Shiva Worship Not A Religious Act!

The IT Commissioner of IT, Nagpur Appellate Tribunal  averred that worship of Lord Shiva,Hanuman and Goddess Durga  is not a Religious Act and disallowed the expenses incurred in conducting Pooja on this account by Shiv Mandir Devstan Panch Committee,Nagpur!

He refused to allow more than 5% of expenses incurred.

Are the Hindu temples coming under HR& CE taxed and if so under what Rules?

Is the haj Pilgrimage taxed ?

If not it has to be disallowed on the ground that it is nothing but going around Stone!

The knowledgeable Commissioner also states  that ‘Technically, Hinduism is neither a Religion nor a Community”

The first part, strictly applying the Vedas is correct.

The second part that it is not a community is incorrect.
if the IT Commissioner’s ruling on  Hinduism is correct (It is), then India should declare it as India’s State Policy as it suits more to its ‘Secular image definition!’


Lord Siva.
Lord Siva.

Lord ShivaHanuman and goddess Durga do not represent any particular religion but are regarded as supernatural powers of theuniverse, the Nagpur income tax appellate tribunal has said.

The observation came when the tribunal was hearing an appeal by Nagpur-based Shiv Mandir Devstan Panch Committee Sanstan against an income tax commissioner’s order denying it tax exemption on grounds that more than 5% of its expenditure was incurred on religious activities.

The I-T act stipulates that for the purpose of tax exemption, an institution or trust must not be for the benefit of any particular religious community or caste.

Differing with the I-T commissioner’s order, the tribunal said, “Expenses on worshipping of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Goddess Durga and on maintenance of the temple cannot be regarded as having been incurred for religious purposes.”…..

“Technically, Hinduism is neither a religion nor a community,” the tribunal said.


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