Is This The History Of Sri Lanka? Mahavamsa,Jells

There is no need to know why Rakapashe behaved the way he did, by indulging in Genocide of The Tamils.

The Mahavamsa explains it.

Abnormal sexual Behavior, Taboos, Fratricide, Matricides, Patricides galore, to cite a few incidents from their History, explains it all.

At the beginning of the chronicle (see History of Sri Lanka) the King of Banga (Bengal) is married to the daughter of the King of Kalinga. Their daughter, Suppadevi, was not only ‘very fair and very amorous’, but was also prophesied to consummate a ‘union with the King of beasts[5] – in the Mahavamsa, a lion.


When this duly happened, she gave birth to two children – Sinhabahu and Sinhasivali. ‘Sinhabahu’ means ‘lion-armed’ and the young prince himself is described as having ‘hands and feet…formed like a lion’s’.[5]

The family lived together in the lion’s cave, blocked in by a large rock the lion had placed to prevent their exit.

Eventually, however, Suppadevi and her two children flee the cave.

Later Sinhabahu kills his father with an arrow.

Tamil Women raped and Killed Sri Lanka.
Tamil Women raped and Killed Sri Lanka.

Then, marrying his sister, he establishes a kingdom based on a city called Singhapur. Sinhasivali bears him a series of twins; their eldest child is named Vijaya, and his younger twin brother Sumitta

. However, a critical twist and serious study by scholars and researchers with further references suggest that the King of Sinhpur/Sinhapura ( Sihor ), region’s very ancient telltales and references about Prince Vijaya, his exile, his route, are the ones which connect strongly to the History of Sri Lanka and Sinhala/Sinhalese people and culture.

Vijaya is described as indulging in ‘evil conduct, and his followers were…(like himself), and many intolerable deeds of violence were done by them’.

So antisocial were his activities that the people of the kingdom eventually demanded that the (now aging) King Sinhabahu have him executed.[5]

Instead Sinhabhu had half their heads shaved (a sign of disgrace) and exiled Vijaya with his followers, their wives and children, from the kingdom – traditionally said to number a total of 700 souls. After resting in several places they are found to be hostile, and the wayward prince and his associates eventually ‘landed in Lanka, in the region called ‘Tambapanni.[5]

Later research by Sinhala linguist W.S. Karunatillake supports the hypothesis that the Sinhalese originated in the Eastern India and that many words (over 50%) resemble Bengali language.[6]

At the same time, the fact can not be denied for it was rise and origin of sub languages from Sanskrit in the times of Middle India where a great volume of syntax and material were common to all the newly emerging Indian Languages.

And yet they were few at that time. This is to ask for a serious comparison and conclusion for Prince Vijaya’s origin, whether it was from Singhpur, Kalinga or it was from Sihor, Gujarat, despite references weigh more in favor of Vijaya’s origin to lower Indus, and Sihor, which was officially known as Sinhapur in Kathiawar peninsula in ancient times.

Another critical point of observation is that, the last and, now only home to Asiatic Lions (locally referred as ‘Sinh’ or ‘Sinha’) is Gir Forest falls under Kathiawar peninsula in Gujarat and approach to core Gir territory is just some miles away from Sihor. In fact, till date as in year 2011, Lions are sighted in rural areas adjoining Sihor.

Trustworthiness of The Mahavamsa.

        The author of I is Mahanama, of II.1, Dhammakitti,
        of II. 3, Sumangala ;the author of II. 2 is unknown.            I need  not say  that, if we try to inquire  into
        the question of the trustworthiness of the chronicle,
        each part must be treated separately. As to the first
        part (chs.  1--37,50) I shall confine myself to a few
        remarks, as the matter  has been fully  dealt with in
        the Introduction to my translation of the poem.(1)            1.  There is a good number of fables, legends and
        tales  of marvels  in the  Mahavamsa, and we must  in
        each  particular  case  attempt  to find  out whether
        there  is in the narrative  an historical  kernel  or

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  1. Mmmm, wat u r saying is correct only.For my comment in youtube one srilankan replied that they come from RAVANAN family, so they will behave like animals with irresistible sex behaviour having lust over others wife. He is proudly saying that its their family character. What a people they are?!!!. i am giving a link here. When i read this i realised wat that srilankan told was correct. 100 srilankan peace keeping bitches(soldiers) in Haiti were removed by UN in 2007 for the crime of sexual assault. i can say one thing. “WHEREVER THEY GO, SEX CRIME FOLLOWS”.
    Srilankan is the worst army in the world.


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