed is not as per the laid down norms of Adi Sankara,for that matter The Kanchi Mutt is not founded by Adi Sankara.
      I am not sure whether the Periyavar appointed the second one because he was dissatisfied with Jayendrar.
      But I know from very reliable sources close to the Mutt that it is because he was not given full authority to run the Mutt is one of the reasons for Jayendrar to leave The Mutt and go to Talacauvery.
      Periyavar was unhappy with Jayendrar was conveyed to Jayendrar and the relationship was at best frosty.
      2.As to IAS officers etc;They enjoy the social recognition,power and the respect associated with the Mutt


    2. I recall Ramana Maharishi on this.
      A Guru with no sishyas anointed by him.
      For queries on becoming a Shisya his refrain was ‘who is Aguru and who is a shisya? If you want to realize God , you have to strive for it.
      I can not do anything.
      Can I eat because you are hungry or will you be satisfied if I eat”
      On another occasion Paul Brunton told him.
      ‘what you say is ‘Advaita”
      Ramana replied
      I do not know anything.
      Scholars like you say that what I say and what Sankara said are the same and it called Advaita.
      I do not know “


      1. I am appalled by the way you all describe a Guru not one which he founded but a one run by Paramacharya whom mostly rever as God hmself.If that is true he has chosen his disciple who are we to think forget discuss question about this,I fail to understand human nature. one side he is god another side he was unhappy with his disciple.Lets not forget if u throw muck at others you hands get dirty. If you dont want to consider him your Guru keep off.Nobody requested you al to be part.Number of temples which he has
        renovated herculian task. My personal opinion he is more than God to me.At times when i dont se any hope he answers my prayers,so do my son.So stop all allegations baseless ones.Those who think they beleive in mahaperiva or respect him in reality never does because if you have faith in paramacharya you will not queestion his wisdom.Dont say he committed a mistake.again you are questioning your faith towards him.Analyse youself.Periva has given action to paramacharya vision.Iam from Pondicherry so we know better .Sankara vidyalaya has progressed greatly under him.Iam a witness to this.He was very enthusistic that it should be started.One who is part of mutt kows the turth. And we dont need to clarify to anyone who is a non beleiver.Time will tell.


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