Children Abused in Montana Religious School Help

I read a distressing appeal in the REDDIT outlining the abuse children undergo in a Religious school.

Physical abuse has been intolerable and  the children are sent there by the US courts!

Please do your bit.

Child Abuse.
Child Abuse.

Appeal in REDDIT.

If a “boarding school” in Montana says they are religious, there is no regulation on them whatsoever. They can do whatever they want to children, including physical abuse, and there is nothing the state can do. I use the term boarding school loosely, this applies to anyone who wants to set up a cabin in the middle of the woods and take in children for profit. All they have to do is say they are religious and the authorities can’t touch them.

No matter where you live, this effects you. Kids are sent to Montana facilities from all over the US by courts, schools, therapists and their families. Kids from Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Haiti, Ethiopia and other countries are sent to Ranch for Kids, Russia is outraged that 400 adopted Russian children were sent there.

HB 236 was introduced last month that would finally provide protection for kids in ‘religious’ facilities, but it was killed by the Republicans in a party line vote. The sponsors have found a way to revive it, and tomorrow, Wednesday March 13, Rep. Ellie Hill and Rep. Jenny Eck will be blasting the bill on the House floor. They need 60 votes to allow the bill to come out of committee and be heard on the floor.

We need as many people as possible to contact the Montana House of Representatives and ask them to stop the abuse of children and SUPPORT HB 236

ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE. You can use this online message form or call 406.444.4800 or email the legislators

We can’t let these religious facilities get away with child abuse any longer. Please share this everywhere, especially with anyone you know who lives in Montana, but anyone can help no matter where they live. Even an upvote for visibility would be appreciated (for the children).

More info about the bill in this article.

Recent coverage of abusive Montana boarding schools by Anderson Cooper on CNN’s AC360 & how the bill failed last month (you will likely be outraged).

PBS documentary about the situation in Montana and how similar bills have been killed by the big money these facilities make.

I started /r/troubledteens to save kids from abuse in ‘troubled teen’ facilities. Montana is well known among advocates for facilities that abuse children due to their lax religious laws. Closing this loophole would be a huge step forward for children everywhere.”

“Report By CNN Anderson Cooper 360.

Some parents, school administrators, and church leaders across the country believe it’s necessary to physically discipline children in their care. CNN’s Gary Tuchman spoke with those who do it because, they say, they’re acting in the name of God.

The AC360° investigation began when parents of 7-year-old Lydia Shatz pleaded guilty, and were sent to prison, after their young adopted daughter was beaten to death. They claim they were following teachings in a book by Michael Pearl. Pearl co-authored “To Train Up a Child” with his wife as a guide for parents on raising their children in accordance with the Bible.

Tuchman spoke with the Pearls who explain their method of spanking, and say they’re not to blame for Lydia’s untimely death. To demonstrate the technique and force that’s used, Mr. Pearl hits Tuchman during the interview.

Also in the program, former students of a religious boarding school in Montana accuse the pastor and school leaders of abuse, including choking. The owner of Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch, Bob Larsson, says his mission is to impart a love for God to the students. The state government has no oversight of religious institutions, which you’ll learn more about in tonight’s report.

And an unlikely sight in Oakland, California has made headlines in recent years: Children begging strangers for money. The students attend St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church School, and they ask for donations because the Reverend in charge of the school wants them to raise funds. The questionable practice is only part of the story; one mother is alleging abuse.

Join us tonight at 8 and 10 p.m. ET for “Ungodly Discipline,” and let us know what you think in a comment or on Twitter @AC360 and @AndersonCooper.

Additional Information;

A reader of this blog posted the following information.

Hope this is correct.

For clarifications please contact the email of the sender of this communication, who has provided his address in the comments for this post.

I am requesting him to share his experiences in the school through the comments cloumn.

Thank you Mr.Ellis.

“I dont know who created this website, but i went to this boarding school, the place is called Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch in St. Ignatius, Montana 59865. There website is I believe there is abuse there, i have lived there for over four years.For more info., please email me at..”

The Site:

Pinehaven School
Pinehaven School

Pinehaven is a residential, year-round program aimed at providing a stable, controlled, secure environment in which young people can reach the potential that God has placed within them;

Experience at this school.

Link provided by Mr.Ryan Ellis.


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6 thoughts on “Children Abused in Montana Religious School Help”

  1. Hi, sorry i could not respond until now, we were traveling. My name is Ryan Ellis. I went to Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch in St. Ignatius in Montana in April of 2008 and just left there in Late November of 2012. My experiences there varies a lot. Here is an website that i posted on concerning the school there( please copy and paste it into your address bar; i will post more in next reply


  2. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    Why yes, religion is the greatest force for evil in modern society… bar none. It takes ordinary people and turns them into monsters. They do not fear the law of the land because the proport to honor a higher law, and they become a law unto themselves. The book of Satan has 66 books and two main sections. The trouble is that most theists call their Satan by the name God, and anything done in the name of ‘God’ is moral to them. Ordinary people do not commit evil acts. Either their ‘God’ makes them evil or they are theists because they are not sanely balanced.


    1. While not holding s brief for the ills committed in the name of Religion,non believers are not blemish-less and Angels.
      While one hides behind Religion the other does not seem to.


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