Head Aches Relief Effective Home Remedy

 For Head Ache relief.

External Application.

  Take a  handful ofகற்பூரவல்லி –Plectranthus amboinicus leaves ,clean and extract its juice.

Karpooravalli Leaves
Karpooravalli Leaves

Mix it with 50 to ml of Gingelly Oil , Sugar, prepare a paste and apply to the forehead.

The quantity of the ingredients may be adjusted to ensure that the paste is even and easy to apply.

Apply till you get relief.

2.Take Spanish Cherry (leaves),Dry Ginger,Cumin,Fennel,Cardamom,, Liquor ice,Alpinia officinarum ,Rose petals.

Chitarathai,Alpinia galanga
Chitarathai,Alpinia galanga

Prepare a Powder of these.

Take half a teaspoon  twice a day.


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